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Economic Indexs Essay, Research Paper

Economicss Assignment

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Section A

Question 1

I ) THE AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR & # 8211 ; It is an economic index because the value of the Australian dollar determines how it is executing on a planetary footing. Most currencies around the universe are floated ; many fiscal administrations ( eg RBA ) have foreign exchange operations and trade ( buy/sell ) currencies. These administrations trade currencies to do a net income. So by and large a states profile ( how it is executing on an economic footing ) is determined on foreign exchange agents who buy and sell currencies. This is because by buying/selling a states currency, it can add/delete force per unit area on aggregative demand and aggregative supply on a states currency. This in consequence, will find the exchange rate, the monetary value can either increase/decrease. The AUD chiefly effects the value on imports and exports.

two ) My advice would be given the current state of affairs of the low value of the $ AUD, I would in my sentiment attempt to increase the value of the dollar back to a more competitory degree against other foreign currencies ( eg $ US ) . This is because it will pull more currency investors to put in the AUD. For this to happen the RBA must acquire into the market and start to purchase the $ AUD which hopefully will convey the value of the dollar up, since it will make a domino consequence of other investors buying the AUD, therefore ensuing in an addition in demand.

Another method that could be used to increase the AUD is to increase involvement rates. This is because international involvement rates eg US involvement rates remain 0.25 per cent higher than the local rate of 6.25 per cent, doing Australian assets less attractive. By increasing involvement rates, it will pull abroad investors, as they will acquire a greater return in money invested. The job by increasing involvement rates is that it will decelerate down domestic markets.

Another alternate method would be to merely to wait and see. By waiting, theoretically the dollar will finally increase in value. This is because as the dollar is plunging and going more cheap for the abroad market. This will pull investors to take a hazard and purchase $ AUD, This in theory will do a planetary tendency and should through the monetary value mechanism ( demand/supply ) , the value of the dollar should increase.

I ) INFLATION Inflation is used to mensurate the addition in the monetary value of merchandises. Inflation is an of import index because it affects the domestic market. It affects the buying power of income earned eg if person who had $ 10 and spent $ 5 on a cupcake everyday. And for case one twenty-four hours the monetary value of the cupcake went from $ 5 to $ 6, the individual so has to pay more money. This will increase the individual s degree of disbursement and diminish their degree of disposable income. So therefore rising prices will cut down the buying power of money.

two ) My advice given the current economic state of affairs is to seek to diminish rising prices. Inflation is caused by factors such as degrees of aggregative demand. So by increasing involvement rates, this in consequence will diminish the degree of demand, and should in theory cut down the degree of rising prices. The job with increasing involvement rates is that it will hold more than one consequence on the economic system. For case, by increasing ( I ) , we should in theory see an addition in nest eggs ( as people get a greater return ) and a lessening in investings ( it now costs more to borrow ) , from this we will likely see a lag in domestic markets. Besides there is a benefit by increasing ( I ) for the Australian economic system on a more planetary footing, it will pull more foreign investors to put in the Australian economic system, this in consequence should raise the value of the low $ AUD.

I ) Trade Trade is an of import economic index because it deals with the degree of imports and exports. This balance of imports and exports ( balance of trade ) can consequence domestic markets. For illustration, exports have grown approximately 30 % since last twelvemonth, so it is sing roar conditions. With the Olympic games it as helped Australia hold its first excess in three old ages. The games boosted exports by $ 1.4 billion, forcing the trade balance of a $ 677 million excess compared with a shortage of $ 1.3 billion in August. The low value of the AUD besides affected the addition in exports, as importers see the advantages by importing from Australia. This indicates that Australian economic growing is being boosted by export growing. This is because exports contribute to growing in GDP.

two ) Australia has had trade shortages in the past 3 old ages so its trade sectors aren t making to good in this sector. This is because the balance of trade is imports are greater than exports. I predict that Australia will be exporting more in the coming months than recorded in the old months because of the low Australian dollar, this is because importers from abroad will see that goods from Australia will go cheaper due to the autumn in the AUD. Even with the autumn in the AUD, I believe we will still be seeing trade shortages in the approaching months, but we should be seeing this shortage decreasing as the degree of exports is increasing and degree of imports is diminishing. Degree of Imports will diminish because it is now more expensive to import goods from abroad markets.

2. By analyzing the scope of indexs it shows that the current province of the Australian economic system is turning strongly. By supervising the AUD it shows that the falling dollar has increased exports by about 30 % . Australia is on an export bonanza. It is believed that Export volumes will turn by 9 per cent. The industries that will profit from this include excavation, basic metal makers, the tourer industry, agribusiness and nutrient fabrication and other machinery makers.

Since exports are an injection into the economic system, this in theory is lending to the strong economi

hundred growing. But besides at the same clip domestic demand will decelerate down. This is because consumer disbursement is decelerating in response to higher involvement rates, rising prices, gasoline and import monetary values. Private demand decelerating down can do a lessening in lodging and concern building, which reduces employment chances. Merely strong authorities disbursement will forestall the growing of domestic demand falling. They can halt domestic demand from falling by acquiring into the market by supplying better substructure eg constructing new main roads, new infirmaries. This will supply more employment chances and should ensue in an addition in domestic demand ( people now have more disposable income ) .

Section B

Article 1

RBA Engineers Surge In Dollar

I ) This article is about the Reserve Banks attempts seeking to step into the foreign exchange market to force the Australian dollar s value on the foreign exchange. This article is really important because the value of the AUD allows Australia to set up its place on a planetary footing.

It is non known how much local currency the RBA purchased but it is estimated at around $ 700 million. At around 4.30 PM the dollar surged from US51.91c to a high of US53.40c. The RBA s scheme was to purchase the Australian currency to increase demand, and in consequence addition the value of the Australian dollar. The RBA s scheme failed as the dollar finished locally at US52.93c.

two ) Theory suggests that if the Australian dollar continues to topple, it will hold many effects on the Australian economic system. The value of the Australian dollar chiefly effects imports and exports ( trade ) . With exports, the deprecating dollar has increased exports. This is because, for illustration:

Lashkar-e-taibas assume the $ AUD1 = $ US0.50, The Australian exporter exports 1000 confect bars. For each $ AUD1 given, the exchange rate instantly above the US importer merely has to pay $ US500 which converts to $ AUD1000. The US importer sees the advantages by importing from Australia ; this will make a concatenation reaction of more US importers importing from Australia. Hence the deprecating Australian dollar has increased exports.

If exports continue to increase due to the low AUD, so it will increase Gross Domestic Production ( economic growing ) . This is because entire demand ( aggregative demand ) has increased due to the addition in exports and since demand additions, supply would besides hold to increase to run into up with demand, therefore we would see an addition in the entire production in Australia.

Economic growing in theory will so increase the productiveness capacity of Australia, thereby leting more wants to be satisfied. A turning economic system additions employment chances, and increases concern invention. All these factors put together shows clear mark that Australia is Weaving up. We must retrieve though, this is all in theory. No 1 knows for certain if this will go on.

Article 2

Mitsubishi blames low $ A for loss Nov 14

I ) This article is about multi national company Mitsubishi Motors Australia, the article inside informations how Mitsubishi could confront a loss of about $ 105 million this calendar twelvemonth because of exchange rate jobs despite bettering domestic gross revenues. Mitsubishi Have been having less net incomes due to altering the local currency from $ AUD to YEN. The expected loss has caused guess about the hereafter of Mitsubishi & # 8217 ; s Adelaide auto workss, its now caused studies that the auto shaper & # 8217 ; s Nipponese parent is sing drawing out of Australia. This article is really important because Mitsubishi workss straight employ about 3,100 workers, if the works was to shut it will raise the unemployment rate, The losingss they ve suffered are improbable to animate Mitsubishi from Japan to put more into Australia, which could ensue in an economic downswing.

two ) Theory suggests that if Mitsubishi was to shut down their Adelaide works it will do a alteration in economic conditions. This is because by shuting down the Adelaide works you are in consequence straight plundering workers. This will so do a Domino consequence of other employees indirectly acquiring sacked. For Example by shuting down the Adelaide works you are acquiring rid of your relationship with your providers eg Tyres, engines etc. The providers will so plunder their employees because the productiveness needed has now decreased. This Domino consequence should increase the degree of unemployment and besides diminish the degree of GDP. With an addition in unemployment we should see a lessening in aggregative demand because people now have less disposable income. If people are so passing less, this means there is less capital natation around the economic system, concerns might acquire forced to take down their monetary values due to the autumn in demand, which will take down their net incomes and less likely to animate concerns to put more. Businesss might even see plundering their employees and diminish their productiveness due to the lessening in demand. Thus we should see a lessening in GDP, and in consequence lag domestic markets.

The importance of a higher economic growing rate is indispensable to better the basic life of the population and supply a greater assortment of picks. Basic benefits of a higher economic growing rate may include better wellness attention and a better substructure. This is why something must be done to get the better of the decelerating down of domestic markets. It is in my sentiment of utmost importance that the Mitsubishi works in Adelaide stay up and running to avoid the lag of domestic markets, for this to go on the authorities must step in into the market and seek to maintain the Adelaide works from closing down. They can make this by puting in the concern, lessening revenue enhancement taken from the concern and they can seek to raise the value of the $ AUD as this is the chief job doing Mitsubishi to lose net incomes. Possibly by making this, the Adelaide works might stay unfastened.