Harmonizing to the article “Do Video Games Kill? ” writer. Karen Sternheimer. brings up an interesting and controversial topic about picture games. “If we want to understand why immature people. peculiarly in-between category or other stable environments. go murderous. we need to look beyond the games they play.

” Sternheimer starts her article by giving an illustration of the picture game “Doom” that became a mark for critics. Shooting at the schools in Kentucky. Oregon.

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and Colorado were most likely caused by video games. The writer sticks to this account because of many influential sentiments from politicians. intelligence. and different groups of people. Media is supplying information to the populace about taws being the 1s who are playing picture games.The politicians. every bit good as the FBI are claiming that the lone logical account for people perpetrating irrational determinations and exhibit aggressions is playing violent games.

Those video games have represented a assortment of societal anxiousnesss such as computing machine engineering. the ability of grownups to command what immature people do and cognize. In add-on. politicians came up with an thought that everything picture games contain are immorality and offense.

As mentioned above. politicians are non the lone 1s. who are faulting picture games as a cause of every offense and unnatural behaviour of people.

After shots at schools in many topographic points throughout America. political intercession accelerates newspapers and intelligence instantly to react to those incidents by faulting the usage of picture games.Celebrated newspapers such as New York Times. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. are doing headlines. in which they are impeaching “Days of Doom” of the shot. Media created fright among people.

who tend to link negative sides of media to major issues. Sternheimer argues that you can non fault the manufacturers and industries of things that had caused injury to others. It is the people who cause the injury non the picture games themselves. The writer tried to explicate to people to look deeper for the cause.

other than to merely fault video games. Although people have tried to action the manufacturers and industries. they have non won their instances in the tribunals.