Last updated: July 31, 2019
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Due to Russia’s
conflict with Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea, the ambience of Europe is
completely changed. Not only has it shown that Europe’s efforts of transparency
have failed but its security system which is considered to be one of the most
stable systems has crashed. Hence, the European Union is focusing on neutralizing
the crisis in Ukraine and ensuring a secure and substantial future for all its

The EU has imposed
multiple sanctions over the past few years. They include restriction of access
to financial markets for Russian enterprises, ban on exports to Russia of
designated high technology oil exploration and production equipment, ban on
exports to Russia of designated military and dual use goods. The EU has
prolonged its trade sanctions until 2018 which bans all imports from Crimea and
exports to the peninsula that relate to transport and restricts access to
international money markets along with asset freezes and travel banks of
unnamed Russians. The European Union strongly condemns Russia’s violation of
Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Possible solutions for
the crisis are:

Ukraine must be willing to enter into
economic alliance with EU and Russia in an unbiased manner and preventing

Creating a platform for the youth of the
populations of the European nations to discuss their idea regarding the issue.
Such meetings must be held regularly to promote a understanding among the
people which is necessary for the safe future of the EU.

Upon convention of
states invovled and with the lead of OCSE, unauthorized armed groups should be



role of the European Union is to actively engage in supporting and assisting in
this substantial reform effort. The end goal is for Ukraine to come out of
the current crisis as a showcase of successful reforms which will benefit the
people and change their lives for the better.