DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 2018OBB FILEThe mostly awaited mobilegame dream league soccer 2018 has finally been released by First Touch Gamesand its OBB file for android has also been released, DLS 2018 has been wellknown for its features which are very much similar to FIFA sports. If you areplaying the previous versions of the game, then now is the correct time to moveto the latest version of the game and starts enjoying its new features on yourandroid smart phones or tablets. WHY YOU NEED TO ADD AN OBB FILE IN DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 2018 You are now going to downloadthe OBB data file of Dream League Soccer APK v5.04. Dream League Soccer 2018 has justlaunched in the market and with its new features it is much better than everbefore. The DLS 2018 OBB file has been encrypted with latest graphics and mediaso while installing the DLS 18 game on your mobile device make sure to addat-least one OBB file which is essentially needed for DLS version 5.

04 toenrich your experience of a high graphics resolution soccer game.  HOW TO INSTALL DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 2018 MAIN OBB FILE Follow the following given stepscarefully to install dream league soccer 2018 main OBB file:1.      Firstof all you have to download the APK file of DreamLeague Soccer v5.04 and install it on your mobile device.2.

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      Butbefore doing that keep remember that not to run any app or play any game if youhaven’t installed OBB file on your mobile.3.      Nowdownload the main OBB from the given link:Link: ————————————4.      Afterclicking the download link an OBB file named’main.67.com.

firsttouchgames.dls3.obb’ or a zip file named’main.67.


zip’ will starts to download.5.      Butbefore using the file you have to first verify the size and checksum of the zipfile by comparing it with following given information:·        Size Of Zip File: 269.58 MB·        Zip File MD5 Hash: 48FAC63BA5BA9783EDFAC0CCEFEE6FDF·        Zip File SHA-256 hash: ECB62759FE847B66D09413F46E69ADE770F81D0F2014F40E5689C903F928E7666.      Ifa zip file is downloaded then select and use a file manager such as winraror TotalCommander tounzip the folder and extract it in order to get the main OBB file:main.67.

com.firsttouchgames.dls3.obb(285.02 MB)7.

      Afterextraction move or copy “main.67.com.firsttouchgames.dls3.obb” file tothe required SD card location:/SDCARD/Android/obb/com.

firsttouchgames.dls3/In case if you don’t find any suchlocation then you need to create the path yourself manually on your SD card butkeep sure that it must be case sensitive.8.      Makesure that the path format of the OBB file of Dream League Soccer game should belike this:/SDCARD/Android/obb/com.


dls3.obb9.      Nowthe Dream League Soccer 2018 main OBB file is successfully installed on yourdevice.