We live in a universe that throughout the old ages has overcome many obstructions related to the relationship between states and their ain well- being, making as a consequence tighter bonds and the passage from independent states to interdependent states that work together for a better quality of life and for the fulfilment of their specific involvements.

When mentioning to the economic and commercial prosperity, the strengthening of international dealingss, the presence in the international community and the illustrations being set by developed states for their degree of regional economic integrating, the European Union is the clearest illustration of the highest accomplishment is these affairs. In the official web page of the European Union this is quoted: “ Peace, prosperity and freedom for its 498 million citizens – in a fairer, safer universe. ” With this brief definition of what the chief aim of the EU is, where does the European Union stand on economic integrating as a theoretical account? Why is economic integrating so of import for the universe? What is the EU ‘s major impact on international dealingss and economic integrating that serve as lessons for other states? These inquiries will be answered or analyzed more thoroughly demoing the importance of the European Union as a function theoretical account of regional economic integrating and international dealingss for the universe.The European Union is an economic and political fusion between 27 democratic European member provinces. Its economic integrating was based chiefly on political aims to forestall any confrontations or struggle after World War II, when Restoration was necessary after all the bloodshed, pandemonium, uncertainness and economic battle brought by the war. The EU has overcome the three initial degrees of integrating that are Free Trade Area, Customs Union and Common Market. It has advanced now to the degree of Economic Integration and as a consequence has accomplished “ Frontier-free travel and trade, the euro ( the individual European currency ) , safer nutrient and a greener environment, better life criterions in poorer parts, joint action on offense and panic, cheaper phone calls, 1000000s of chances to analyze abroad aˆ¦ and much more ” ( EUROPA, 2010 ) . It is easy to conceive of how two states, like Colombia and the United States, could hold great cooperation between them in order to make common commercial and populating standard benefits with a great degree of support, because of the globalized universe and diplomatic dealingss that have brought them together.

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But consider twenty- seven states, with twenty- seven linguistic communications, civilizations, geographical features, authoritiess, inclinations, histories, and diverse features coming together and sharing so many things as an integrated group, how can this non be an illustration to be followed by other states around the universe? In an interview made to Charles A. Kupchan[ 1 ], Senior Fellow for Europe Studies, at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs on April 8th, 2010, he was asked: “ To what extent do you believe the European Union is a theoretical account for how enemies become friends and to what extent is it so wholly alone that it can non function as a theoretical account? ” he suggests that the European Union is where it is today thanks to “ Economicss in the surface of geopolitics ” . With this one time once more the EU is seen as a postwar response that after it created good political relationships with the other states led for economic integrating to “ make its ain logic ” as stated by Kupchan in his reply. This can function as an illustration of one of the lessons that the European Union leaves the remainder of the universe, that as Kupchan ‘s book is called: “ How Enemies Become Friends: The Beginnings of Stable Peace ” ( Princeton University Press, 2010 ) with a spot more of cooperation and the usage of Diplomacy, any group of states in Latin America or the remainder of the universe can hold greater benefits as those received by the members of the European Union, work outing their differences and incorporating economically.“ The current European theoretical account of economic integrating, through three indispensable constituents: the political committedness, the legal and institutional system, and the set of common actions and policies in favour of integrating ” .

( Rueda-Junquera, 2006 ) The importance of economic integrating is defined in footings of these three chief constituents. The first, political committedness can be seen as one of the hardest conditions that have to be fulfilled in order for the economic integrating theory to convey benefits to a state or a group of states. Although it is hard to accomplish, sometimes it can even be harder to prolong this committedness over clip with so many internal and external factors that can come into the international view. The 2nd component mentioned by Rueda-Junquera is the legal and institutional system. This means that although the attack of integrating is economic, there has to be a jurisprudence system looking over its procedure. Rueda-Junquera defines the “ Community Law ” that is characterized by its primacy, intending that it is applied before any local or regional jurisprudence of the member provinces, and its direct pertinence. Finally, the 3rd constituent is the set of common actions and policies in favour of integrating.

This shows how integrating has been shifted into the economic aims of the states. These three elements, along with cooperation in the international community, determine the importance of economic integrating, as they link advancement, economic growing, and general public assistance as the motor for the fulfilment of established ends by the different communities of the universe.There are some features about the European Union that are good known by people around the universe.

For illustration, that its 27 members portion a common currency called the Euro ( a‚¬ ) , that if you plan to go to any of its member provinces and you are coming from Colombia, for illustration, you need a Schengen visa in order to acquire in, that your passport gets stamped one time in the state where you enter de European Union and there is free motion of people between member provinces, amongst others. But what is the EU ‘s major impact on international dealingss and economic integrating that serve as lessons for other states? We are told that “ The success of the European Union ( EU ) in making a comparatively high degree of integrating among its constitutional member provinces over a fifty-year period has made it an attractive theoretical account for regional integrating attempts elsewhere in the universe. ” ( Kirchner, 2006 ) It is certain that the EU has become a theoretical account for states that are merely get downing their integrating procedures and that stand in the first or 2nd degree of regional integrating. It serves as a motivational figure for states looking frontward to holding such a degree of sustainability and development, demoing that although many old ages can go through with many obstructions and crisis to face, it is possible to ever travel Forth.Besides, “ Flows of Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) have besides been induced by the integrating policies of the EU ” ( Mc Donald. Vertova. Garcia ; 2000 ) This shows that holding such stableness thanks to the economic integrating policies makes a state more attractive to foreign investors.

How many states wish they had a higher FDI in order to hold economic and industrial development? Some states have many natural resources, like the Colombian instance, but no engineering and cognition to work them. This needs FDI to cover those demands. The EU shows how this is possible with a good degree of economic integrating. Another lesson relates to “ economic integrating leads to important resettlement of production activities ” . ( Mc Donald et al.

2000 ) , this shows states that sometimes production factors are more efficient if relocated, if you are working with another state it is easier to turn up the factors of both parties harmonizing to what is best. There is another lesson related to what was merely mentioned, which is that the European Union has achieved many good and positive things as one block, but as a block of states that work as a squad to increase their benefits as a whole. “ Regional economic integrating provides inducements for houses to follow schemes that promote betterments in fight ” .

( Mc Donald et al. 2000 ) Here is where multinational histrions ‘ importance is reflected, as Multinational Companies ( TNC ‘s ) expression for chances in the international market, economic integrating in the EU is an illustration of good working house dealingss.Some other lessons that are left by the European Union is that for illustration with the 2009 economic crisis born in the United States, many economic systems around the universe where affected in footings of trade, as the income of the people and their buying power dropped significantly, and hence there was no money for trade. In the instance of the European Union, “ A is a comparatively closed economic system, with extra-regional trade accounting for a little proportion of gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) , which suggests that the crisis was transmitted from the US to Europe chiefly through fiscal, non merchandise, channels. ” ( Ariff, M. 2009 ) Therefore, the crisis could hold had worse effects for Europe, but its economic integrating degree made it strong plenty to non be affected by it in such a rough manner. “ .

. this multi- degree industrial dealingss system reflects a history of informal and gradual development every bit good as calculated institution- edifice ” . ( Marginson, P. Sisson, P. 2003 ) with this a lesson of forbearance can be considered. Some states want and look for speedy consequences on their economic integrating procedures, but as each state has its ain involvements and policies, economic integrating escalation takes clip.

Just look how long it has taken Colombia and the US to subscribe a FTA. The European Union has grown in its integrating in a measure by measure manner, and although it takes clip to be every bit high on the degrees of economic integrating, is a long term investing that brings really large and positive benefits.Finally, it can be concluded that the European Union has clearly set a theoretical account and illustration to be followed by developing states that are merely get downing their regional economic integrating with some neighboring or distant states. It has showed the importance of economic integrating as it combines many elements for the well- being of the peoples and has proven that cooperation is wholly necessary to carry through integrating ends.

Many lessons have been left by the European Union for other states and although some troubles may show themselves along the manner, like the struggle between presidents in the instance of Colombia and Venezuela, it is clear that a well- rooted integrating system, an established presence in the international system, determination devising based on honestness, legality and cooperation, and positive international dealingss lead to the accomplishment of a sustainable and carry throughing regional economic integrating.“ Though amply diverse, EU states are united in their committedness to peace, democracy, the regulation of jurisprudence and regard for human rights. They seek to continue these values in Europe and beyond, to construct and portion prosperity, and to exercise their corporate influence by moving together on the universe phase. ”( EUROPA, 2010 )