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Discount Stores: Wal-Mart Vs Shopko Essay, Research Paper

Competitive Advantages in Discount Stores

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When you walk into Wal-Mart the first that that hits you is a show of family points that are point of purchase points. There tends to be laundry detergent, Kleenex, and toilet paper. These points are sometimes on sale and are normally the 1s that people forget to set on their list. The shop itself is really crowded, but the ambiance is friendly. Most of the shoppers are in Wal-Mart to acquire low monetary values and a batch of assortment. I agree that Wal-Mart has a batch of points, but the sorts of trade names tend to be that of a lesser quality than you would happen at Shop-Ko. It is easy to turn up merchandises and has big assortment of trade names.

The parking is perfectly awful, after all, how many disability people are at that place? The lone manner to acquire fast check-out procedure is by utilizing the registry in the garden centre or movie store. Another advantage of Wal-Mart is that they have one-hour exposure. Pulling up to the batch and seeing all of the autos is a major bend off! Wal-Mart merchandises are the least expensive and they take pride in that. After all, their motto is mundane low monetary values guaranteed.

One inquiry to chew over, why is at that place smoking inside Wal-Mart? This does non do sense and gives a lower category sort of image to the shop. Wal-Mart has an optical centre and a hair salon. An optical centre does non look out of conference, but hair film editing in a price reduction shop? That tends to do one think that the makings of the stylist may be price reduction besides. To work at an optical centre, there are rigorous limitations in the trade. The exterior of the shop looks like a service all sort of shop. There is an automotive and garden centre seeable from the exterior and when looking at the Wal-Mart mark you see a large yellow smiley face.

K-mart and Shop-Ko must vie because they are normally the 2nd pick to Wal-Mart. There are non about as many trade names at K-Mart as there are at Wal-Mart, but there are food markets that help to do it a one-stop store. Customers have ever been K-Mart shoppers and that is why they continue to shop at that place. Customer service is right where you need it, and is accessible at about any clip. The traffic state of affairs is non even an issue because there is plentifulness of forepart row parking.

The olfactory property from the nutrient tribunal is a nice manner to excite client appetency for gross revenues. Another advantage is that there is a nice small kiddy horse-go-round. When I was small, before Wal-Mart existed, my ma took us to K-Mart and if we acted on our best behaviour we were allowed to sit the Equus caballuss. When nearing K-Mart you notice the fast nutrient topographic points right outside, which would be ideal for a parent that has hungry kids in the auto. If ma or pa demands to halt off for a few things the childs get a dainty excessively. Besides they have the advantage of being located in a mini strip promenade. Fashion Bug, Eagle/Osco, and the Dollar Tree are all really one hundred fifty


Shop-ko nevertheless seems to hold the highest quality of merchandises. This stored is designed for people that feel passing the excess money buys quality. They carry Paul Mitchell and Red Ken hair merchandises at less than salon monetary values, and hair a broad choice of image frames and tapers. For pupils that are accustomed to shopping at Target, Shop-ko is a perfect option.

Workers seem to flex over backwards, is it boredom or merely great client service? I do non cognize, but it pleases shoppers. The parking is another advantage Shop-Ko has over K-Mart & A ; Wal-Mart. It does non portion parking with anyone else. The add-on of Payless Shoe Store contributes greatly to the demands of consumers. Payless has a good repute among & # 8220 ; hapless & # 8221 ; college pupils and should pull some pupils away from Wal-Mart. The exterior of the edifice looks really new and good maintain.

2. K-mart decidedly has the competitory advantage every bit far as location. It is non the excess stat mi out of town and has other stores nearby. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart is superior plenty to hold the pulling power of clients. Shop-ko seems to hold higher quality and higher priced merchandises, but does non hold as big of a assortment as Wal-Mart or the mundane low monetary values. K-Mart is sort of the jobber ; it has more similar ware to Wal-Mart, but tends to bear down a small spot more. Overall, Wal-Mart is the cheapest price reduction shop with the largest assortment of trade names. The best service is given by K-Mart and Shop-ko. Both shops have client service located right in the forepart and the lines are non that long. Wal-Mart seems to hold the most point of purchase attack compared to Macomb & # 8217 ; s other price reduction shops. There are really big marks clearly demoing the monetary value off all sale ware. At Shop-ko some points are non even right priced.

I don & # 8217 ; t believe that Shop-ko will be driven out of Macomb because they have higher quality ware. It is besides a convenient option to the pandemonium of Wal-Mart. The new add-on of Payless should be a good investing. There are non really many & # 8220 ; shoe & # 8221 ; shops in Macomb and Payless is popular and successful. Plus the client service accomplishments seem to be better than the other two shops.

I think that Internet will impact all of the shops greatly. If a individual is looking for a specific trade name or an point the cyberspace enables them to happen the exact merchandise wanted. I think that & # 8220 ; trade name avowal & # 8221 ; will be the lone advantage of utilizing the shop online. The cost of transporting would be pathetic for the sum of clip it really takes to merely travel to the shop. The lone manner the cyberspace will be highly successful is if the shops offer to hold an order ready at a certain clip, at the shop for the shopper. It would be convenient to hold all the merchandises a consumer desires bagged and ready to travel. The cyberspace may besides be used for shareholders, people interested in larning more about the shop, and people looking for employment.