Drug abuse is a serious problem in the United States. Overusing anything can cause to a quick or slow death. Drugs on the other hand can get you in a lot more trouble when overused. Drugs are very dangerous and should be taken seriously no matter even if you have an illness and you have to use it.Every milligram of cocaine or other drug can become deadly in a matter of seconds. Women also tend to do drugs during  pregnancy .

When a mother uses drugs during pregnancy it can cause the baby to have drug addictions also. Mothers don’t want their one year old baby in rehab. Drug usage is a very serious thing it could cause death and other severe mental and physical problems.When using drugs people are most also not careful with them and he could cause people to have really bad cancer or death even.

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 Life is a thing you should not take advantage of if you take advantage of it why would you even have came into the Earth in the first place people just make drugs and in the first place just to earn money they don’t care about your physical health. Scroll through usually spread by teenagers because they think they’re cool or they get peer-pressured into  drugs. People find teenagers the most careless and coolest people in the world they decide to charge at them and have them use drugs and spread it. Since teenagers are very slow people they don’t think about it first they just do.In the book Forged by Fire we learn that Monique in the beginning of the book is                   painfully addicted to cocaine.

When she does cocaine she gets another state and she tells Gerald not to mess with her when she’s doing the white stuff and that is one of his lessons taught. She could have been a good mother but drugs took over her whole body and she started acting like she needs the more every time she did it. At a point she couldn’t find people to get to drugs so she had to find her closest source and she did whatever she could so get the drugs that she needed.  When going to get the drugs she  she left their Gerald alone at the apartment with the lighter on the table and his imagination was off the wall so he did anything since Gerald already had bad memories with fire he decide to play with it one more time and try to see if the fire Soldier or the dancer would come out.

One of them came out just started playing with the one moment Gerald didn’t even realize he set one of the curtains on fire and then everything went downhill. Next thing was he was at hospital with two nurses that he thought was his mother and what really happened was his mother got arrested for child endangerment and so this should be a lesson to stay off drugs.Forged by Fire is a great example to the kids that are reading it because it shows them and never to do anything stupid in life and make great choices.

Making great to have your child not addicted to drugs at the age of 1 year. Drugs could turn into any disaster you never know what will happen like some celebrities would do crazy stuff and go in jail for it. It’s not too a common for moms to leave their kids home alone to go get drugs and the kids to burn their house but maybe it could happen in the future and you never know how irresponsible parents at a young age are. Forged by fire handled the issue of parents doing drugs really well and teaching them how your life just by getting one pack of drugs could change in a  quick turn.Drugs or something not to mess around with and should not do even if parent even when you’re not  a parent. In over all drugs should be something you should overdose mess around with or not take serious or were you going to end up like Monique in forged by fire.  Life is too short to waste on stupid stuff like drugs and you should just enjoy your time be hard and get a good job.

 Without these things your life would be pretty bad anyways and drugs could ruin that even more by making you homeless and more addicted which should get you into a life of crime. Most people don’t want to Life Of Crime so they think I’m not going to do this but with one friend if it turn all into drugs and next thing you know you could be on the street asking people for a dollar so you can get your next bag of weed. You never know what’s going to happen anyway sometimes people just  lace drugs so it could kill you straight away. Lesson of the day is to stay away from drugs and just don’t think of doing them and say no if you’re ever or peer-pressured.