Last updated: July 15, 2019
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The Tucson Meet Yourself Festival is a great chance to familiarise yourself with different civilizations. that unrecorded right in our metropolis. You get to see these great civilizations that thrive in our community. by trying the civilizations nutrient and observation and listening to their traditional dances and music. There is everything at that place from Vietnamese. Grecian. Mexican. Native American. Chinese. and many more civilizations featured at this event. I was lucky plenty to acquire the chance to both experience and dance for this festival.

I dance for the most good known Hispanic dance company in Tucson. AZ ; Viva Performing Arts Center. We have gotten the chance to dance at this fantastic festival for the past two old ages and the audience is ever so appreciative to watch what we have to offer. and soak in the civilization through our dances. We normally showcase our well known Mexican Folklore dances every bit Wellss as our Samba. Mambo. and Salsa. Just by watching the audiences reaction to our dances non merely makes me experience like I’m acquiring my civilization out at that place in a positive manner. but proud to be portion of the Latino civilization.

After dancing. as a group we go out together into the festival and research what this event has to offer. We spent most of the twenty-four hours at that place. It was great to see how good all the civilizations adapt together in one scene. Everyone seems to acquire along so good and it gives the environment such a friendly and happy feel. All the nutrient booths pull you in with the astonishing olfactory property. that make your oral cavity H2O. They are set up right following to each other and its like walking through different states right in Tucson. My favourite nutrients were the Vietnamese boba slushies and the Grecian gyros. I tried to do as much room for all the different nutrients I wanted to seek. but there was merely so many it was impossible! This is decidedly what keeps me traveling back every twelvemonth. The delightful nutrient from the many different civilizations.

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