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Friends are a part of my extended family. They are important to me, and have made the independent man I am today. Friendship to me is like a flower that constantly needs watering for it to continue to stay healthy and have a good life. Just like the kind of relationship you would have with your significant other like spouse, or your best friend. As the years have gone by the more selective I’ve become of my friendships, and realize whom my true friends are. I have different types of friends all very different from each other.

These are my best friends, hanging out friends, and clubbing friends. I can be very spontaneous at times and like to try different things. I’m a random person. It’s the best way I can describe myself, but I do surround myself with all kinds of people and will try anything once if it catches my attention. A friend is a friend, helps in good stuff and bad stuff, there is no way to describe the perfect friend. There are many reasons why people become friends, stuff in common , etc. Right now at this point of my life i have and consider one of my best friend J. A. ere in NYC, because we have so many stuff in common and also understand each other’s in every single way and that person is loyal to me. I have more friends but not like this one, they are different because they all have a purpose. My different types of friends are : My best friends, hanging out friends, clubbing friends, Internet friends, family friends and friends with benefits. My best friends are people that I have complete confidence, I have four people and between those 2 people there are 2 that I can tell everything without borders and they are always around you, and will accept and respect the way you are no matter what.

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Hanging out friends are the people that i like to walk with and chill, examples: go to the movies, walk around the city, go to restaurants, ice skating, stuff like that and they not always with you. Clubbing friends are the people that just meet at the clubs to go dancing and drinking, they barely see each other’s after they out of club scene. Internet friends are people that take friendship over the internet with social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. They add each other’s and they talk , sometimes things take another level like a relationship. Family friends is a friendship extended to family members of the friends.

Friends with benefits are the people that have a sexual friendship, they like to have sexual activity but without romance, nothing serious, this is also call in these days “hook up”, but i don’t consider it like that. At the end all type of friends are good, even the bad ones, because in my opinion you gain knowledge for all the experiences you expend with them. We all have different kind of friends in different scenes or parts of our lives , but no friendship last forever. When we have a good relation with that friend we develop feelings like support, trust and kindness. Friends are good and we cannot live without them.