Last updated: February 21, 2019
Topic: Society
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The society that we move about has reinforced the divisions that are seeable about in every aspect of our mundane lives. But is the diverseness that we find in our society the true perpetrators that tend to split our society? Are they to fault for the seeming divisiveness running rampant today? Can we truly say that we are a divided society? Looking around us. the grounds for this divisiveness that is present in our society is already visble without the usual probe needed.

From our apparels to the manner we choose what to eat and how we speak. people tend to split society into little compartments that will alleviate them of the frights they have over other members of society. Peoples have this inclination to seek comfort in what they are familiar with instead than broadening their skylines. so to talk. In this context. what genuinely divides society can be summarized into one word-FEAR.

The apprehensiveness of steping new land and appreciating new beliefs and civilizations seem to hold laid a really strong foundation that nurtures this fright. and in good measures. excessively. Television and advertizements have driven a cuneus of kinds that inculacte a certain tendency or philosophy. of you will let the term. to sort the “have’s” and the “have not’s” in our society. Our point of views on certain affairs do besides distinguish us from one another. but that sholud non be the evidences that truly distinguish us from each other.

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What is truly indispensable is the regard we accord each one with beliefs. non whether we agree with them or non. Joining like minded groups of persons can insulate one from other non-agreeable influences that we want to shutter out from our dalit lives. But does that reply the fright we have of others? This pattern will non let one to to the full get the better of this apprehension of others. in fact it might merely trip the opposite. of continually fearing what we don’t understand. Decision

The divisions that have been wedged into our society have been for the most portion one of pick. non of circumstance. It is one that must be taken out besides by pick. Peoples must endeavor to be more accepting of what others have chosen to be. or what they are. By what they are it is inferre that instead than throwing a cover of faer on any one individual. it would be better to detect the individual behind it. Therefore. a new grasp of new civilizations ( or sub-cultures ) would do for a more free-flowing. genuinely democratic society. each free to show