Last updated: May 11, 2019
Topic: ArtDesign
Sample donated:

I will examine why people leave DD and love J. CO even more, and suggest some possible solutions. There are many reasons why DD looks so unfamiliar these days. Firstly, people see less DD and more J. CO in public. Some says that DD donuts is way too sweet. Others say that J. CO have soft donuts which are so yummy. But this is not the end of DD world. I have 4 new things to do for DD. There are Breakfast to Go, Drive Thru, DD on the move and low fat donuts To begin with, breakfast is the need of everyone. Donut is a simple thing and easy way for breakfast.

We can take this opportunity and start serving breakfast. The name of this program is Breakfast to Go. Our outlet will open at 7 o’clock in the morning everyday. Our target are students and workers who don’t have enough time to make their own breakfast at home. So I think Breakfast to Go can get people attention. The second program is Drive Thru service. People today are clearly more mobile than in the past, with drive thru service from DD they still can buy and enjoy donuts in their hectic hours. The next innovation is my favorite one.

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I am about to name it DD on The move. The idea of this program is selling donuts in car. We can easily move from one place to another place. Set the car in attractive color, unique design and build a character through this. We put a big donuts on the top of the car so that people can notice that is a Dunkin Donuts. DD on the move will be at Music concerts, exhibitions, schools, circus, basketball competition and some other places where a lot of people are there. This innovation can have various advantages. It is like two point in one step.

We are not only selling donuts but also advertise DD since the giant donuts can be seen by a big numbers of people. In addition, donut is well known as sugary and fatty food. It may increase the risk of diabetics. Making a low fat and less sugar donuts is not impossible. We can focus on customers who are on diet. This low fat donuts can be eaten by old people (50+) too. In conclusion, although DD is almost beaten by J. CO, I strongly believe that this 4 new things can lead DD to the success, and take back the crown.