Diversityin the Nursing Profession             Nursingis a diverse profession in the sense that there is a wide variety ofspecialties you can work in that fits your personality.

There are differentspecialties that we can choose from and the resources and support available forus are endless. The specialty fields I chose for this paper include pediatrics,labor and delivery, and intensive care unit. In this paper, I will bediscussing the specialties that I am interested in and the affiliations that I willbenefit from when pursuing a career in these specialty fields of nursing. Pediatrics            My passion for pediatricsgrew as I began to volunteer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I was theoldest of six girls and so, I was always the one to take care of my youngersisters. I’ve been volunteering at Children’s Hospital for the last two and ahalf years and my heart grew for pediatrics, especially, hematology andoncology.

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I have been volunteering in the infusion center for the past twoyears and I absolutely fell in love with the environment, the culture of thehealthcare team, and the children who I have crossed paths with during myshifts. I find pediatrics interesting because the children who are admittedonto the floor are vulnerable and innocent and at the same time, they put theirentire trust in you, as a healthcare professional. Many children are too youngto grasp why they are admitted, let alone their diagnosis, but that does notstop them from walking through those doors with a big smile on their faces.

They know they are sick, but they show more resilience because of their age.This is why I love working with children. They can get upset during aprocedure, but then forget why they are mad and go back to being their normalself.

            Thereare many resources available to nursing students who show interest in aparticular field. Since pediatrics is a specialty that I would love to learnmore about, Pediatric Nursing is agreat place to gather information about the field that can be beneficialtowards my career path. The journal provides nurses with “information that isboth theoretically and clinically relevant to educate the novice, enrich thegeneralist, and advance the pediatric specialist towards providing professionalcare of the highest quality” (Jannetti, 2016).Pediatric Nursing provides readers withthe most current information in the pediatric nursing field, from case studiesto evidenced-based practice research to news on trends happening in thepediatric world of nursing.

This will be beneficial to me because change isinevitable and with the current resources available, I can be prepared and growwith the changes.             Theorganization that I feel would benefit me the most is the Society of PediatricNurses (SPN). This is a great organization to join because it has a lot tooffer, from clinical resources to employment opportunities.

This organizationbegan in the 1980s from a group of pediatric nursing leaders that came togetherand “discussed the need to improve the care of infants and children in pain” (Societyof Pediatric Nurses, n.d., para. 3). The mission of SPN drew my attention becauseit works to improve and advance the specialty of pediatric nursing throughresearch, practice, and education. SPN supports nurses in the pediatric fieldby providing them with education resources and news in pediatric trends. SPN isalso a place for nurses to network with other nurses from around the country.This organization is nationwide and offers an abundance of resources that wecan use to advance our careers in pediatric nursing, even after employment.

Labor and Delivery            Asidefrom pediatrics, I grew fond of labor and delivery the first day I stepped footinto my patient’s room during my maternal newborn rotation. There was somethingabout the excitement of seeing a baby be born that really caught my attention. Duringmy rotation, I was able to assist my nurse by helping the patient push with eachcontraction, reassuring the patient that she is doing a great job, and assistingwith the newborn assessment. I find the rush with labor and delivery intriguingand instantly became interested in this field.

            Tolearn more about labor and delivery, the Journalof Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing (JOGNN) could bebeneficial for this specialty. JOGNN isa “premier resource for health care professionals committed to clinicalscholarship that advances the health care of women and newborns” (Elsevier Inc.,2018, para. 1). This journal includes peer-reviewed scientific articles thatshines light on important issues and trends in the care of women, childbirth,and newborns. JOGNN publishes innovativeresearches that we can use to improve the care we provide and implement in thematernal newborn field of nursing.             TheAssociation of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) is anorganization that “promotes the health of women and newborns” (Association ofWomen’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, 2018). This organization caughtmy eye because of their vision and values and their strategic priorities forthe next two years.

This is the organization for nurses to come together for acommon goal; which is to promote the well-being of women and newborns. The greatthing about an organization ran by nurses, is that it provides support fornurses in the same field all across the country. This is the place for nursesto network and support one another, whether for personal and/or professionalgrowth. Intensive Care Unit            IntensiveCare Unit is another specialty that I would love to explore more of in the future.I love the challenge that comes with being a critical care nurse and I trulyadmire those who pursue this field of work because it can be demanding. Thefast-paced atmosphere can help me build better skills and become more efficientwith patient care.

Being a critical care nurse comes with responsibilities andskills needed to provide the best care possible. I think the experience in thecritical care setting will be an eye opener.             TheAmerican Journal of Critical Care isa great resource for nurses in critical care. This journal provides us withevidenced-based critical care practice that will benefit those who are in thefield.

Aside for evidenced-based practices, this journal offers “researchstudies, case reports, and reports on new apparatuses and techniques” used inthe critical care setting (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, 2018).the resources that are available through this journal can give us a head starton any new trends in the critical care setting; which is beneficial becausepatients in critical care need to be treated with the best since they candeteriorate at any second.             Theorganization to join is the American Association of Critical-Care Nursesbecause this organization thrives on supporting nurses in the same field ofwork. Their values revolve around “sharing knowledge, challenges, andinspiration to create solutions that make work easier, our practice better andour patients safer” (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, n.d., para.1). This organization is committed to providing us with the resources andeducation we need to achieve positive patient outcomes.

Conclusion Pediatric nursingwill always have my heart, but I would not mind working in labor and delivery. Beforestarting nursing school, I was volunteering at Children’s Hospital Los Angelesand this is the place that pulled me towards the pediatric nursing field. Ihave always been interested in the care of children and being a volunteer inthe infusion center shifted my interest towards hematology and oncology. Thereare many opportunities open in the nursing profession. Whichever field we choseto pursue, there will be an abundance of resources and support available forus.

I truly believe that the nursing community is here to support us and ourcareer path. We just need to make us of the resources and nurses in theorganization of our choice. In the end, nurses come together to come up withsolutions to improve patient care.