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Each state has a different process when it comes to their wellness attention and their attention with pre and postnatal. Some states can pass a great sum of money on their wellness attention ( such as the United States ) but still might non hold the best wellness attention in the universe. Others have particular agreements that new female parents and babies can travel through to do certain that they start off their life in a good and healthy environment. In this paper I am traveling to compare and contrast the baby wellness attention and the overall prenatal attention in the United States and South Korea by citing multiple articles and text editions that focus on this topic.

Both states have assorted ways in which they handle their wellness system and the attention of their neonates. There are many factors that determine the wellness of a newborn such as the nutrition that the shortly to be mother consumes. the environment that the female parent and the kid unrecorded in. and the infirmary that the kid is born in. Throughout the old ages each of these states have been seting clip and money into their wellness system with the end of holding the most outstanding wellness attention system in the universe.

Their advancement can be recorded in many different ways which will be discussed within this paper. Besides the United States and South Korea both have really different systems when covering with antenatal and infant attention. One manner that the infant attention of a state is measured is through the mortality rate of the babies. In fact ( Bae et al. . 2011 ) . “Neonatal mortality rate ( NMR ) and infant mortality rate ( IMR ) are two of the most of import indices reflecting the degree of public wellness of a country” ( Abstract Section Para. 1 ) .

Without mensurating and maintaining path of these mortality rates. researches would non be able to calculate out what states are working towards a better wellness attention service and which states need aid. Even though the United States is a developed state. and unlike less developed states. it should hold a high mortality rate. In all actuality the United States has one of the worst mortality rates compared to other counties. Harmonizing to Levine and Munsch ( 2012 ) . “Despite the wealth and the handiness of ( but non ever entree to ) world-class edical installations. the United States has the same or worse infant mortality rates compared with 37 other industrialized states ( Hoover Institution. 2007 ) ” ( p. 176 ) .

There are grounds for the high mortality rate. such as the fact there are many different races. ethnicities. and societal positions within the United States. Race and ethnicity do hold an input in a person’s wellness and their life manner. Some races ( such as Asians ) have a higher life anticipation and a lower mortality rate throughout their race because of the manner that they are raised and the traditions that they fallow.

The societal positions of the anticipating female parents besides have an impact on the hereafter kids because when the parent is portion of a higher societal position. it is assumed that they have a higher degree of instruction and hence cognize more about how they should care for themselves and their babies. The antonym goes for people who are portion of a lower societal position. The United States has been take downing the figure of infant mortality rates by seting plans in affect to seek and assist out the wellness system.

Some of these plans are ( Bae et al. . 2011 ) . …execution of Medicaid ( 1965 ) . Medicare ( 1965 ) . Auxiliary Security Income ( societal wellness attention security plans for kids and pregnant adult females of the lower income group ) . proviso of State Children’s Health Insurance Programs. Children Vaccine Program. Health Start Program ( 1991. Early Head Start Program. full twenty-four hours attention service. parent instruction. instance direction. Community Resource Assistant ) …” ( Discussion Section para. ) and much more. The United States has more plans to assist cut down the hazard of infant mortality and assorted diseases. they are besides working on other ways to assist out the infant mortality rate by concentrating on premature and low-birth weight babes. Harmonizing to Levine and Munsch ( 2012 ) . “Birth informations compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( 2007a ) for 2005 found that the rate of premature births in the United States is 12. 7 % or 525. 000 babes annually” ( p. 178 ) .

This figure is high for premature births and these plans that are being put into topographic point should assist lower it. Even with all of these plans working toward a better wellness system. South Korea has less of an infant mortality rate. South Korea has improved its wellness system throughout the old ages and it has shown in their kid attention. Their state includes plans such as ( Bae et al. . 2011 ) . …tests for congenital mistake of metamorphosis and attention for ill babies ( 1991 ) . enrollment of pre-term and inborn unnatural newborns and medical disbursal support 2000 ) . early diagnosing of hearing loss ( 2007 ) . run for forestalling sightlessness of kindergartners ( 2000 ) . bar of maternal hepatitis B infection ( 2002… ( Discussion Section Para. 1 ) and much more. There are besides more plans that are scheduled to look throughout the fallowing old ages. As mentioned before it is easier for South Korea to maintain their infant mortality rate down because they do non hold to concentrate on many different nationalities in their state. most of the population in South Korea are Korean.

If you compare the two states and the plans that they are bring forthing it is shown the South Korea has been having more progresss in the 2000’s while the United States had a discovery in their wellness attention in the 1900’s. Copyright © 2011 The Korean Academy of Medical Sciences. This chart shows that South Korea started off with a higher mortality rate and it had a drastic diminution. The United States had a diminution in the 1900’s and during the 2000’s it started to stabilise. Copyright © 2011 The Korean Academy of Medical Sciences.

This Chart gives a better apprehension as to where the United States and South Korea stand with other states. Neither of them are the best or the worst state. nevertheless they are on opposite sides of the graduated table. It is expected for the United States to hold a lower mortality rate because of the sum of money put into their wellness attention system. but harmonizing to the chart this does non look to be true. South Korea has a batch of regard when it comes to their babies. They see their kids as the hereafter to their state and they are willing to make anything to do certain that their babies are good taken attention of.

This is shown through the informations on the chart above because South Korea is closer to the underside of the scale alternatively of the top. Both South Korea and the United States have a different infirmary system. South Korea has a post-natal attention installation called a sanhujoriwon. Harmonizing to Yeon-soo ( 2013 ) . Tonss of female parents and neonates stay together in such installations and more than half of the topographic points operate as non-medical establishments. taking to occasional jobs with hygienic direction.

To forestall aggregate infection among babes at sanhujoriwons. the authorities late beefed up disease surveillance of workers there and instituted a standard footings of usage ( Para. 2 ) South Korea is the lone state that has these installations available for their new female parents. Many pregnant adult females from all over the universe semen to South Korea merely to acquire this intervention after they give birth.

However. this installation is expensive. so non everyone can afford this luxury. Harmonizing to Yeon-soo ( 2013 ) . “The cost of utilizing an upscale sanhujoriwon is 5 million ( 4. 730 U. S. dollars ) to 10 million won ( 9. 460 dollars ) for a two-week stay. but the installation is so popular that a reserve might non be possible if non made six to seven months prior to childbirth” ( parity. 4 ) . That is the monetary value for the most expensive and epicurean topographic points ; other topographic points can be 1000s of dollars cheaper. In these installations the nurses make certain that the patients get the right exercising ( such as light yoga ) and eat the right nutrient so that their recovery after birth will be as pleasant and good as possible.

They besides care for the newborn and do certain that they get the foods that they need in the first twosome of hebdomads. This helps out the new female parent because they have clip to loosen up and retrieve while their babe is acquiring the necessary attention that is needed. When the female parent is ready to travel place after a twosome of hebdomads they have a better clip seting to their new life with a babe because they had the remainder and aid that they needed. In the United States they do non hold these same adjustments but they to make hold systems to assist out the new female parent.

The United States has many medical professionals to assist with neonatal and postpartum attention. Some of those businesss include ( Link. Jakubeez. & A ; Temple. 2013 ) . “…neonatologist. neonatal nurse practicians. bedside nurses. a clinical druggist. neonatal respiratory healers. a dietician. a societal worker. medical occupants. and medical students” ( Backgroud Section Para. 1 ) . With a infirmary consisting of these medical professionals the patients are likely to acquire the aid that they need while traveling through the parturition procedure.

Besides many infirmaries are spread outing in the United States to include more room for neonatal attention. The Hillcrest Hospital in Cleveland. Ohio expanded their infirmary and included ( Link. Jakubeez. & A ; Temple. 2013 ) . …”a new 24 bed degree 3 neonatal intensive attention unit ( NICU ) and extra beds to suit bad maternal medical specialty patients” ( Background Section parity. 1 ) . They expanded their infirmary so that they could care for more patients at one time ; besides so that the patients got the chance to have the best attention available to them.

Normally after a female parent gives birth ( depending on the parturition method ) . the female parent will remain at the infirmary for a twosome of yearss. and so return place. While at the infirmary the nurses will assist the female parent with nursing. eating. and altering the kid. They will besides do certain that the female parent is retrieving good after the parturition procedure. Both in the United States and in South Korea. they have plans to assist female parents and babies after birth. However. the system in South Korea is more advanced because it keeps the female parent and babies for a longer period of clip which is more good to their wellness.

Nutrition to a pregnant adult females is a really of import factor. If the female parent does non acquire the correct nutrition than they are seting themselves at hazards for multiple diseases. Besides they are non merely seting themselves at hazard but they are besides seting their unborn babe at hazard. Some diseases that the female parent can catch from bad nutrition are gestational diabetes. gestational hyptertension. and pre-eclampsia. Gestational diabetes when non looked after bends into gestational hyptertension ; the worst out of the three that were mentioned is pre-eclampsia.

This is because ( Sizer & A ; Whitney. 2011 ) . “Preeclampsia affects about all of the mother’s organs—the circulatory system. liver. kidneys. and brain” ( p. 508 ) . If all of these variety meats are affected than the babe is at a serious hazard of acquiring hurt. Most of these diseases will vanish after giving birth. but it raises the hazard for the female parent to catch another serious disease. such as type two diabetes. When a pregnant adult females is diagnosed with holding gestational diabetes they are more likely to catch type two diabetes subsequently on in life. It might non be right off but it could go on a twosome of old ages subsequently.

Besides they are more likely to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes once more if they of all time become pregnant once more. Bing fleshy and pregnant is a large hazard during gestation. In fact ( Chen et Al. . 2013 ) . “Metabolic damages in maternal fleshiness and gestational diabetes ( GDM ) induce an unnatural environment in peripheral blood and do vascular construction changes which affect the eutherian development and function” ( Abstract subdivision Para. 1 ) . As mentioned before it does non merely impact the female parent but it besides affects the unborn kid. but it besides affects the kid after they are born. Using APA. 2013 ) . “The historical hapless results of pre-gestational diabetes are testimony to the harmful effects of high glucose in early gestation as manifest by inborn deformities and in subsequently gestation as evidenced by LGA [ large-for-gestational-age ] and its effects. ” ( parity. 2 ) .

The ground why this is more of a job in the United States is because they have a higher fleshiness record than South Korea has. So more adult females throughout the United States are developing these diseases than adult females in South Korea. ( Amamoto et al. 005 ) “Comparison of organic structure mass index ( BMI ) distributions in Japan and Korea showed the highest value in the normal class ( 74 % ) together with a really low fleshiness rate ( 1. 2 % ) ” ( Results subdivision parity. 1 ) . Since South Korea has a low fleshiness rate within their. they are less likely to give birth to big babes. However. the antonym goes for Women who live in the United States and are corpulent. This is a job because ( Sizer & A ; Whitney. 2011 ) . “The baby of an corpulent female parent may be larger than normal and may be big even if born prematurely.

The big early babe may non be recognized as premature and therefore may non have the particular medical attention required” ( p. 492 ) . A premature babe might non be wholly developed and need medical aid after the birth. If the physicians don’t know that the babe has developmental jobs than the newborn runs the hazard of deceasing. This could besides explained for the high mortality rate in the United States since they have a higher rate of fleshiness and it is hard to label a kid as premature and unhealthy if they are at a healthy weight.

The environment that the pregnant adult females is populating in is really important to her and her unborn child’s wellness. There are many unwellnesss that a adult female can go through on to her kid from environments that are jeopardies. When a female parent is in her embryologic phase her babe is at a point of rapid development. This is a really important phase because the babe is get downing to turn their variety meats. nevertheless they are besides more likely to catch a disease which could do a malformation during this phase.

If the female parent catches a disease than they are more likely during this phase to go through it to their babe which could do a abortion or malformations. The issue of the environment is more of a job for South Korea because of all the pollution that is in the air. South Korea is a really overpopulated state ( particularly in Seoul ) and with all the autos and factories the air gets easy polluted. Harmonizing to Sizer and Whitney ( 2011 ) . “Pregnant adult females who are exposed to contaminations such as lead frequently bear low-birthweight babies with delayed mental and psychomotor developments” ( p. 04 ) . This is besides an issue in some portion of the United States. but it depends on where the individual lives. If a pregnant adult females lives following to a mill that produces hazardous fume than they are more likely to give birth to a babe with malformations. However. in South Korea many pregnant adult females are exposed to polluted air for most of their gestation and some of their babes are born with serious tegument jobs. There is air pollution everyplace a pregnant adult females goes but if the pollution is high than they are seting the babe more at hazard.

There are many factors that play into the prenatal and postpartum wellness. South Korea and the United States both work difficult to do their wellness system the best that it can be. They have many plans in topographic point and many more plans to come in the hereafter. They are working on their infirmaries to do certain they are every bit convenient as possible so that the female parents and neonates can hold the best possible wellness attention. Both states are working towards take downing their mortality rate and decreasing the sum of premature and low-birth-weight kids.

There is besides the nutrition and the environment that the female parent is exposed excessively. A simple factor as being corpulent can do serious harm to the female parent and the unborn kid. Many anticipating female parents do non understand that construct so they do non see the hazard in it. Of class one state has a better wellness attention system so the other. nevertheless they both have pros and cons to their states. The United States has more financess to cover with and has more medical professionals working in their infirmaries so that their patients can have the best attention possible.

The negative facet of the United States is that they have a high fleshiness rate and a high mortality rate. They besides need to work on more plans to take down their mortality rate so that they can hold the best possible wellness attention. South Korea has first-class postpartum attention. which many people around the universe want to see and be a portion of. Besides they have a low degree of fleshiness so they are non every bit likely as the United States to acquire the diseases that come along with being overweight.

The negative facet of Korea is that their environment is non the best because of the pollution that is environing the air. South Korea is an overpopulated state so the air is filled with pollutants that are non good for a pregnant adult female and can do low-birth weight and birth defects. Overall both states have countries in their wellness attention system that they have to work on and countries outside of their wellness attention system that they need to turn to. However. as of right now South Korea has a more exceeding wellness attention system than the United States. particularly when it comes to infant attention.