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An earthquake is caused by a sudden slip on a fault. Tectonic plates are always slowly moving, but they get stuck at their edges due to friction. When the stress on the edge overcomes the friction, there is an earthquake that releases energy in waves that travel through the earth’s crust and cause the shaking that is felt. On Tuesday February 22, 2011 an earthquake with a magnitude of 6. 3 struck Christchurch, New Zealand which is the largest city in the country. As a result of this earthquake the death toll was extremely high.

A total of 148 people were killed during the incident. The youngest person was a 5 month old baby. Not only was the earthquake tragic for all of the families that reside in Christchurch, but it’s also going to be extremely expensive. The estimated economic cost is near $15 billion. I chose to talk about this topic because I heard a lot about it on the news when it happened. I wanted to learn more about it so I decided to research it a bit. It is devastating to know that in an instant your whole life can be turned upside down and you can lose your home and loved ones.

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I remember hearing about an earthquake that happened about a year ago that and some of the buildings were inspected to see if they were sturdy enough or needed to be knocked down. Some of those buildings came down in this earthquake. I believe better inspections need to be taken to prevent deaths in situations like this. Also other precautions need to be made to ensure that the people are safe the next time an earthquake hits.

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