Last updated: August 15, 2019
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Topic: Many people keep dogs and cats as companions. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pet ownership for the animals involved and the community as the whole. It is a fact that pets have been treasured as members of the family by millions of people around the world. In 1990s, almost half of all UK households owned at least a pet which was a dog or a cat as usual. Nowadays, in modern society, this trend seems to be more noticeable. Most of the owners believe that keeping dogs or cats as companions has countless benefits while others claim that it also has numerous drawbacks for both the animals and the community.

No one can deny that owning a dog or a cat has so many advantages. We are all certainly aware how many animals wander our streets or are at risk in nature because of hunting. By keeping them in our homes, we provide them with a stable shelter and protect them from serious diseases which are necessities every living being deserves. Moreover, these dogs or cats kept as pets will not have to hunt for their food and also get the safer and healthier food from their owners, therefore, they get the safer and better lives. Furthermore, pet ownership is not only advantageous to the animals, owners and the community benefit from this as well.

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The first advantage of owning a pet is that of our better mental process and nature. Up to a point, pets give us unconditional love, which makes our lives a cheer. In addition, pets help parents with growing their children’s maturity and sense of responsibility and ease people out of social isolation or shyness by being the conversation starter. One other advantage of owning a dog or a cat is of our better physical health. According to the latest scientific research, pets do not only relieve our tension and lower our blood pressure but also build up our immune system, particularly for the children between the ages of five or eight.

Getting exercises is also one of the important physical benefits that normally comes to my mind when thinking about the benefits to pet owners-especially if the pet is a dog or a cat. Walking your dog or fondling and playing with your cat are good ways for you to burn a few calories so as to get into better shape and better health. Last but not least, dogs or cats, especially dogs, can be our helpful assistances. In general, most of the dogs are kept to guard our house in order to protect us and our properties from thieves.

Many trained dogs with professional skills can help the police search out criminals while some can be guides for the blind, circus actors or famous film actors. However, pet ownership also causes certain problems to both the animals and the owners. First of all, as many animal protecting associations claim, keeping dogs and cats as companions significantly influence their behaviors because of being in captivity. In other words, they are in lacking of freedom and moving, which is unsuitable for their born habits and leads to their decreased agileness.

The second and also the main disadvantage is the annoyance to the owners and the community. When owning a pet, you have to spend a large amount of your time on taking care of them such as fondling, playing or bathing as well as money on their food and adequate health care. Therefore, owning dogs or cats is also a time-consuming and costly pleasure. What is more, if pets are owned by irresponsible owners who let them run and roam freely, they will upset the neighbors by their barking, aggression, danger or their waste in backyards.

More awfully, some bad owners throw away their dogs or cats, which causes a great burden to the whole community. In conclusion, owing dogs or cats makes not only good but also bad impacts on both the animals and our daily lives. To my way of thinking, when deciding to have one as your companion, you had better aware of all the ownership’s advantages and disadvantages above, find out about your favorite animal so as to choose the most compatible one with your life. Whether your pet ownership is satisfying or not depends on your awareness and your individual context.