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Disadvantages of
critical path method

CPM has many advantages and it has been able to supply
companies using it a yardstick and a sensible assess of the time needed for the
completion of the project. The main disadvantages of critical path method are
listed below. Numerous disadvantages are as a result of the technical and
conceptual components included in the CP analysis (CPA) process.

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CPA process can ended up complicated as the scope and extend the project
increases. Too many interconnection activities can result in the network
diagram getting to be very complicated. The hazard of making a mistake in calculation
of the critical chain gets to be very high as the number of activities

task of understanding the needs of the critical path get more complicated when
there is more than one critical path in the project. In many circumstances,
these ways might be parallel and bolster into a common node in the network
diagram. It gets to be troublesome in these situations to distinguish the
finest utilization of technology and resources for the critical paths.

many cases, as the project advances, critical paths might alter and advance and
past critical paths may no longer be substantial and new CP have to be
recognized for the project at regular interval. This suggests that the project
managers and project members have to always review the network diagram
initially made and identifying the moving and movement of the critical path
over time.

use of total float as a measure for assigning activities to their representative’s
paths can become risky when analyzing as built plans. CPM is incapable to
calculate total coast on as a build schedule in which estimated dates have been
supplanted by actual dates.

spite of the fact that CPM method is exceptionally important in the degree of
subtle elements that it gives, modifying the system always can be cumbersome
especially in the event that includes reallocation of resources an time.

of the broad utilize of CPM in organization the way in which it is used can
contrast essentially. Organizations that have a solid culture of timely
completion might be utilizing the methodology in a more appropriate way when
compared to companies that utilize CPM as it were somewhat for planning and