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Earth is being harmed by human activity. Humans already made the Earth being damaged and it is because of their ain activity. In this essay I will depict how people can damaged the Earth in more specific like in environment jobs. Worlds are responsible for taking what they believe is theirs and happening ways to destruct it. Human activity is a behaviour or the manner that people making in this environment in a good or bad ways. There are two subjects of my essay that will back up my sentiment to hold with the subject which is Earth is being harmed by human activity.

There are pollution. and inordinate logging. These three subjects will incorporate specific illustration which are will connected with the human activity. “Pollution is the debut of a contamination into the environment” ( 2013 ) . It is created largely by human actions. but can besides be a consequence of natural catastrophe. Pollutions have a immense consequence on any living being in an environment. doing it virtually impossible to prolong life. There are so many human activities that by chance or non already made the Earth became damaged. And one of them is pollution. pollution is one of the large job that we face now.

There are three pollutions such as. air pollution. H2O pollution. and land pollution. Air pollution became the most celebrated issue in the universe right now. “Air pollution is the accretion of risky substance into the ambiance that danger human life and other life matter” ( 2013 ) . The simple illustration from human activity that by chance we made or non of air pollution are when we drive auto and the auto will let go of the emanation. One more is tobacco fume. believe it or non tobacco users have a large function in air pollution.

It contains the most unsafe component of air pollution for wellness. Fact of coffin nails “Cigarette smoke produces 10 times more air pollutions than Diesel auto exhaust” ( 2004 ) . Surely all of these jobs started from human activity and do a large impact for all human being in the universe. The other illustrations once more from air pollution are acerb rains. aerosol sprays. fabricating edifice. pigment exhausts. etc. The 2nd is H2O pollution. “ Water pollution is the debut of chemical. biological and physical affair into big organic structures of H2O that degrade the quality of life ” ( 2004 ) .

A few facts of H2O pollution are “Over 73 different sorts of pesticides have been found in the groundwater that we finally use to drink” ( 2004 ) . And in my sentiment. this issue is really clear to depict how large damaged that our Earth got from human activity. We can’t blasted anybody in this instance but at least we should recognize and seek to believe how to respond and make after we know about this 1. One simple illustration from me are seeking to utilize non-toxic stuff and avoid utilizing pesticides that can run off into H2O systems.

And the last 1 is land pollution. which is possibly we don’t notice at all but have the large impact on us. One fact from land pollution is “We throw off plenty trash every twenty-four hours to make full 63. 000 refuse trucks” ( 2004 ) . If we realize earlier that how large impact that have we done in this Earth possibly we can manage this one and make up one’s mind a solution to salvage our Earth from our activity. The 2nd subject is inordinate logging. Nowadays many people ne’er think before they want to cut down the trees. They merely cut the trees without believing how large affect that will they acquire after they cut the trees to excessive or over.

Some people merely think in an economical thought like they will cut about all of trees and non believing how many trees they still maintain for the hereafter. Actually that is truly truly a bad thought. we should believe in an environmental manner as good. We can’t live the life in the hereafter if we don’t think about it from now. “Excessive logging is one of the large issues that we should believe after pollution” ( 1991 ) . Actually we merely necessitate a good paradigm to believe about this job and how can we work out this job. One of many illustration that we can larn from this instance is try to restrict the demand and supply.

Possibly it will hold another reaction in the economic. but we should believe in environment manner as good. For illustration. some company should restrict their logging and possibly increase the cost of the wood so it will diminish the demand supply wood from the consumer. In my sentiment this job will do a complicated state of affairs which is will do another job but so far if we can manage it together and believe about this one slowly. for certain we can work out this one clearly. And in the decision. The Earth is being harmed or damaged by human activity is truly right for me. Many illustrations that I told and spread in this essay.

From the pollutions which is include Air pollution. H2O pollution. and land pollution. Three of them have their ain impact in this universe. For illustration air pollution release a bad consequence from car emanation. H2O pollution came from many pesticide and rubbish that everyone throw to the river or sea and made the sea became soiled and polluted. And land pollution besides came from rubbish that we throw on the land and made our land contaminated and can’t cut down or recycle the things once more. moreover land pollution became the first impact that we got because we stay on the land.

And really we should work out this job foremost before we solve the others. And because all of these pollutions came from human activity we should contend and happen the solution earlier excessively late. Excessive logging besides have a large function beside the pollutions. possibly trees still turning but we ne’er think that human activity is excessively expose the resources and ne’er think what will go on in the hereafter if we are to expose or inordinate logging. Because we made the jobs first and decidedly we should happen the solution for our best hereafter. “Human activity should be cut down. and limit the demand to do environment sustainably” ( 2002 ) .