From my simple analysis I can sum that Dunkin Donuts is lack of customer’s interest right now, because we don’t do many creative innovation. If only we be creative with creating new style, flavour of their donuts, their sales might increase, because I see that DD style is all the same, that is round, and it’s topping is ceres, whether it’s black, or colorful it doesn’t change. Indonesian people sometimes only look the outside (packaging), so we have to be creative even more, like making a gingerbread style donut when it’s near christmas, or even make a heart shaped donut near a valentine’s day event.As for the flavor, they have to do STEEPLE analysis, especially in social and cultural.

Back then, we could outstand in Indonesian people’s tongue, because they have never tasted this kind of thing before. But now, Indonesian culture has changed. Our culture is contaminated by western culture, whereas western culture prefer soft, creamy, and moisty one rather than big, chunky, but a little bit hard. Or we can regain ex-customers interest by making their donut looks like batik, which is indonesia’s most prized possession.For now I see that our donut parlor’s lighting is not so bright. This may look to some of the customers that our place is not a great place to hang out and talk, and it could even seems like our parlor is a very dull place. Changing the lighting and the design would boosts up sales.

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For example, we could make our design more comfortable by changing the sofa, and make our place even more ‘homey’, so people will feel like home, and they will stay more longer. Or we could even make one or two private room available for those who need it.And on that room, we offer full service, from serving our products, and customers can even change music on their own based on their taste. Every donut or bakery nowadays allowed an open concept, which is customer can look how the product is made and they could also see that the kitchen is clean.

With an open concept like that, customer will believe that the product that the store is selling is fresh and clean as well. So I think we need to apply this concept to our parlor as well. Because freshness plays an important role in customer’s mind.A ‘fresh from the oven’ donut will smell more attractive even to those who just pass by our parlor. Customers could become consumers if they think the price that was given is reasonable, so decide a price that suits the customers, by deciding which is the target market. Now, out price is quite the same with our competitor, but the quality of the product is not satisfying.

That is also one of the problem that made us lose customers. People can always say, “If there’s another donut parlor that serve higher quality than DD, and it costs the same, why should I buy the same price but lower quality? ”.