violence and ways of preventing the vice has been a topic of discussion for
long across the globe. The issue involves physically harms, which invokes fear
or prevents somebody else, usually a partner, from doing what they want. This
usually starts when one partner feels that they are dominant over the other and
that they should control the other. Domestic violence does not favour anyone
and it happens even in same-sex couples and while women are the most affected
by this, men are also abused particularly verbally an emotionally. This
research focuses on the causes and approaches which can be used in the
prevention of domestic violence.

violence has been studied by researchers for over thirty years and some of the
experts have viewed domestic violence as a system other than as a result of
individual mental disturbance. Domestic violence as a system occurs at
different levels like individual, family and at the society. Acts of violence
may at some time yield positive results thus encouraging the perpetuation of
violence. The article, Essays on Women Empowerment Focusing on Paid Family
Leave and Domestic Violence, is proof that certain factors play a role in a
person’s mental state. It was proven that rainfall increases a women’s risk
to domestic violence by 4.4% and dowry deaths by 7.8%.

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issues are one of the major factors contributing to violence. Individuals rich
in resources like social, personal and economic issues are less likely to
experience domestic violence. However, people with low income and poor
interpersonal skills often results in domestic violence in order to maintain
dominance in a relationship. Individuals often withhold money in order to
control a person’s behavior and many victims of domestic violence are always
forbidden to go to own their own money. This makes the victims to solely depend
on the working partner thus making leaving impossible. In poor neighborhoods,
there is a likely hood of increased domestic violence since the deprived
economy always results to lack of strong law enforcement, have less police
notification, attention and documentation. Financial domestic abuses have
different signs which include:

·      One
individual controlling all decisions regarding money

·      Withholding
of money by one individual

·      Abuser
restricting access to financial accounts

·      Abuser
maintaining of only being the source of income

·      Stealing
of money or property by one individual

has been a complicated relationship between alcohol or any other substance and
domestic violence. There is a myth that portrays alcohol and substance use as
the major cause of domestic violence but experts and research show that the
proprietors of domestic violence use alcohol as an excuse to be fierce. The
abuser justifies the action of being violent using alcohol. Researchers have
found alcohol and substance abuse to be a factor that accelerates or increases
aggression towards domestic violence. The use of alcohol affects an individual
ability to perceive, integrate and process information thus increasing the risk
of one misinterpreting his/her partner. In some of the research, it has been
found that the use of alcohol increases one’s power and feeling of supremacy
over others and the urge to use this power to feel dominant over a partner
leads to domestic violence. Research shows that there exists a correlation
between different personality traits and the risk of domestic violence. For
instance, there are individuals who think that there is no harm or it is
appropriate to abuse a woman and when they abuse alcohol or any substance, they
increase the risk of becoming more violent. Parents who abuse drugs and are
domestically violent increases the chance that their children will grow
becoming a drug abuser and also be domestically violent. In situations where
substance abuse is used, it is important to hold both people accountable for
their actions if there are children involved. Research from From culture
clash to new possibilities: A harm reduction approach to family violence and
child protection services, the theory, social control, is implied. . This
theory states there needs to be responsibility in holding a person accountable
for having stability in their life or for another person’s life. This works for
both domestic violence victims and children because it is the adults
responsibility to be able to provide for the child if they are not capable of
that then the state has reason to take the child away.

lot of research work has pointed out lack education as one of the major causes
of domestic violence. According to research women with a low level of education
are more likely to face domestic violence than those who are educated. This
means that individuals with low level of education are at a higher risk of
being victims of domestic violence than those who are learned. This, however,
does not mean that those who are educated cannot face domestic violence because
as discussed above domestic violence does not discriminate. Most research has
pointed out that males who are not educated or with low levels of education
than their partners most likely are domestically violent than those who have an
equal level of education. Education is important since it sharpens
communication skills and those people with low levels of education do not
communicate appropriately or effectively thus resulting in disagreements which
leads to violence. The difference in levels of education between couples is
another risk factor related to domestic violence. Since education level is
majorly related to individuals earning ability and status in the community, an
abuser may see his/her partner’s education as a threat and result to violence
in order to be dominant and gain control over the partner. In instances where
one partner tries to pursue a higher level of education the other may feel
threatened and try to stop the partner from gaining that level of education.

Males mostly feel threatened by women with higher levels of education than them
but women do not feel threatened by men having a higher level of education.

the article, A study of the nature and causes of domestic violence among the
attendees of a domestic violence counseling center of a tertiary level hospital
of a city of Central India, research wasa able to prove some of the leading
causes that leads to domestic violence. These include financial issues,
substance abuse, cheating, or other family conflicts. The research also
concluded on how skilled or literate people were and their household income
range. The conclusion to the research is there are 56% victims who suffer from
domestic abuse everyday and there needs to be more focus on getting more
resources available for people. Domestic violence can also be triggered by
infidelity and jealous amongst partners. A jealous partner has mixed feelings
of anger, sadness, suspicion which causes depression which can lead to domestic
violence. Researchers have found out that sexual jealousy and infidelity has
played a major role in domestic violence. Male mostly turn violent to women
whether they` are the ones accused of infidelity or not.  This is so because men have greater strength
than women and they result in violence in order to justify their actions.

Husbands often result in violence when they discover that their partners are
sexually unfaithful. They do so out of frustration so as to try to control the

June 2013, the World health organization (WHO) released a report that 35% of women
in some parts of the world undergo domestic violence. This report shows that
there is a large number women who suffer from partner violence and there is a
need for public intervention in order to stop this violence on women. Both the
community and individuals have a role to play in stopping violence against
children. One of the steps to take includes:


Knowing The Signs Of Violence

and the community should be able to identify the signs of any domestic
violence. These indicators differ and do not necessarily have to be physical
signs since domestic violence does not involve physical attacks only.

Individuals should be in a position to distinguish all forms of abusive
violence which include emotional, verbal or economic abuse. Individuals may
also be suffering in silence and people should be able to understand and notice
these types of signs.


Getting The Community Educated

is one of the most effective ways of eradicating domestic violence.  With the help of women organizations and
local domestic violence shelter, many people can be educated the dangers of
domestic violence. Local arrangements can be made and individuals can organize
town hall meetings, talks in schools and form group sessions that will discuss
this issue of domestic violence.  In
articles such as Domestic and Family Violence, are great resources to use to
better educate a person. With this article its broken down into two different
parts, how does a person understand domestic violence and how are they
suppose deal with domestic violence? It elaborates on the facts and myths of
domestic violence and different resources that are out there to help a person


Having An Organized Community

large numbers when stopping an abuser from the action is safe and mostly the
outcome is successful. The community should have a network of people who helps
victims of domestic violence so has to have a community free of domestic


Use Of Technology To Stop Domestic Violence

are various applications which can be installed on smartphones to help stop
domestic violence. The community support network team can be equipped with a
smartphone whereby the apps of the smartphone can alert the team members when
someone is in danger. Some of the apps include a circle of 6 and IAMDEFENDER.


Stopping Domestic Violence For The Good Of Business

violence costs economies millions of money due to the cost incurred during
medical care and productivity goes low due to unavailability during Medicare.

According to research carried in the U.S about domestic violence, it is
estimated that over 8.3 dollars are lost due to domestic violence. Business
owners and senior members of a company are advised to intervene if they suspect
that any of their employees is undergoing some domestic violence since this
will have a negative effect on one’s company or business.


Ringing The Bell

should learn to take care of their neighbors and whenever a neighbor is
undergoing a domestic violence one should take his/her time to ring the bell
and know what’s happening. One should involve another person whenever the
situation looks more dangerous.


Increasing Funding For Support Services

Family Violence Prevention and Support Act has been supported by the federal
government for the past 30 years. The support services should be supported
financially in order to effectively perform their duty of domestic violence


Helping Women To Be Economically Independent

shows that many women are in an abusive relationship since they have no sources
of income and leaving their husbands is difficult because they will be homeless
with children to take care of. Women should be encouraged to have jobs like
their husbands and courts should make divorce financial distribution much
fairer. In the research article, Role of Appellate Courts in Domestic
Violence Cases and the Prospect of a New Partner Abuse Cause of Action, The
notes. Review Of Litigation, domestic violence victims feel an obligation
to their abuser. With tort actions happening, they can feel like that have
other options. Although a lot of abusive families are of lower income and won’t
have a lot to sue for, it is a step in the right direction. They can feel like
there are other possibilities out there and there are resources that can help


Making Penalties For Domestic Violence Consistent And Firm

order to be successful in eradicating domestic violence, penalties should be
tough and consistent to the offenders. This will send a message to other
abusers and this may help decrease incidents of domestic violence. It is,
however, customary to offer first-time offenders a chance to choose to counsel
and avoiding charges. One of the reasons for this is that the offender may lose
a lot when in jail.


Listen To Empower

of domestic violence always feel isolated and depressed by the actions and when
they reach out to a person in search of help, one should listen to them and
make them feel safe. One should not judge someone’s actions choices and make
the victim believe in you that you can offer help. This intervention can mostly
be successful in personnel such as hairdressers, nurses, HR department and
anyone whose work involves in much talking to clients.


Check In Regularly

someone’s life is in danger or a person is in a likelihood of facing domestic
violence one should call or text that person once or twice daily to make sure
he/she is safe.