The touristry industry is considered one of the universe largest, fastest turning industries on the planetary graduated table ( Russo and Borg, 2002, Chen and Zan, 2009 ) . It is an industry, which is the most of import export industry compared to others. It is of huge dimensions and does back up societal developments and economic growing ( Acharya, n.

d. ) .Different tourers have different involvements and different traffics with the finish and its resource. The features of visitants are besides different, such as the lengths of stay, the degree of their satisfaction and their psychographic characteristic such as age, sex, income profile, motive, outlooks, background and behavior ( Wall and Mathieson, 2006 ) .There are some extremely developed states that rely on the accretion of their societal and economic public assistance on net incomes from touristry entirely ( Mirbabayez and Shagazatova, n.d. ) .

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Subsequently, these may convey about positive and negative societal and economic impacts to a state. In this survey, the writer will be analyzing the different impacts, the societal and economic impacts of touristry on Hong Kong.Some of the possible factors on the positive effects of touristry would be labour force supplanting, where there is an addition of employment chance, more occupations created, for states migration to tourism part. It can besides ensue in a higher criterion of life, improved planning, policy devising for occupation creative activity and human resource direction as portion of touristry development. Having these positive effects, these will in bend bring negative effects such as splits in integrity among bing and new occupants and besides holding an addition in revenue enhancement and rising prices.Sing the sense of topographic point, there are some positive alterations, such as exciting local tradition and civilization, animating the local apprehension and involvement in history and civilization, besides holding a sense of pride in local heritage ( Acharya, n.d. ) .

The economic impacts can be split into two distinguishable types: direct impacts and indirect impacts. Direct impacts can be measured by the touristry outgo of the state, in the instance of Hong Kong, it occurs within the primary touristry sector, such as housing, transit and amusement Parkss. Indirect impacts will be those generated from economic activity of subsequent outgo.

Tourism ‘s economic impact provides a better apprehension of the function and importance of touristry in a part ‘s economic system ( Stynes, n.d. ) .

Therefore, it is an of import factor in doing selling and direction determinations.The touristry industry is a major support pillar of the Hong Kong economic system. It contributed a sum of 3.4 % to Hong Kong ‘s GDP in 2009.

The authorities continues to develop a broad scope of diversified tourer attractive forces through the old ages to heighten Hong Kong as a first category tourer finish. Some of the attractive forces consist of The Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland and Ngong Ping 360 ( Tourism Commission, 2010 ) . Having these attractive forces, it will assist to hike Hong Kong economic system and aid construct upon their repute.In the first half of 2009, visitant reachings to Hong Kong suffered from a 3.

4 % bead, may due to the planetary economic downswing and human swine grippe ( H1N1 ) . The tabular array below shows Hong Kong ‘s touristry public presentation in 2009 compared to 2008.




Entire Visitor Arrivals29,590,654 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting+0.3 %- Overnight visitants16,926,067 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting-2.3 %- Same-day visitants12,664,587 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting+3.9 %Average length of stay of nightlong visitants3.2 darks-0.1 darksOvernight visitant per capita disbursementHK $ 5,770+6.

1 %Outgo associated with inward touristryHK $ 162.9 billion+3.2 %Average hotel tenancy rate78 %-7 % pointsAverage achieved hotel room rateHK $ 1,023-16.3 %Table 1.1 Hong Kong ‘s touristry public presentation in 2009 compared to 2008Beginning: Hong Kong Tourism BoardMainland Chinese tourers continued being the largest visitant group with 17.96 million reachings, with that 59 % or 10.59 million visitants came to Hong Kong under the Individual Visit Scheme ( Tourism Commission, 2010 ) . The strategy allows easier entree for mainland Chinese visitants to Hong Kong unlike the yesteryear.


To analyze the societal and economic impacts of touristry in Hong Kong


To reexamine literature on the general societal and economic impact of touristry ;To compare and contrast the literature on the societal and economic impacts of touristry in Hong KongTo propose recommendations to tourism industry and future research


This survey will be based on secondary literature. Beginnings are being obtained through largely from recent academic research documents which are taken through relevant academic web sites, such as Emerald, ESBCO, Science Direct, policy paperss, consultancy studies, newspaper articles and text editions which are related to societal and economic impacts of touristry in general. With the aid of past research documents, we can understand the usage of different touristry theoretical accounts, for illustration Butler ‘s theoretical account and Doxey ‘s Irridex,As the survey is based on Hong Kong touristry, research will be based on the statistics and information provided by Hong Kong Tourism Board ( HKTB ) and Tourist Commission of Hong Kong, as they have the most recent figures for mention.