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Economic Structure Of The Mafia Essay, Research Paper

The Mafia is viewed by many people as a clump of mobsters like those that they might see on films such as Goodfellas, The Godfather, or Donnie Brascoe. In all actuality the Mafia represents much more than that, it is an entity within itself. The original Sicilian Mafia was merely a group of households commanding certain districts in which they each laid claim to. These households were headed by a dominant male and were normally in competition with other households. The members of these households would prosecute into assorted & # 8220 ; illegal and legal concerns with each other and foreigners & # 8221 ; ( Fiorienti and Peltzman 38 ) . In the debut to The Economicss of Organized Crime, Fiorentini and Peltzman claim that between the old ages of 1860and possibly runing all the manner to 1957, the & # 8220 ; Mafia was non a rank organisation but a natural branch of civilization, political relations and jurisprudence enforcement & # 8221 ; ( Peltzman 38 ) .

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Many have tried to extinguish the Mafia from its & # 8220 ; control & # 8221 ; of the underworld and its chokehold on politicians and authorities. Under the fascist motion in the late 20 s and 30 s of Cesare Mori, Mori tried to extinguish the Mafia in any manner in which he could. This effort at riddance was rather unsuccessful since the Mafia s base was so far runing. & # 8220 ; & # 8221 ; Arlachhi ( 1986 44-5 ) concluded in 1983 & # 8220 ; there does non be a centralised felon organized called the Mafia The cosca mafiosa is a simple being but a solid one, without formalism or bureaucratism. Within it are neither statutory regulations, induction rites nor tribunals of judgement & # 8221 ; ” ( Fiorienti and Peltzman 38 ) . This is in contrast as to what others recognize as organized offense. In direct retrospect to his earlier Hagiographas, Arlacchi claims that, through interviews with Mafia members, there is a more formal organisation within the Mafia and that the Mafia does hold inductions.

The United States Mafia decidedly was different than the Sicilian Mafia when seeking to generalise them. The American Mafia consisted of merely around 24 households whereas the Sicilian Mafia consisted of 100s of households. These households were much larger than their Sicilian opposite numbers and that the households were most decidedly organized and formal. & # 8221 ; A elaborate case-study of one of these households and its legal and illegal activities as of 1970 ( Anderson, 1979 ) found that the Mafia household itself was non a house ; instead, its members entered into assorted concerns on their ain history & # 8221 ; ( Fiorentini and Peltzman 39 ) .

The European Mafia was founded on a sense of trueness and regard for civilization, household and the Sicilian heritage. The Mafia was in being in order to protect its member involvements and allow them freedom in concern in exchange for absolute trueness and entry to the household as a whole. The Sicilian Mafia based their being upon their strong beliefs that justness and award are for oneself to take attention of non for the authorities to command. Antithetical to this award that is represented by the European Mafia, the American Mafia consists of more cold-hearted stealers and felons. Although they based their organisational beginning around the theoretical account of the Sicilian Mafia, their existent actions do non co-occur with the Sicilians. It seems as though the American Mafia sole intent is to do money by whatever agencies possible.

When get downing to analyse the Mafia from and economic point of view one can see that the Mafia came into existent as about a capitalistic opposite number to what the authorities and society were supplying.

The Mafia members see themselves as alternate suppliers of public services. Robert Claiborne provinces in H

is book Climate, Man and History ( 266-7 ) that “ ( T ) he differentiation between robber and bull, between extortion and revenue enhancement, has been blurred at many times in human history. A quotation mark from the economic experts sums up the Mafia from an economic point of view

Palermo s head prosecuting officer, Giancarlo Caselli, describes the Mafia as a province within the province, with its ain district, population and Torahs The Mafia s finding to set up itself as a province within the province is what makes it alone says Roberto Scapinato, one of 13 prosecuting officers committed full-time to Mafia questions. And the would be province non merely imposes its ain laws-at gunpoint-but levies its ain revenue enhancements ( 21-2 ) .

Herchel I Grossman in The Economicss of Organized Crime analyzes the Mafia from this same economic point of view as an alternate supplier. He claims that the Mafia is non merely seeking to stand for themselves as an alternate supplier but to supply competition to the province on the & # 8220 ; allotment of resources and distribution of income & # 8221 ; ( Fiorentini and Peltzmam 154 ) . The Mafia s competition with the province supports monetary values good, because every bit long as the province s resources are a feasible trade good for a consumer, he Mafia s competition with the province increases the proviso of public services that are available and increases the income of whoever the consumer chooses to be his & # 8220 ; representative manufacturer & # 8221 ; ( Fiorentini and Peltzman 154 ) ._

Some bookmans of The Mafia see it to non merely be an underworld authorities so-to-say, but a concern endeavor. Ralph Salermo, a former constabulary officer Ho published a survey of organized offense in the late 1960 s stated that the Mafia was & # 8220 ; extremely organized & # 8221 ; and he besides went on to state that the Mafia modeled a & # 8220 ; condemnable alliance whose construction parallels that of a major corporation & # 8221 ; ( Salermo and Tompkins 85 ) . This thought that the Mafia is modeled after a corporation is based on many different facets that involve the Mafia s internal construction. & # 8220 ; First it assumes that the Mafia is like a corporation in that all its activities are planned and coordinated from a individual power centre & # 8221 ; ( Clark 1986 ) . The & # 8220 ; ( B ) oss preside ( s ) over and organisation characterized by staff and line places devoted to a rational hunt for net income. The Boss, so, was approximately like the CEO of a concern corporation & # 8221 ; ( Rush 53 ) . This is what makes up modern corporations. The determinations that are made by certain companies come from the hierarchy of the company. It is this manner in the Mafia every bit good harmonizing to Cressy: & # 8220 ; ( vitamin D ) esicion devising ( in the Mafia ) is concentrated at the top of the hierarchy a low-status member is expected to give up his ain will and authorization to the authorization of his higher-ups ( and ) topographic point ( himself ) about wholly at the disposal of the swayers to be used as the latter see fit & # 8221 ; ( Cressey 125 ) . Cressey besides delves further into the affair claiming that merely as every little facet of a large concern is coordinated with other little facets, the same holds true for the Mafia ( Rush 77 ) . Advocates of the corporate theoretical account of the Mafia besides claim that merely as their are divisions of labour in any bureaucratic corporation, their is besides & # 8220 ; a high grade of functional specialisation and division of labour & # 8221 ; ( Parsons 330 ) in the Mafia.

This position though might be somewhat wrong. Ex-members of the Mafia claim that they had to do their populating the manner in which they wanted to. One writer even quotes a newly-made Mafia member as stating that after he was initiated, older members would invariably inquire him if he wanted to fall in in burglaries and armed robberies and it was O.K. that he declined. His lone responsibilities were to be loyal and to convey money into the household in whatever manner he could.