DIFFERENT TYPES OF OPERATINGSYSTEMSInthis Assignment I will be discussing about the different type of operatingsystems specifically the differencesbetween the two Operating Systems. Shown below will be acomparison of windows and Linux. A operating system is a powerful program whichcontrol and manages the hardware and software on your computer.              MICROSOFT                          WINDOWS   Introduction Microsoft Windows is a series of interface operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft. Microsoft introduced the operating November 20, 1985 as a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS.

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85 for students, £74 to upgrade to pro Development and Distribution Developed and distributed by Microsoft. Manufacturer Microsoft Company / developer Microsoft User Everyone Update method Windows Update Preceded by MS-DOS License Proprietary Available language(s) Multilingual Usage On PC’s desktops, laptops, servers and some phones.                                                         APPLE      LINUX Introduction Linux is a Unix-like and POSIX-compliant computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution. The defining component of Linux is the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released Cost Linux can be downloaded freely, distributed through magazines, There are priced versions for Linux also, but they are normally cheaper than Windows. Development and Distribution Linux is developed by Open Source development i.

e. through sharing and collaboration of code and features through forums etc and it is distributed by various vendors. Manufacturer Linux kernel is developed by the community. Linus Torvalds is the official owner of the Linux software.

Which is been inserted into the mac enterprise. Company / developer Linus Torvalds and the Linux community. anyone can develop this software where you can change the source.  User Everyone From home users to developers and computer Update method Many License GNU General Public License Available language(s) Multilingual Usage Linux can be installed on a wide variety of computer hardware, ranging from mobile phones, tablet computers and video game consoles, to mainframes and supercomputers.    WINDOWS PROS CONS Integration Almost everything works or is compatible with windows.

Security The window operating system is being used by everyone where viruses and malware can be inputted in by users. Support   lots of help from forum and help procedure. As well as Q to help you which is in the same area as you Cost As windows is free you will need buy to upgrade this, so it will cost as well.     Ease of use most people from students to grown up use windows because of the easy access.

  Size Some versions of windows can take a lot of memory, which can be frustrating.      LINUX PROS CONS Software is completely free to use. You can download it, install it and modify it.

As shown Mac costs more than windows overall. Which can be expensive if you’re a student if you want to save money. Viruses – Linux get almost no viruses and any other malware. Windows has a lot to work with. Gamer unfriendly which is renowned for not being compatible with games.

Stability Linux Never crashes unless if there’s something wrong with your computer. All of the other problems in your Mac has to do with the packages.   Many mainstreams application requires patches and better versions to work updates – When your computer has to restart, it restarts like every other time, no waiting for Windows to finish updating! You can also update whenever is convenient. Limited support for applications. Although you can use Microsoft Office for Windows on Linux by using an open source version of the Windows application programing interface called WINE.

   Functions of the Operating System The functions are within the interface of the computer/laptop. Which provides the user to interact with the computer. The examples are shown below the functions. CPU – runs applications and executes and cancels processes multi-tasks – allows multiple applications to run at the same time manages memory. Transfers programs into and out of memory, allocates free space between programs, and keeps track of memory usage manages peripherals. Opens, closes and writes to peripheral devices such as storage attached to the computer. Creates a file system to organize files and directories security.

Provides security through user accounts and passwords.   File Management LINUX AND WINDOWS FILE SYSTEM Manages how data is organized into files. This makes it easier for the user to see files using programs like the Windows File Explorer or Mac OS X Finder.

The OS organizes where and how files are stored, deleted, found and repaired. It detects errors such as missing disks or incorrect file names, and informs the user that if there’s any errors have occurred. Then it must be replaced or deleted.

The windows is very similar to Linux but there are very small changes like if you open the manager the files shown but when in Linux it sometimes never shows so you have to search for it.         Suitability – Use Also, as Windows is more widely available with 90% of the people using it, there are also a number of applications suited to Windows. This is mainly because the creators and programmers want their programs and applications to be adopted by as many people as possible (90% of the market is more attractive than just 10%). This also applies to games.

Most of the games available on the market are designed for Windows. Only later, are they tweaked, adapted, and ported for OS X, if ever at all.     Ability to Customise – Windows In Windows 7 you can’t really customise as in Linux OS, for Linux you can how which every apps your child uses you can reduce them. Secondly preventing children emailing random people which can risk full. On the other hand, for Windows for children you can set a time limit for accessing the laptop/pc.

I would say Linux goes two far ahead with more accessibilities.     Ease of Management Windows is more popular, but in Linux it’s so much easy to manage tasks. For example, you can easily access so many applications by pressing a few buttons on the keyboard. The features of the mac can be found fast where you can use these features to modify or personalize. Windows might be a bit easier because there are loads of tutorials available to see. But I would prefer Linux because its just so much easier to use where accessibility is key to use.

All the keys direct your somewhere where every you want to go it will put you in there direction.      Crash/Bugs Also, due to this, Macs are less prone to crashes and are considered more reliable. This also makes it pretty easy to figure out what’s going wrong with a Mac. Macs have three applications that are all in the same place and help you figure out what could be the problem. These are the Activity Monitor (a more powerful version of Windows Task Manager), Console (which shows all system logs in one place), and Disk Utility (which helps one identify disk integrity issues).         Software Utilities for Windows & Linux   The OS uses applications called utilities which allow the user to manage the computer. There are many different utility programs and they may vary across operating systems.

They are often accessed via a special menu or control panel in the OS.     The Intel Graphics Installer tool is a must-have for those running Intel graphics hardware who want the best performance they can get. It makes finding and installing the latest Intel GPU drivers a painless, fuss-free affair — no PPAs or Terminal kung foo needed. Mainly for the windows.     If you plan on upgrading your PC or replacing a worn-out part you’ll need to get some specific hardware details, such as RAM type, CPU socket set or what PCI slots are available. I-Nex makes unearthing this, and host of other detailed system stats, easy. Use it to find your motherboard model number, RAM stepping, S.M.


status and…well, pretty much anything else you can think of!   There are more Windows Software’s where on the other hand there is a shortage of good software’s for macs. Software utilities is crazy where Windows own software can run on Mac which is crazy in a certain number of ways. How you say well using emulation software. In this life time artists are all using macs where for example video art is mainly done on a mac. Which is insane. but Windows will always rule every type of software and the non-creative world. because Windows’s computer/desktops are so much cheaper than Macs but not as powerful.     Windows users will be familiar with applications like CCleaner because it’s well known in the windows facilities.

What does ICleaner do? Basically it scans for anything and clean out junk files. For a similarly quick and effortless click n’ clean solution on Ubuntu try BleachBit. It is a powerful tool, so you need to pay attention to what you’re cleaning. Don’t click all the options think smartly that will affect you’re a computer             SUMMARY WINDOWS AND LINUX In conclusion, no operating system is better than the other. The final choice is up to you. If you’re a gamer, then you have no choice, go for the Windows where models from Alienware to razer will be accessible to you.

Programmers might prefer Linux which has video editing on, as well as producers will probably move towards windows. As some software’s are not available on mac for example FL Studio.  The best thing to do is to probably try each system, work around each Difference of each system and see whether which one is best for you!     Both operating system is outstanding with reliability, with only a few years ago windows is at the top of primary operating system for companies. Around the world as well as companies, schools, colleges and universities. but as shown in the list windows security isn’t up to part with Linux as Linux’s security is very rock solid.

With windows viruses can enter within seconds can intrude the whole system. Secondly for myself I love gaming and I need a laptop that can handle strong quality graphics. As with all gaming companies they’ve all grouped up with windows which can shows so much. There are so many advantages with windows shown above same with Linux. But with Linux gaming is a downgrade meaning you cannot play games with a MacBook if you tried because there will so be lag.

So, do not pay video games on a mac. In this assignment I’ve explained every feature or similarities. Also, I have found differences between the two Operating Systems which shows similarities for both.