Did you know that 1,132 deaths occur from drinking & driving each year? The age of 1,000 of them is 18, 19, or 20.                                                                            Most people killed were still in school and just innocent people walking on the street. I think that the drinking age should be raised from 18 to 21 because of 3 main reasons. My first reason is when people are 18 they start going to clubs & drinking wildly, all they think about is partying and looking cool in front of their friends.

They always party, and peer pressure can make them drink wildly with absolutely no limit at all.which would lead to danger. When people drink & drive they are not only harming themselves but the innocent people around them that they hit without them even knowing. When you are drunk you do not know what you are doing and you could do something that you will regret later or as soon as you do it.  they could be by accident or on purpose. Another thought that supports my reason is that they don’t care about drinking too much because all they think about is looking cool and they “know” or think that they will wake up the next morning alive.

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That point leads me to my second reason, If people drink there brain cells get beaten down cup by cup. They could drink & drive or do more dangerous things. Whereas when you are 21 you are much more mature and would not drink carelessly. 21-year-olds know that they have to drive home so they will not drink. I am not saying that 18-year-olds are careless.

I am just saying that 21-year-olds are more mature and more experienced with the everyday world. My third reason is health. When you are 18 you are not done growing fully until around 20. All of your drinkings could really affect you and cause severe damage to you. Drinking could cause an addiction and you made need surgery to remove the bad liquid from your stomach when you are drinking.

This could cause deathening pain and a big regret to all or your drinking habits. This is why I think the legal drinking age should be raised to 21. I hope that lots of people agree with my statement on why the legal drinking age should be raised from 18 to 21.

It might be a big jump in age but I think that is will decrease the deaths happening from drinking or drunk driving each year.