IntroductionE-commerce means carry oning concern online. Selling goods. in the traditional sense.

is possible to make electronically because of certain package plans that run the chief maps of an e-commerce Web site. including merchandise show. on-line ordination. and inventory direction.

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The package resides on a commercialism waiter and works in concurrence with on-line payment systems to treat payments. Since these waiters and informations lines make up the anchor of the Internet. in a wide sense. e-commerce means making concern over interrelated webs.

Here are a few illustrations of e-commerce:accepting recognition cards for commercial online gross revenuesbring forthing online advertisement grosstrading stock in an on-line securities firm historydriving information through a company via its intranetdriving fabrication and distribution through a value concatenation with spouses on an extranet merchandising to consumers on a pay-per-download footing. through a Web site Globalization of production and increasing competition spurs greater concern usage of advanced information systems. As globalisation extends its range over metropoliss and parts. the places of those topographic points within the emerging planetary paradigms of regional economic systems is altering. Merely those parts and metropoliss that can mobilise assets for local advantage would win.

E-commerce is a firing issue of today because the planetary concern is traveling towards a practical concern universe. Everything is done here virtually.

The dealing is done within seconds non being present physically. Peoples now want hassle-free shopping. They are apathetic to travel to the market for buying the goods or taking the services. All they want one halt service.

All these things can be done merely with the aid of e-commerce. So. the range for the execution of e-commerce is of all time on the addition in Bangladesh.The chief aim of fixing this paper is to place the feasibleness of the execution of e-commerce in Bangladesh and the challenges behind it.Description:The feasibleness analysis of the execution of e-commerce in Bangladesh is a affair of elaborate anatomy. If we want the existent scenario sing the issue. at first. we will hold to travel for the analysis of both of the sides- statements for and statements against in item.

Here. we would wish to do a comparative account of the feasibleness to implement e-commerce in Bangladesh.
Arguments For:There are several statements for the feasibleness of the execution of e-commerce in Bangladesh.

These are mentioned below:
Cost effectual:E-commerce is the procedure of purchasing and merchandising of goods or services over the cyberspace. If any organisation can one time portrait the e-commerce based website so it has to pass the care cost merely. So. it can be executable to implement e-commerce in Bangladesh.
Technical know-how:Today some establishments are advancing e-commerce in Bangladesh.

There are some private or public establishments supplying the web site development classs and some of these establishments are advancing the e-commerce based web site with particular importance. So. it can be possible to implement e-commerce in Bangladesh.
Infra-structure:E-commerce needs a particular infra-structure to be implemented or practiced. As we are traveling towards the planetary market sharing it can be possible to implement e-commerce if we restructure or modify our bing organisational construction.
M-commerce facets:There is adequate potency for our m-commerce sector to be developed.

Particularly. 3rd Generation web is coming within this November. So. if we can guarantee the French telephones with specification of GSM 2000+ Bandwidth so we can decidedly believe of the feasibleness of e-commerce in Bangladesh every bit good.

Reducing digital divide spread:The mass people are presently sing an acute digital divide spread. If we can guarantee the digital Bangladesh through cut downing this spread we can decidedly be after for the execution of e-commerce in our state.
Reduced pricing:As the e-commerce involves internet selling.

the physical selling cost is reduced well. So. the marketer can supply the goods and services at a minimal monetary value. So. the feasibleness of implementing the e-commerce pattern in Bangladesh is rather executable.
Comprehensive instruction system:The instruction system in our state is on a altering tendency now the clip being.

Both the populace and private universities are now enlisting the class related to the e-commerce sector. So. after some yearss we can implement e-commerce in Bangladesh every bit good.
Conveyance installations:Though we have crisis in the conveyance sector. the sector is extremely a possible 1. The present govt.

of Bangladesh is be aftering for some undertakings for the development of conveyance sector. If it happens. the physical bringing of the goods and services will go easier harmonizing to the anterior order via cyberspace.

So. in that sense. the execution of e-commerce can be considered executable in Bangladesh.

Increasing market topographic point:The engagement of the mass people in the modern comfortss is bit by bit increasing. As a consequence. the market topographic point for the e-commerce based organisation is of all time on the addition. In the fortunes. the execution of e-commerce is rather executable.
Easier dealing procedure:The people ever want simplified life style. E-commerce can do it go on. So.

the execution of e-commerce will be encouraged by most of thepeople. In that sense. the deduction of e-commerce in Bangladesh will be encouraged.

Modern payment systems:In twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life we come across some modern payment systems like different types of cards. It is a positive mark for the execution of e-commerce in Bangladesh. So. this is high clip we planned for e-commerce execution.
Less complexness of cyber jurisprudence:The cyber jurisprudence involves relatively less complexness in Bangladesh.

So. there is severally less deductions sing jurisprudence commissariats to implement e-commerce in Bangladesh.
New entrepreneurship:In present times. it is observed that the per centum of the new instigators is of all time on the addition. As the e-commerce execution demands high enterprises. it is executable to implement the e-commerce in Bangladesh.

Increasing figure of users:The figure of internet user is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. So. there is adequate range for the execution of e-commerce in Bangladesh.
Arguments Against:There are several statements against the feasibleness of the execution of e-commerce in Bangladesh. These are mentioned below:
Cost orientation:The execution of e-commerce is cost oriented to some extent. The e-commerce demands for the high engagement of technological infra-structure. If an organisation wants to implement e-commerce in the operational Fieldss.

it has to develop or modify the overall infra-structure holding an alliance with technological usage. In the context of Bangladesh the execution of e-commerce is about following to impossible as the organisations are non financially that much dissolver.
Lack of proficient know-how:The e-commerce involves a high volume of technological usage in the operational Fieldss. The care of the e-commerce systems is besides the affair of high technological know-how oriented forces engagement. But there is an inaccessibility of such forces supply in Bangladesh. As it is non still a portion of our traditional educational system. it will take a long clip to bring such rational forces.

Poor Infra-structure:If we try to implement the e-commerce in the every domain of our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. at first. we will hold to develop the overall infra-structure of the state.

guarantee the instruction in the fullest sense. Other than the execution of the e-commerce is non possible in Bangladesh.
Lack of trust:In instance of e-commerce. the payment of the goods is paid through recognition card figure or bank history figure at first. Then the marketer ensures the bringing of the goods or services to the purchaser. But as per the context of Bangladesh. the purchaser can barely hold the full religion on such types of progress payment system. So.

this is besides a restraint for e-commerce execution in Bangladesh.
Communication job:The e-commerce depends on the communicating procedure to some extent. But the communicating system of Bangladesh is non that much advanced as the substructure of the communicating system is ill furnished. If a purchaser purchases the merchandises and delaies for the physical bringing of that merchandise it is influenced by the communicating system. So. before implementing the e-commerce in Bangladesh.

at first. we will hold to concentrate on the development of the communicating system.
Digital divide spread:Bangladesh is a underdeveloped state.

In this state the mass people have small entree to the technological instruments instead than the poornessstricken jobs. Some people here are utilizing the modern comfortss. But the bulk can non hold the minimal demands. As a consequence.

the physical divide is of all time on the rise.

Traditional instruction system:Our instruction system is still traditional. Here the facets of e-commerce are barely encouraged. The pupils of our state can hardly research on it. So. the enlargement or execution of e-commerce seems to be impractical.
Insufficient conveyance installations:E-commerce commercialism involves the physical conveyance while guaranting the physical bringing of the merchandise. The conveyance installation in our state is still traditional and underdeveloped to some extent.

So. we can non believe of the execution of e-commerce in our state to the day of the month.
Digital goods V. Physical goods:E-commerce is executable for the purchasing and merchandising of digital goods merely. The characteristics of the digital goods can be displayed in the e-commerce based web sites.

There is less option to prove the physical goods before buying but in instance of physical goods and the perishable goods. there is tonss of range for mismatch of the existent goods and the goods displayed in the web sites. So. the execution of the e-commerce in our state wholly depends on the trust of our people.
Tax:The execution of e-commerce is encouraged in the facet of Bangladesh but the govt. will be the ultimate repentant of the issue because the procedure of purchasing and merchandising of goods via cyberspace involves tonss of range for revenue enhancement flight. If e-commerce is implemented in Bangladesh the jurisprudence sing the issue is to be introduced first which is non possible over dark. The govt.

sector needs besides to affect those forces who have that much proficient know-how to minimise the flights.
Limited market topographic point:There is a really few people who have the entree to the modern engineerings and comfortss. They can barely utilize cyberspace often.

Most of the people. here. can seldom utilize cyberspace and e-commerce based web sites. So. the e-commerce sector has limited market topographic point.

If e-commerce is implemented in Bangladesh. the restrictions will be much more than the competitory advantages.
Delivery after verification of payment:E-commerce emphasizes on the paid bringing.

But in Bangladesh we people are non accustomed to this system. We want the merchandises or goods to be delivered before the payment and the colony. As a consequence. the psychological science of our people does non back up e-commerce system to some extent. We know the tradition of a state can non easy be transformed nightlong. So. it is non executable to implement e-commerce in a 3rd universe state like Bangladesh.
Traditional payment systems:The payment system in our state is still traditional.

The usage of debit card or recognition card or visa card is still comparatively low. In fact. most of the people do non even understand the functionality of these payment methods. In this state of affairs. the execution of e-commerce is non merely impractical but besides doing a palace in the air.

M-commerce restrictions:E-commerce is dependent on m-commerce to some extent. We can non believe of e-commerce without efficient m-commerce. But m-commerce is still non that much developed in our state. If we try to implement e-commerce in Bangladesh. at first.

we will hold to travel for big screen Mobile based m-commerce. Large screen based m-commerce can back up e-commerce as the e-commerce based web sites are of high declaration. But most of us can non afford such type of big screen Mobile like I-phone of Apple or HTC bing about 40000 taka. So. it is non executable to believe of implementing e-commerce in Bangladeshi position.

Limited execution of cyber jurisprudence:In Bangladesh. there are jurisprudence sing the cyber offense but it is non sufficient to protect the cyber offense. Even. the commissariats nowadays.

are non exhaustively enforced. But the e-commerce system involves practical minutess in assorted stages. These minutess involve high hacking hazards every bit good.

If we think about the execution of e-commerce before presenting the proper commissariats and without implementing those commissariats. it will non be that much fruitful. The parties associated with it will be in pecuniary hazards and most of them will non acquire encouraged to travel for e-commerce.

Lack of entrepreneurship:As the e-commerce patterns is of really recent times. the sector demands for new entrepreneurship. But there is no such encouraging establishment in Bangladesh that can take the new coevals or new entrepreneurship to take enterprise to process on this sector.
Limited figure of users:The e-commerce depends largely on the proactive interaction of the purchaser and the marketer of the goods or services over the cyberspace. But the figure of internet user is still comparatively low in our state.

So. there is a inquiry grade to the feasibleness of implementing e-commerce in Bangladesh.
Decision:The authorities can originate pilot undertakings and plans for capability-building. preparation and e-commerce support services. such as Web design. In general.

authorities enterprises should be in line with current attempts in the foregoing countries of concern. Coordination with development cooperation bureaus is of import to avoid any duplicate of enterprises and attempts. But there are several grounds that can dispute the feasibleness of the e-commerce execution in Bangladesh. The challenges would truly be difficult nut to check.
The End