As Eckels. the chief character in Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder. ” handed the cheque for 10 thousand dollars to the adult male behind the desk at Time Safari. Inc.

. he likely thought he was doing a determination that would alter everyone’s life everlastingly. Had he considered that. he might hold taken the man’s off when he said. “Your personal check’s still at that place. Tear it u” and ne’er have gone on the dinosaur campaign. Choosing to pay for and travel on a clip travel runing campaign was merely the beginning of Eckels errors.

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Ray Bradbury nowadayss Eckels as a nervous. immature. irresponsible adult male. whose errors in character cost everyone in a heartfelt way.Eckels begins his series of errors by being mentally unprepared. “Eckels swayed on the cushioned place. his face picket.

his jaw stiff. He felt the shaking in his arm and he looked down and found his custodies tight on the new rifle” . Bradbury continues t show Eckels’s defect by composing. “can these guns get a dinosaur cold? Eckels felt his oral cavity saying” .

if Eckels is rocking. melting colour. stiffening jaw. trembling. unwittingly keeping a rifle.

and experiencing his oral cavity speech production. he can non be prepared. A adult male paying 1000s of dollars to a clip travel organisation so that he can hit a dinosaur should non be so dying. A prepared adult male would sit confidently in his cushioned place.

thought of all of the possibilities. He would cognize how the animate being would look. how it would travel. where he would hit. and what his backup programs would be. Few. if any.

scenarios would non be played out in his caput as he made certain his gun was ready and he discussed the putting to death with the others whose advice he desired and respected since they were seasoned in this country. Mentally prepared to run a two thousand lb monster. non a nervous wreck. is what Eckels should hold been.Since Eckels was really a nervous wreck. it makes sense that he would besides be immature. After Travis and Lesperance.

Time Safari. inc. employees.

pass much clip explicating the possible Domino consequence of killing merely one mouse. stressing how of import it is to remain on the way. and depicting the procedure of taking an animate being for the Hunt. Eckels responds with infantile wonder about the result of the Hunt. “ but if you came back this forenoon in clip. said Eckels thirstily. you must hold bumped into us.

our campaign! How did it turn out? Was it successful? Did all of us get through alive? ” . If Eckels were a existent grownup. he would hold responded to the information and waies.

non inquired about the result of the Hunt. He should be doing certain he cognize what the way looks like and where it is. understanding wholly that if he steps away. he could circumstantially impact the hereafter. A mature grownup would inquire inquiries that clarified inquiries and outlooks while the child-like Eckels wants to cognize the hereafter similar to a kid desiring to be told the stoping of a film instead than watching to happen out.Not merely do kids no T like to wait. they.

like Eckels. do non like to take duty for their actions. Eckels was the 1 who decided to travel on this campaign so he should hold been ready and responsible for his behaviour. He does non desire to hit the Tyrannosaurs because he is to afraid. which makes him run off the way as he hurries back to the machine without fuss to be careful. Since he is non careful.

the dinosaur sees him. and even though they all wanted to avoid the Hunt. they had to kill the dinosaur now out of ego defence.

Eckels is responsible for this all. but does he take duty? No. alternatively of accepting that he is the cause of possible jobs. he offers. “I’ll wage anything. A 100 thousand dollars! ” still non allowing the problem he might hold sauced sink into his caput. he sardonically mouths off to Travis.

“just ran off the way. that’s all. a small clay on my shoes-what do you desire me to do-get down and pray? ” and “I’m inexperienced person. I’ve done nothing” alternatively of moving like a grandiloquent dork.

Eckels should hold taken duty for his actions by acknowledging to himself and the others that he made awful errors that might alter the hereafter.Careless. juvenile. and unqualified. Eckels errors in character lead to his death and irreversible alterations in the hereafter.

A individual chooses who he or she is. Eckels should hold chosen to be responsible. mature. and prepared. If Eckels were all of these things. he might non hold even made his first error. When he was given the chance to rend up his cheque. he could hold done that and avoided what we assume to be his slaying by Travis.

“He did non travel. Eyes shut. he waited. chill.

He heard Travis breathe loud in the room ; he heard Travis switch his rifle. snap the safety gimmick. sand raise the arm.

There was a sound of thunder” alternatively of the narrative stoping with Eckels sitting still. shuting his eyes. waiting. chill.

and deceasing. Eckels could hold walked out of Time Safari. Inc. with 10 thousand dollars still in his pocket in a thriving United States democracy.