Last updated: February 27, 2019
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I was walking down the road hurrying to work the pavement was narrow and coming towards me was a gang of boys blocking the pavement. They were wearing hodies they were big, they didn’t look happy, to me they looked like a gang and I was nervous. I decided that I must keep cool and go about my business, as I approached them they partied to walk around me and I heard one of them say to the others, “but what about English,?? I haven’t finished my coursework yet!! ” They were just year 10 school boys hurrying to class.

They were just kids, but they were pretending to be tuff and frightening and scary, when really they were just worrying about the homework. The East London wannabe gangster look Why do most teenage boys have the trousers on the knees??? Just looks like you came out the toilet and forgot to pull up your trousers, eww. It doesn’t look cool or attractive; it just makes you look like idiots. Also excuses people use as well, not only funny but dumb. “I forgot my belt” well it’s not like I seen you try pulling them up all day, is it?? Also when they might have a belt, “nah I can’t pull it up, gonna get a wedge”.

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How can someone who wears baggy clothes get a wedge? Excuses, why? Also “low bats” on the urban dictionary it says “When a person’s trousers and lowered and fasted around the buttocks or just below them. Usually common in rude boys and people who live in certain areas and estates”. Also most people don’t even know where “low bats” was originated, it was originated from a prison where all black men had their belts taken off them because one black man strangled a white man with his belt, and this caused their trousers to lower as they walked. This was then taken up by people outside.