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Economic Agricultural Statistics Essay, Research Paper

Essay # 1: Agricultural Historical Statistics of the US

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When seeking to come up with a good estimation for points such as entire figure of farms, mean value of land per acre, and entire farm population, the US Bureau of the Census had a instead backbreaking undertaking of specifying what is meant by the word? farm. ?

The Census Bureau outlined the definition of a farm but that figure varied from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. Most late though a farm was found to be any topographic point of less than 10 estates that had estimated gross revenues of agricultural merchandises of at least $ 250 per twelvemonth. Topographic points of 10 or more estates were considered farms every bit long as they sold agricultural merchandises accumulating $ 50 or more. To me this is non an accurate measuring because they were under the premise that families who owned land and sold goods were to be labeled as farms. In all actuality though an aged twosome with an acre of land and a healthy garden could sell adequate veggies at their church sale to be counted as husbandmans and proprietors of a farm. This is evidently non the instance. I do believe that it is necessary to compromise slightly on the definition O

f a husbandman but still the individual defined as a husbandman should hold his/her farm history for at least x % , possibly 40 % , of entire income. This would be a more accurate step of a typical husbandman and non merely a individual who on occasion sells maize or strawberries.

Other premises that the Census Bureau must hold made were that the husbandmans would reply candidly to their inquiries and that they had an accurate history of their current stock list including neonates and exact land area refering grazing land versus cropland merely to call a few. Few husbandmans know precisely how many estates of beans they have planted or how many sheep they have until it is clip to immunize or sell off some of their heard. A general estimation would likely be easier for them to give and accordingly that is what the agency received.

By the steps that the Census Bureau used they had to hold compromised on the existent value of a typical farm. This is because by their definition a billionaire with 5 estates of land who? s married woman sells 50 roses every twelvemonth for $ 20 each would number as a husbandman. His 5 estates and his $ 25,000,000 place would besides number as a farm edifices which would is non truly the instance.