Last updated: July 16, 2019
Topic: Family
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During the weeks of having the stocks showed how one has to choose wisely on what they invest their money on. If you chose the wrong stock there is a huge change of money loss unless you get a really good stock that has profit that covers. Your portfolio values depends on how much you’re your stocks are increasing or decreasing. I chose the stocks that I own by things or places I go or use the most, yet only one was a suggestion by another which was Macy’s. Netflix is used by everyone in my family but mostly by my dad. Majority of people used netflix mofe than other sites if they have access to credit or debit cards. JcPenney a place I go to when there are discounts/ deals,  but recently they announced that they were closing a lot of stores which makes the stocks go down. Nike shoes are one of the most common shoes there are like  converse or vans. Google has been used by more of the population for any search options and now more for making document, powerpoints, etc.. Microsoft on the other hand is still being used but not as much as it used to. Most people who do not have access to internet use microsoft and wait until they have internet to send whatever they need out if needed to. Yet there is still a matter of preference of either one.  I’ve used apple products most of my life and only one in my family to use apple.  Around sixty percent of people own iphones making only forty percent owning androids. Walmart is one of the most popular that stores having about ninety-five of people shop for groceries, clothes, house appliances, etc.. The stocks that I own range form two and seventy-five shares. Apple at $154.20 for five shares. Google at $956.62 for only two shares. JcPenney at $3.31 for twenty-five shares. Macy’s at $20.84 for seventy-five shares. Microsoft at $75.28 for twenty-five shares. Netflix at $181.58 for ten shares. Nike at $51.59 for five shares. Walmart at $75.51 for twenty shares. Purchasing stocks is not the only way saving for retirement because you never know the outcomes. In the beginning can seem good at first, but later it can crash losing all you had. Knowing what I know now I would not have stocked on Macy’s because there was more loss than profit. Macys being unsuccessful would be risking any savings I would have.