Did you know that a sloth only leaves its tree to use the bathroom or to take a swim. Well if you are wondering what they look like, where they live or what they eat then this is a good piece of information for you.

Sloths are amazing animals, but they are really, really slow. So if you ever want to tell somebody about them, you might want to read this first. SpeedSloths are very, very slow. There may be a reason why sloths are so slow. Scientists think that sloths are so slow because their diet consists of mostly greenery, and that doesn’t have much nutrients in it (Bradford, 2014). For example, one of the main factors in a sloths diet is green leaves. The diet plays a major role in the sloths speed. They have a really weird diet.

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  DietSloths have a very different diet. The semi-hard leaves in a sloths diet are difficult to digest (Bradford, 2014) Sloths have a four-part stomach that slowly digests with germs. It can take up to a month for a sloth to digest one meal. It can be hard for a sloth to digest tough leaves. They mostly eat cecropia trees (Martinez, 2017) They are the trees that during September and October these tree look like they have long brown green bean.

That is the type of tree they eat. They also live in the same tree they eat.HabitatSloths have a leafy home. The only times these animals leave their home is to use the bathroom or to take a break in the stream. A sloth lives in South America and Central America, it is usually found in the Amazon Rainforest (Martinez, 2017).

So if a sloth doesn’t need to use the bathroom or need to take a break, then it would be up in its tree home for a long, long time. They might look like a slow brown blob with eyes while moving a their tree.Physical FeaturesSloths look very different then you would think. Sloths have very long, curved claws to keep them on the tree without falling off the tree. They have big eyes, a flat head, a short snout, tiny ears, and fur that is brown that is usually coated in a green algae (Martinez, 2017).

Their fur is kind of stiff, but is still in a position that is comfortable for them. They might look different but they are unique in many different ways.