In recent years, a trouble, which makes sociogists have to care and worry, is hight divorce rate. A lot of couples ready to divore after a few years marriage. To explain this problem, in my opinion, there are 3 reasons are the effect of Western culture , the change of social conception and position of woman . Firstly, thanks to modern medias and cultural exchange,the Western has inffuenced on thinking of young people. They would rather live for themselves than people who live around. They think and act individual.Consequently, nowsdays, young people willing to happiness of family for their individual benefits as work or relationship.

So, family conflicts may happen and be problematic. Divorce will so easily. Secondly,conception of young people is different to their generation.

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In the past, an unhappy couple can maintain their family to protect their chilren and their honour. But, nowsdays, divorce don’t tell anything about honour or human dignity. 2 persons ready to say goodbye and stars find a new love, new life.This conception tanke part in making the divorce rate increasing so rapily. Finally, position of woman more and more is raise, not only family but also in society. Modern woman are able to get a solid position in society, so they become more finanial independent of their husbands. Thus, if their husbands cant make them happy, they can find a new love. In conclusion, divorce rate inceasing so rapid is made by are the effect of Western culture, the change of social conception and position of woman .

And this is an issue which needs to be concerned.