Digital Bangladesh means a computerised Bangladesh which is yet to be to the full for Bangladesh or any other state traveling digital is no lunury but a necessity in the twenty-first century. Realing this fact our admistration under the able leading of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken up Digital Bangladesh as its motto. The modern epoch is ofter called the informatin age or computing machine age. The digitalization of century began in the developed states in the twentieth century. Now almot the whole universe has gone digital. To maintain up with the remainder of the universe Bangladesh must besides travel digital.Why did the universe decide to travel digital? First of all digital engineering is cheaper than heavy machinery-based technoloty.

Second digital equipment is easy to put in and take. Third digital engineering is about full-proof. Even if degital equipment interruptions down. it is easier to replace or mend them. For the. degital equipment is faster and more accurate than traditional technoloty. The authorities of Sheikh Hasina has already taken some important stairss to turn Bangladesh 100 per centum digital.

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Our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina personallh takes up a batch of involvement in the digitalization of Bangladesh.At her order the activites of most authorities orreices have becomen mostly digital. the public-service corporation measures are nolw computing machine generated. The railroad tickets are aow computeised.

The departement shops provide us with digitally prepared measures. Our JSC. SSC. HSC testees now have their board concluding consequences on the cyberspace. Our birth certification and national ID cards are issued on computerised information base. Even passports are now machine readable. The hereafter of Bangladesh. if we can travel 100 per centum digital is in a word bright with the authorities giving highest priorrity to our IT skills.

Then we can export a immense ball of these it workforce to devoloped states. In other words we can gain one million millions of dollars by exporting IT professionals package and hardware. We can assist even other developing states by supplying them with IT instruction and accomplishments. What began as a subject of an disposal is now the slogan of every citizen olf Bangaldesh every citizen of Bangladesh now wants to see our state 100 per centum digital. Contribution of Women in Nation Building Activities Allah has created two types of human-men and adult females. One is non complete without the other. Both are every bit of import to do anything success.

So. socio-economic development depends on both work forces and adult females. In the yesteryear. adult females were segregated from out of homen productive work. They were aid within the four walls. The fireplace became the topographic point for them. So. cookery.

cleansing. rinsing. giving birth and rise uping kids became their occupations. Work force became the pay earners and all other activies became their duties. In bangladesh place of the adult females is really demeaning. Womans are the worst sick persons.

Today adult females are playing an of import function in all domains of life. They are no longer confined within the four walls of their parent’s or husband’s house.They have come out of kitchens and are working manus in manus with work forces in the development programmes of the authorities. By having higher instruction.

they are going pilots. physicians. applied scientists. instructors.

decision makers etc. They have lending much to the economic system of the work forces that the development of the state is ne’er possible maintaining half of the population idle at place. So.

its demand no stating that adult females are playing a great function in the socio-economic status of our state. The ground of women’s engagement in assorted activies is for the gradual realisation of the demand for fiscal independece.Actually adult females can make what work forces can. In offices adult females work every bit much as work forces and contribute to national development. Some adult females are even in the highest stations in GDs offices and they run the offices really good. Therefore. they make our national development possible.

In the instruction profession. adult females work unfeignedly to construct the hereafter leaders at the state. In this profession adult females are even more sincerw than work forces. Therefore. they contribute to the national development by doing the pupils proper. In the medical profession. the function of adult females is more of import than any profession. Patients are both male and female patients did non acquire proper intervention.

Therefore. woment help national development by giving us healthy female parents. As attorneies adult females have become really successful. There are so many female attorneies in our state. In this profession. adult females are making their responsibility with highest earnestness and earning celebrity for themselves and for the state. There is. of class.

still a long manner to traverse before adult females are bale to detect their full potency in the occupation market. Lack of security installations male selfishness. have non been able to discourage our adult females. So scopes shoukd be created so that adult females can play their portion efficaciously in society.