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It was known that the first domestic flight flown was from Rathmalana to Anuradhapura in twelvemonth 1961. Even after about 50 old ages, the industry remains stand still without accomplishing any needed criterion to provide for the demand of present twenty-four hours scenario. Due to several grounds the Domestic air power has been unstable and non executing a uninterrupted service. This malfunction of the industry may take to a autumn in the touristry industry in the state. Therefore developing the domestic air power is foreseen as one of the major industry to be considered to popularise the touristry in Sri Lanka. The recent ‘tourist roar ‘ in the state is now aiming to make the extremum as it is expected to gain US $ 1.36 billion in twelvemonth 2013[ 1 ]. This optimistic attack with outlook of 1.18 million tourer reachings in twelvemonth 2013 by supplying a satisfactory better service to tourers. Among them ; security, cordial reception, assortment of adjustment and transit webs are recognized as some of the major concerns. Therefore, an effectual and efficient conveyance system becomes a compulsory requirement to win the Black Marias and heads of the tourers which will heighten the competitory advantage as a outstanding result.

2. However, the prevailing substructure installations of transit are in hapless state of affairs due to hapless route care and non developing the railroad web. Further, it has provided entree merely to limited country. As such, a domestic air power web will supply a better option for efficient internal transit. Speed, safety and comfort are critical characteristics that should be capitalized in this industry even though the operating cost is comparatively higher than all other manners of transit. However, with the involvement to advance budget traveling as in many other states could put a tendency in doing domestic air power a more feasible agencies of going within Sri Lanka.

3. Sri Lanka did non capitalise on this turning tendency largely due to the civil insurgence, which dragged for more than three decennaries. The development of domestic air power sector was hindered and has shut down many chances due to the security state of affairs. However, with the present peace environment in the state, it is believed that a kick-start to domestic air power will be a supporter to review touristry in Sri Lanka.

4. Soon, the competition among the domestic air power industry is barely exists. It is limited merely to a smattering of organisations. There could be many conducive factors towards underdevelopment of domestic air power in Sri Lanka. Apart from the impended security concern, insufficiently developed substructure and inefficient direction excessively have greatly contributed to the present province.

5. Although, the reaching of tourer to Sri Lanka have increased at a stable rate during the last 10 old ages, there are a really small per centum of tourers who could utilize the domestic air installations for their internal traveling although most of them preferred to utilize same. There are many lending factors for the ruin of domestic air power, but the fact remains that this industry needs developments with all out attempts in order to tackle the benefits of lifting demand for touristry. It is a calamity to see the industry with such a immense potency for growing has non been explored, researched or decently evaluated in the yesteryear.

In add-on, when we consider the personal demands of tourers they may hold assorted demands, wants, desires and motivations whether they are local or foreign ; concern or leisure. Tourists are extremely complex in nature when choosing their tourers ‘ finish. Therefore, merely outlooks entirely do non sufficient to pull tourers but the state needs relatively good developed substructure in footings of adjustment, transit installations etc. As such, it is required an efficient and effectual transit web to make the finish of the want of the tourers as per the outlook. Therefore, it is really of import to see the avenues in which domestic air power could be developed to supply legion effects in advancing the touristry industry.

Chapter 2



1. After finishing one twelvemonth of period in the terminal of Elam war, many outlooks were arrised on rapid development of all sectors in the state. There was no increasement reported in the domestic air power, comparing to the other sectors. It was revealed that the under development of the domestic air power has been straight effected towards the less increasment of the touristry excessively, therefore it would act upon on the Sri Lankan economic system.


2. Development of the domestic air power industry is the key to the betterment of touristry in Sri Lanka.


3. To analyze how a good developed domestic air power industry can do a important part towards bettering touristry in Sri Lanka.


a. To demo that the deficiency of a well developed domestic air power industry is forestalling Sri Lanka from doing the most of the touristry industry.

B. To look into the defect of the domestic air power industry.

c. To do recommendations on how to better the industry.


4. This research attempts to place the relationship between Development of the domestic air power industry and betterment of touristry in Sri Lanka. The survey does non cover effects of the other comparative maps of civil air power industry and other factors consequence towards the station struggle development in Sri Lanka


5. Samples were selected utilizing random trying method as follows.

Sample I: Twenty tourers who have been occupied in Jetwing Hotels in Negombo-Beach, Nuwara Eliya-St. Andrews, Sigiriya-Vil Uyana and Galle- Light House. This sample is named as “ HOTEL ” sample in this survey.

Sample II: Twenty tourers who have arrived from Katunayake International Airport. This sample is named as BIA sample in this survey.


6. The undermentioned methods were used to roll up informations.

a. Data collected from Civil Aviation Authority.

B. Data collected from Sri Lanka Tourist Board.

c. Data collected from Helitours office at Sri Lanka Air Force Headquarters.

d. Sample I ( HOTEL ) and Sample II ( BIA ) – Questionnaire Survey

e. Key persons – Qualitative Interviews

( 1 ) Development Assistant of Research & A ; International relation of Sri Lanka Tourist Board.

( 2 ) Civil Aviation Officer of Civil Aviation Authority.

( 3 ) O I/C Helitours of Sri Lanka Air Force

Chapter 3


Contribution TO THE ECONOMY

1. Through the old ages, Sri Lanka ‘s highest foreign exchange earners have shifted from being chiefly those based on agribusiness to include other industries such as garments and touristry. Even more late remittals from abroad have played a larger function. Tourism was the fourth highest foreign exchange earner until 2007, but had fallen to 6th topographic point in 2008.






Foreign exchange net incomes

( US $ million )






Percentage alteration from old twelvemonth ( $ )





Ranking among foreign exchange earners






Table 3.1: Tourism ‘s parts to the economic system 2004-2008

Beginning: Central Bank Annual Report-2008


2. As one of the major money doing industry Tourism has spread all over the universe despite wars, terrorist act, or natural catastrophes. Travel and leisure have become indispensable characteristics of our clip. Despite the planetary economic downswing, the international tourer reachings continued to increase by 1.7 per centum, from 908 million reachings in 2007 to 924 million reachings in 2008[ 2 ].


3. With the constructs above accounts on touristry, it is necessary to understand how touristry has evolved in Sri Lanka to the present scenario and to the hereafter. Sri Lankan history evident for touristry had been centuries old as per many historiographers. In fact many narratives and ancient narratives revealed that people have been going chiefly for trade.

4. Travel tendencies today are wholly different from yesterday and it will be tomorrow as consumer demands and wants become diverse and complex. Until late, Sri Lanka ‘s major merchandise has been the three ‘S ‘ ; Sun, Sea and Sand. An empirical survey shows that tourers ‘ chief attractive force in Sri Lanka were the beaches, which late turned into other merchandises such as eco touristry, adventure touristry, athleticss, ayurvedic therapy, civilization and community touristry. Most of the tourer reachings are for leisure but there is turning “ concern touristry ” in Sri Lanka as the industrial sector being invested to a great extent by foreign companies seeking for inexpensive labor.


5. Uninterrupted conveyance web is one of the basic and really of import demands of tourer industry for the dispersion of tourers into state broad finishs and attractive forces. Therefore, a broad route web, planed and regulated traffic, coordination and betterments are some of the of import aspects of an efficient conveyance web. Developed states offer tube webs, efficient route conveyance systems and agenda and charter domestic flights. Therefore, better handiness to any finish constantly creates high demand of touristry and a good supported substructure determines tourer reachings to larger extent.



6. When sing the affairs discussed antecedently in this paper, conveyance plays a outstanding function in any of the tourer merchandise offerings. It is an indispensable support service, which has roots to every constituent of touristry merchandise offers. For illustration, going itself is coupled with transit and the scattered nature of installations ; adjustment, site visual perception, etc are all dependant on an integrated quality conveyance web through which finishs are linked and easy accessible.

7. In Sri Lanka context, many hard conditions exist in the transit and therefore the convenience, dependability, comfort and safety of tourers travel are at a hazard. Among the many manners of transits ( Internet Explorer ; route, rail, sea and air ) , air transit forge in front of all other manners in footings of velocity, safety and comfort. Sri Lanka Rail web is of vintage British epoch and no developments have been done. Road conveyance is congested, hazardous and uncomfortable.

8. When sing the above facts, it is obvious that advancing domestic air power will be a productive investing in touristry and economic development of the state.

Chapter 4



1. If a flight phase is non distinctive as international that is considered to be the domestic flight phase. It includes all flight phases flown between points within the domestic boundaries of a phase by an air bearer whose principle topographic point of concern is in that province. Flight phases between a phase and districts belonging to it, every bit good as any flight phases between to such districts, should be classified as domestic.

2. It is of import to understand the boundaries and the facets that concern the domestic air power in Sri Lankan context. It is apparent that domestic air power non confined merely to tourist or passenger conveyance. It expands to many other constituents such as lading conveyance, aerial coverage of athleticss events, use on escapade athleticss, metropolis traffic commanding, exigency medical emptyings, aerial picture taking and cinematography in add-on to passenger conveyance.

3. Development of air power as an industry has a accelerator consequence on touristry Therefore, prompt action and dealingss are indispensable and important by the relevant governments in planning and execution schemes to derive competitory and comparative advantage in touristry industry.


4. SLAF controls over 90 per centum of state ‘s air power related substructure. At present, out of the 14 landing field around the state, the bulk of the landing fields are manned by the SLAF ( See Figure 4.1 ) . Further BIA at Katunayake is control and maintained by Airport Aviation service while the SLAF Share the track installations.

Figure 4.1: Air Fieldss manned by the SLAF

5. Over the old ages SLAF has played a major function in document air power. Helitours started operation in the early 1970s and has utilized both fixed wing and choppers for charter flights.

6. Civilian riders have besides been accommodated on payment when there was trim capacity on the SLAF scheduled flight between Rathmalana to Palaly and China bay. It has been besides introduced domestic charter flights within the state in new mode by utilizing assorted aircrafts such as Bell 206, 212, 412, MI-17 choppers and Beach Craft, Y-12, AN-32 hole wing aircraft, after the human-centered mission.

7. The enlargement of Helitours, operations over the old ages can be divided into three epochs: Prior to the domestic air services prohibition in 1995, during the period of prohibition and after 2002. As in all others instances, most of the informations are panics due to hapless record maintaining. However, the informations available are represented into three epochs in table 4.1 and it signifies the volume of winging done over the old ages.

Year Flying Revenue Year Flying Revenue Year Flying Revenue. Hours ( Rs: M ) Hours ( Rs: M ) Hours ( Rs: Meter )

1984 501.25 45.44 1995 N/A N/A 2003 177.3 53.04

1985 210.4 4.22 1996 N/A N/A 2004 163.1 29.59

1986 Not Flown 1997 124.3 40.55 2005 266.4 60.16

1987 N/A 2.97 1998 115.4 8.51 2006 87.20 19.62

1988 N/A 5.31 1999 245.4 85.44 2007 104.20 18.38

1989 N/A 41.14 2000 133.1 14.32 2008 47.50 7.94

1990 N/A 9.7 2001 112.3 91.1 2009 341.5 36.34

1991 N/A 5.99 2002 132.2 21.23

1992 N/A 3.86

1993 N/A 9.07

1994 482.35 21.61

N/A: Not Available

Table 4.1: Quantification of Helitours Domestic Aviation

Beginning: SLAF history 1998 and survey-compiled informations

8. Even though, a comparative monetary value comparing or hours flown can non be possible straight in this figure, it emphasized that some signifiers of domestic winging activities have taken topographic point a considerable period of clip. SLAF had the monopoly of supplying domestic air services from 1995 until 2002. It has competitory advantage over other operations as the air force owns or/and maintains most of the substructure. The of import point is the SLAF is non in a place to run into the client demand in full, as commercial operations are merely a fraction of their operations scope. Therefore, the above tabular array 4.1 does non stand for the full demand of the state.

Demand for Domestic Aviation

9. The Demand for domestic air power is seemed compassionate. Many experts in the industry cited it was chiefly due to hapless statistical record care and non handiness of a national program for the development the industry. Therefore, the significance of the industry has been overshadowed in malice of the demand being apparent in many signifiers.

10. In driving the touristry specific demand for domestic air power, it is really much of import to understand the chief attractive forces of touristry in the state and their locations. The statistics of tourer guest darks in hotels in 2009 as in table 4.2 below shows that merely 27 nowadays of entire guest dark in Colombo while the greater Colombo aria with a lesser figure of 21 per centum. This means that 52 per centum of entire tourer guest darks are off from Colombo or it is suburbs, which involves extended travelling. Sometimes route entree to those finishs require a full yearss going due to the countrywide hapless conveyance substructure which strongly influence the demand for domestic air power.

Resort Region

Annual Sum


Colombo City



Greater Colombo

( North & A ; South Colombo )



South Coast



East Cost



High State



Ancient Cities

( Kandy, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Giritale, Habarana, Sigiriya and Dabulla )



Northern part



All parts



Table 4.2: Foreign Guest Night in tourer Hotels – 2009

Beginning: SLTB Annual Statically study 2009


11. Today there are merely two domestic operators ( See chart 4.3 ) for the supply of internal air conveyance demands of tourer both on charter flight. However the sky is still non to the full unfastened to the operators and rigorous controlling steps are being implemented. Compulsory anterior blessing from SLAF to utilize their tracks, limits of no winging zones, limitations to over fly high security countries, compulsory anterior blessing from the CAA and MOD are some of the commanding steps presently being used.


Flight Status

Aircraft Deployed

Soon runing Qty of Aircraft

Daya Aviations


Fixed Flying


Deccan Aviations




Table 4.3: Detailss of domestic air power operators

Beginning: Surveyed informations


Chapter 5



1. As stated in old chapters, it is strongly felt that the demand for domestic air power has non been adequately addressed. Therefore, it created a immense spread between its supply and exciting demand for it. The touristry demand for a better conveyance system is accomplishable in many ways. Air conveyance is one of the best manners in footings of velocity, comfort and safety and such factors are going requirements in finding the touristry attractive forces to any finish.


2. Requirement for domestic air power depends on many factors. These factors straight influence the tourers to selected domestic air power manner of conveyance for there travel finishs as it supply them broad assortment of advantages to their concern:

a. Travel clip. The travel clip lament in conveyance for the concern traveller and investor or short continuance tourers. Tourist spend on air power installations if clip constrains are met as per their outlooks

B. Desirability. Desirability is defined as the extent to which it attracts the tourers to do usage of domestic air power alternatively of utilizing other manner of conveyance. If projected and advertised the handiness of air conveyance is the most coveted manner for foreign tourer.

c. Affordability. Affordability is defined from a tourer ‘s position as the ability of run intoing the supply of air conveyance at a sensible monetary value. However it is a barrier in Sri Lanka as the cost is completive high. If comparative domestic air power is established, the cost would be cut down due to the tough competition stay in the market an besides more budget air travel would emerge.

d. Mobility. Mobility is important for tourer where client should be satisfied with stretch of the coveted finishs with comparative easiness within a sensible clip at a sensible cost and pick

e. Accessibility. Accessibility in relation to domestic air power is handiness of air transition to the needed finishs where tourer resort or attractive forces are situated.

f. Reliability. Reliability of air travel is defend as the travel of variableness in air transit service between anticipated ( based on scheduled or normal travel clip ) and existent travel

g Security and safety. Safety is important in air conveyance and many tourers give the penchant to the companies, which operate with a sound safety record and holding all the safety enfranchisements of the air trade and the operations. Security is minimising hazard of uncertainness in going.

3. If the domestic air power can full make full the outlooks of the tourer on the above factors the touristry industry of Sri Lanka universe decidedly have enormous boost in old ages to come. This will make multiple benefits to the state.

PRIVILEGES GOT BY interest holder

4. Expansion of domestic air power brings multifaceted benefits to both the industries every bit good as their interest holders as described below. For illustration increasing demand for domestic air conveyance generate more gross to the authorities, increases mean outgo per tourer in the touristry industry, Create more occupation chances to the community, increases operator net incomes, etc. This circle of benefit should be carefully formulated to avoid its ain demerits:

a. Tourists. Both local and foreign travellers are benefited as they will hold a better option of choosing their travel manner. It offers travel solutions every bit good as escapade athleticss for those who want to see at an low-cost monetary value.

B. Government. The state benefits in economically, socially, environmentally, culturally politically. The industry ‘s development enables the growing of national income degree, coevals of new employment and thereby elating the societal populating criterion of the people. A careful execution universe besides result a regional development around landing fields and tourers ‘ resort while advancing eco friendly sustainable touristry.

c. Operators. Bing the providers of air conveyance would bask the built-in features of new merchandises of its life rhythm. Potential to present new merchandises, puting a premium monetary value, comparatively less competition, big range for enlargement, easy entryway to different niches, are some of the benefits they would bask.

d. Community. The community is benefited in many ways. Chiefly their societal life will be upgraded particularly with new occupation chances related to both the industries. Tourist resort and air field developments open assorted other avenues to the community which enables to extinguish their poorness and better the manner of life.

PROBLEMS FACED IN Promoting domestic air power

5. Although there is a great demand to heighten the domestic air operations, the growing is curtailed by few unreal and natural barriers. This state of affairs is farther aggravated due to the fact of non handiness of national degree program for advancing the domestic air power as an industry. And besides the terrible bureaucratic disposal between administrations concerned prevents a meaningful duologue to get the better of the issue. The most likely barriers are discussed below ;

6. Security. With the present peace environment in consequence the MOD has authorized the domestic aeronauts to run in certain countries of the state under certain conditions.

a. Rigorous security steps and processs are being implemented by the authorities, such as anterior blessing is compulsory from the CAA and MOD.

B. Restrictions applied for domestic air operations such as limit of no winging zones, limitations to over fly security constitutions and restricted and prohibited countries.

c. Strict security steps are being practiced at the SLAF air Fieldss. Tourists are loath to undergo excessively many security processs.

7. Infrastructure. The present Infrastructure is non back uping domestic air power in the state. Civil operators have found it hard to set up their demands in other parts of the state. As consequence many are loath to put in the industry.

a. Poor criterion of the SLAF landing fields such as runway status, waiting countries, auto Parkss etc.

B. Absence of air power related companies, aero applied scientists, technicians and qualified work force required.

c. Inefficient direction and the less part of the authorities.

d. No relaxations in authorities revenue enhancements for the aeronauts.

8. Cost. Presently air power companies charge high rate of air menus for company to last, keep and operated with the market non been able to spread out at same gait. The absence of air powers related companies and work force require specializer to be improved with high wage seals and farther care of aircraft, air port coursers are to be met taking into consideration the sum of flights carried out.


9. During the research, a questionnaire ( See Annex “ A ” ) was distributed between two samples of “ HOTEL ” and “ BIA ” which dwelling of 20 each tourers, in order to find any relationship between Domestic Aviation Industry and betterment of touristry in the state. The replies given are analyzed and elaborated as follows.

10. The first inquiry inquired figure of yearss that the tourers are traveling to pass in Sri Lanka. All tourers in the sample “ HOTEL ” and “ BIA ” had planned to pass 6 to 35 yearss ; out of that, many of them had planned to pass 8-14 yearss. Harmonizing to the informations usually 56 % of tourers spend more than 7 yearss in the state. ( See Annex “ B ” – Figure 5.1 ) .

11. From 2nd inquiry, it was inquired the intent of visit. Out of 40 tourers in both the samples, 26 have answered “ Pleasure ” , 07 tourers have answered “ Business ” , 04 tourers have answered “ Visiting Relatives ” and 03 tourers have answered “ Other intents ” . This means 82 % of all tourers in the both samples have visited Sri Lanka for the Pleasure and Business intents ( See Annex “ B ” – Figure 5.2 ) .

12. The 3rd inquiry inquired whether tourers like to utilize domestic flights when they land to the BIA for reach their finish. Staying 21 tourers have answered “ Yes ” and other 19 have answered “ No ” for the same inquiry from both the samples. Out of whole sample strength, 52 % tourers were like to utilize domestic flight. ( See Annex “ C ” – Figure 5.3 ) .

13. It was inquired the grounds for non utilizing domestic flights from BIA From the 4th inquiry. Out of 19 tourers in the both samples who did non like to utilize domestic flights from BIA, 42 % tourers have answered “ Non handiness of schedule domestic flight at the Airport ” , 42 % tourers have answered “ High cost of available charter flights ” , and 16 % of staying tourers answered “ Other grounds ” . Therefore it revealed that most of them like to utilize budget domestic flights from BIA ( See Annex “ C ” – Figure 5.4 ) .

14. The 5th inquiry inquired upwind tourers like to utilize kind of budget domestic agenda flights all-around the island if available. 31 tourers have answered “ Yes ” and 09 have answered “ No ” from the staying part. Out of whole sample strength 77 % of tourers were like to utilize budget domestic agenda flights. ( See Annex “ D ” – Figure 5.5 ) .

15. Question figure 6th inquired “ Do you believe the domestic air power should be developed in Sri Lanka for the improvement of the tourer industry? ” All tourers in both the samples have answered positively. That shows the demand of developing the domestic air power industry in Sri Lanka as per the all tourers stand.

16. After analyzing the full facts, the research hypothesis has been proved ; hence the development of the domestic air power industry is identified as the cardinal component of bettering the touristry in Sri Lanka.

Chapter 6


1. Although, touristry industry shows a growing in recent yesteryear in footings of figure of tourer reachings its sustainability is being threaten, unless new introducing schemes implement to advance going. Even though, the island is little, it offers diverse activities, comfortss and attractive forces scattered geographically in all parts of the state. The emerging new tourer profile and their motivations in seeking new experiences in going creates a necessity to utilize safe, Comfort and velocity manner of conveyance with a better handiness in reloading such finishs.

2 However, Today, due to province of the really same fact, the marketability of many touristry merchandises is extremely questionable. It farther aggravates due to dilapidated route web and tourer uncertainties on route safety and security. Furthermore, the value of clip is conceder extreme improve to both local and foreign and multi finish, packaged or concern tourers. As such a well class domestic air power web would doubtless promote the Sri Lanka touristry industry to a new spectrum. It non merely promotes touristry but besides expands its wings to other Fieldss as elaborated. Therefore, every possible action should be taken to develop domestic air power to reap future dividends merely because what is appears today as impossible will go a world tomorrow.

Recommendation to advance domestic air power IN sri lanka

3. After stressing the clear demand of developing the domestic air power, it is imperative to understand to what extent and in what a ways the development should be progressed. It is required a multi dimensional attack. First, the entire impact to the national economic should be quantified. It should include direct and indirect grosss in footings of employments, rider conveyance grosss, revenue enhancements etc. Such making facilitate strategic determination devising and will be warrant the needed development to the mass.

4. As discuss in this paper touristry will decidedly be benefited hiking up the domestic air power of Sri Lanka. Having gone through all the inside informations following recommendation are made towards the betterment of the domestic air power of Sri Lanka.


5. As mentioned earlier, merely two landing fields are in the easy accessible to civil operators. If to hike the domestic air operates, the authorities should open the skies and the installations to the private operators supplying the available substructure at a sensible cost without enforcing limitations.With the unfastened air policy with adjacent states, doors must be opened for the foreign investors with the involvement on puting in the field. The authorities, civil air power authorization ( CAA ) and the armed forces should be concerted at this phase.

a. Develop the domestic airdromes in the state such as Anuradhapura, Chinabay, Batticaloa, Sigiriya, Koggala and Weerawila with the separate civil air motion, land support and status of tracks.

b. Carryout scheduled domestic flights to all air Fieldss in the state.

c. Increases the Numberss of birds transporting out by the domestic operators.

d. Develop other installations such as transit and route web to predate their hotels from the airfields/heliports.

e. Provide more attending and the part of the authorities by fiscal and operational support and cut downing authorities revenue enhancements for domestic air operations

Restrict countries OF operations

6. Easy restrictions to utilize Sri Lankan air-space for the domestic air operators to run freely. This could be done by set uping a sophisticated and proper air defense mechanism system in Sri Lankan air space

a. Advanced and easy security steps at air force air Fieldss by enabling operators to utilize easy entry/exit processs, technical/ground support.

Budget going / low cost travelling

7. This will be an attractive construct for the tourer. Introducing more rider capacity aircraft with low winging cost is one of the better options. These flights can be originated from the international landing field itself. Then the traveller will hold option to go to his decide finish without any hold.Another option is presenting choppers with more rider capacity and transport out birds from BIA to Rathmalana via Colombo metropolis. This will supply a definite solution to avoid the route traffic.

Green field AND WATERWAYS construct

8. This is to hold grass strips where light fixed flying air trade can be landed. Travel by chopper is more expensive than fixed wing aircraft. If this can be introduced to the hill state, both the companies and the clients will be benefited. Since the landing fields are non located is many tourist attractive force soon ; this will be better options. At the same clip the state is non in a place to build tracks at a higher cost.This will be multiplier to pull more operators to do investing to this field.

9. Use more waterways, lakes, lagunas, reservoirs and rivers in the state which are in close propinquity of tourer attractive forces sites for the landing of sea planes

Introducing attractive bundles to the client

10. Introducing attractive bundles will open the avenues to the clients.This will function both the client and the operator. As a suggestion can present bundle offers including the conveyance, adjustment, amusement and other required installations of the tourer. Besides agreements should be in topographic point to book/ reserve the conveyance even from the state of beginning of the tourer.

Market Promotion

11. It is really of import to form world-wide publicity on the air power installations available in the state for touristry utilizing assorted methodological analysiss. New constructs like eco touristry are to promoted with domestic air power installations and more propaganda demands to be done to distribute the message worldwide. Ultimate purpose is to take our domestic air power and the touristry to the competitory universe market.