Difference between conventional computing:-Conventional computing is basically a mechanism performed by conventional systems that are designed in a way that it follows a set of instructions to process data,where the instruction must be sequentially using a specific algorithm.An intelligent computing is a mechanism performed by those machines that define intelligent human behaviour i.e have ability to think, analyses and then react in a most efficient manner.Some of the major factors determining their distinct character are:-1.)Efficiency:- An intelligent computation always look for the most efficient solution(that requires a minimum amount of time) for a problem, for example Siri(a personal assistant by Apple in iPhones and iPads) respond with the most efficient result, while a conventional computing always goes through a specific way for which it designed.2.)Learn, Think and then React:- Intelligent computing follow these three aspects very well that’s it is called to be intelligent they first learn the surrounding(including   sensors etc), then apply cognitive thinking and finally respond with the best possible decision but in case of conventional ones doesn’t have such abilities it works on predefined protocol.3.)Planning and Reasoning:- One of the best practice involves with Intelligent computing is they are capable of planning, for example, Tesla( An automobile company) able to achieve technology of self-driving, takes the accurate decision of the most suitable and safe route by planningto reason whereas a conventional system works on predefined protocols.4.)Chances of error:- Since conventional system follow a predefined set of the rule so chances of error are less there while an intelligent system makes decision-based in its analysis that might go wrong.5.)Cost factor:- An intelligent machines cost more as it involves expensive equipment and also a huge logic ,for example, an intelligence-based self driving car always cost more than a normal car ,while a conventional computing performed at a cheaper cost.6.)Dependency:- Intelligent computing make a decision on their own involves very less human interface while in conventional computation they are highly dependent for human interface. 7.)Learning and adaption:- An intelligent system always learns from the environment with different it observes, capable to solve new problems and then and then capable enough to frequently adapt with it while a conventional system can’t.8.)Security:- Intelligent computing also give a high priority to information and its security which conventionally doesn’t have.  Conclusion:-Although, Both approaches have some advantages and disadvantages too so it depends on what kind of problem we solved.    Still intelligence based machines have a great demand in future as they make human life more reliable, time efficient safe(in context of self-driving cars) that on some extent not be achieved from the conventional approach of computing.Thank you.