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The movie “Cinderella Man” is a story about a man who has retired from boxing due to an injury in the ring.  He had the opportunity of having a string of jobs during the fall of the economic depression with the hopes to support his wife and three children.  Despite the holding different jobs, Jim Braddock also known as Cinderella Man, did not let go of his hopes of boxing again.

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Fate has opened the door, when a boxing match was cancelled, it was Braddock’s opportunity to fulfill his dream.  He then found himself match after match until the day that he had to face the World Champion Boxer, Max Baer, who was known to have killed two boxes in the ring while in a match.


Effect of Economic Depression in Cinderella Man


There were three points to identify the economic depression in the late 1920’s and 1930’s.  First, was the number of the employment rate was at 100,000.  Second, it showed labor men fighting for a chance to get work for that day. And Third, The wife caught one of their children stealing from the butcher.  During these times, no matter how hard up Jim Braddock was financially or emotionally, having to see his children experience the hard times, he held his head high and taught his children good values.  He also told his children never to steal no matter how poor they were.  He was a responsible husband and provider, making these traits his purpose to strive harder.

The economic effect on Jim Braddock made him a stronger and a more determined man.  The desire to give a better life and future for his family fueled his drive to box again.  Although he has injured himself in the past and was discouraged by his wife, that did not stop him from doing what he thought could be best for his family.  Because of the economic hardship, and the chance to box again gave Braddock the courage and will to fight, not only inside the ring but in life as well.

Jim Braddock’s come back to the ring was a great inspiration to many people.  He became a legendary when he after many fights, faced and fought Max Baer, World Champion Boxer who already killed two boxers inside the ring while in a boxing match.  Braddock won and earned the World Champion Boxer Title on Jun 13, 1935.  His love and devotion to his wife and children was the flame that kept him alive in the ring.




When the dark years of the great depression during the time of Cinderella Man, many have discouraged Braddock into fighting again.  Though he thought of boxing as a profession and the money would make a big difference in not only his life, but for his whole family, his success and achievement has affected everyone’s lives.  Sending a message to people and influencing them never to lose hope and always keep fighting.  He has lost before, but he stood up and redeemed himself. Braddock received the “nickname” “Cinderella Man” when he took up the challenge of fighting against Max Baer, who has killed two challengers in the ring.













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