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Do you know how many people play soccer in the world? The answer is 265 million (Kruschewsky). Soccer is a lifestyle and a job for many individuals, but most kids only know about modern players such as Messi or Ronaldo. Well a guy by the name of Pele is considered to be one of the greatest soccer players in the 3,000 years soccer has been around(History of Soccer). Pele had an important impact on the world. Pele is significant because of his soccer community impact, his act of giving back, and because of his inspiration from his rough background.Some general knowledge that you should have on Pele is that he is known as the best goal scorer ever. His real name in Edson Arondes, named after Thomas Edison. He received the nicknames Pele, Perola Negra, and Black Pearl all though he never enjoyed those names.  Pele has impacted the soccer community greatly and in multiple ways. First, he is considered to be one of the greatest soccer players to ever play. One way this has been proven is through his statistics. He hit a major milestone when he scored his 1,000th goal against Vasco de Gama while playing in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium (History of Soccer). He has also won three World Cups with Brazil in 1958, 1962, and in 1970 (History of Soccer). He was such a threat to the competition certain opponents would focus on injuring Pele. He would strike back on the opponents that were intentionally trying to hurt him and he would get caught. He felt like since his name is Pele his incidents would break the newspapers in Brazil(Pele). He was such a fun guy to watch play that they took a 48 hour cease fire during the nation’s civil war(Pele). He started calling the game of soccer “The Beautiful Game” and that has caught on ever since. Also, he has encouraged many young players with his beginning of his soccer career. Pele was discouraged from his mother from playing soccer because she had to watch their family struggle to earn money. Next, he dropped out of school at the age of nine years olds to pursue his soccer career. Many spectators of the sport do not know that Pele helped spread soccer’s gospel in the United States of America through his success in the sport. These are the reasons why Pele has changed and impacted the game of soccer.  Pele has given back to the community is several ways. First, he earned a lot of money throughout his career. He has not always spent that money wisely though. After his first retirement in 1974 he had multiple bad investments which left him near financial ruin. He was basically forced to come out of retirement and return to the field. He signed back with the New York Cosmos to continue his career for the 1975 season. A way he has given back to the world is by working many jobs. He has acted as an international ambassador for the beautiful game. He has since worked with the United nations to promote peace. Also, Pele worked with The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to encourage friendly relationships through athletic competition(History of Soccer). Next, he loves to support world problems through companies. First, he often speaks out on poverty. He posts short videos often about his daily life and they are a rather good inspiration for kids. He has made large quantities of money throughout his life, still making a good amount today off of endorsements. He was the first soccer player to ever become a millionaire. He now donates to many schools and hospitals. He also donates to help support better opportunities for kids. This is why he looked up to in the fact of giving back.The hard work Pele has put in coming from such a rough background can be an inspiration. To me, from where Pele came from to where he is nw is truly amazing. His family was rather poor while he was a kid. His father worked nonstop trying to bring in money for the family. This lack of money led to the discouragement of Pele playing soccer. Peles mother hated seeing her husband work so hard and the family struggle. This is why his mom denied Pele from playing soccer. Pele, of course, still continued to play the game he loved. Since the lack of money, his family did not support his choice. He was forced to play with very cheap items that were not even soccer balls. One of these items was grapefruit. A grapefruit is not even close to a soccer ball but Pele made it work. He also would get stuck using a sock filled with newspaper. Next, from where Pele was as a kid, to where he is now is impressive. It is truly inspirational to me and it should be for others. Pele grew up in a rough household. Often getting sick from poor nutrition. The reason his family was so poor is because of the great depression. The great depression ended in 1939. Peles family had 3 kids, Pele having 2 siblings. The great depression weakened Pele’s family financially. He now makes $30 million a year just off of the endorsements he has(Pele). This is what allows his to donate so often. Also, he has helped raise money for all types of charities. That amount he has raised is millions of dollars. One charity he works with is the Great Ormond Street. The Great Ormond Street is a hospital in England and is a children’s hospital. The hospital the main hospital for heart surgeries and heart transplants in the United Kingdom. Another is Harlem Street Soccer. Harlem Street Soccer is a big recreational league. It is based in New York and it creates a fun and fair play for the game.