The principle of the Convergence aim is to advance growth-enhancing conditions and factors taking to existent convergence for the least developed Member States and parts. The chief aim of convergence policy is to cut down the spread among the parts and do a competitory Europe. The fight of the EU economic system and hence its capacity for accomplishing and prolonging acceptable consequence of growing depend progressively on the cognition how of the labour force. A cardinal portion of the Lisbon scheme is, consequently, to increase the instruction degrees of people of working age and to do life-long larning a world.

Theoretical position

The theory of regional economic base has been bobbing about in the literature, implicitly and explicitly, for same clip. Its latest visual aspect comes as an explanatory factor in regional economic growing. To depict the regional economic growing Richard Florida made “ The Creative Class ” where he illustrated how the rise of originative category accelerates regional economic growing.

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He defined originative category is “ made up of workers that parts are most in demand of to advance growing in the cognition economic system ” whose chief economic map is to make new thoughts, new engineering and originative content. The originative category are occupational instead than educational, who did non complete university and creative persons, who have no formal preparation. He argued that the increased mobility of people, goods and information has besides transformed the mode in which parts compete for endowment and houses. Where parts one time competed locally, frequently on the footing of propinquity to natural resources to pull concern technological promotions that have facilitated the motion of cognition, people and goods have fostered an progressively unstable planetary market for houses to turn up within. He farther argued that a combination of basic services, comfortss, establishments and societal attitudes may lure and further a gifted labour force and promote originative development supplying part a greater chances for economic success. Florida said two types of comfortss natural comfortss and concrete comfortss that attract the originative human capital. Natural comfortss are the preexisting environmental characteristic that can be changed but really seldom created. On the other manus concrete comfortss are unnaturally produced.

The chief advocate of the originative category theory argued that people expect to hold a quality footing services that is really of import to pulling high human capital and their households. That means people are attracted to locations that are safe, have quality lodging, quality school and vicinity ‘s physical beauty along with high quality Parkss and unfastened infinites. He besides argues that natural resources attract the skilled human capital.Another bookman Edward Glaeser describes the regional economic growing like Florida he besides said about human capital but he illustrates it different from Florida ‘s construct of human capital.

To depict regional economic growing he represented “ Skilled Cities Theory ” . In contrast with the demand for ‘technology, endowment and tolerance ‘ , Glaeser ( 2003 ) argues that growing is driven by an accretion of high human capital people in high value-added industries. He notes that for more in high value-added industries. He notes that for more than a century, metropoliss with more educated citizens have grown faster than similar metropoliss with lower instruction degrees in the U.S. and Great Britain.

Advocates of the skilled metropoliss argument suggest that other variables have little in hence on the impact of accomplishments for regional growing and that human capital is about wholly statistically independent of most local comfortss. in contrast with originative category theory, Glaeser ( 2003 ) indicates that accomplishments predict productiveness growing, but non an addition in agreeableness degrees.Glaeser and company recognize that a warm, dry clime has been a strong index of population growing over the past half century in the United States, but they suggest that this growing is n’t demonstrative of similar additions in human capital in the same parts. Furthermore, they find that metropoliss with more skilled workers have higher incomes and greater income growing and that skilled people tend to collocate, making positive outwardnesss ( Glaeser & A ; Gottlieb, 2008,49 )Finally, advocates of skills-driven growing find that accomplishments are of greatest importance in metropoliss that are faced with the menace of diminution and suggest that this may ensue from the demand for such metropoliss to reinvent themselves in the face of economic turbulence ( Glaeser & A ; Saiz, 2003, 5 ) .

The presence of skilled labour and the houses that they work for can take to a turning concentration of endowment, and can increase the likeliness of new houses developing or relocating at that place ( Malmberg & A ; Power, 2005 ) . Locating proximately to other houses in the same field creates a figure of positive outwardnesss and besides enables greater.Inter-firm mobility, a important factor in spreading thoughts and something that can assist increase a part ‘s competiveness within several industries, supplying continued economic stimulation ( Malmberg & A ; Power, 2005 ) . Further, Glaeser and Gottlieb ( 2008 ) have argued that by bettering the quality of the public instruction system, skilled people with immature households will be more likely to turn up at that place. This in bend provides a part with a demographic that is less likely to relocate, a factor that helps advance stableness in a skilled labour market

General Description of the part

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland is the most northern portion of the United Kingdom.

An environment of alone quality forms the background to one of the last un-spoilt countries of Europe. The rich civilization and heritage of the country provides a base for modern industries and touristry, while traditional industries such as agribusiness and fishing continue to back up rural employment.The Highlands & A ; Islands country is peculiarly challenged by the alone combination of peripherality, insulation, low population denseness, a widely dispersed endeavor base and low GDP. In peculiar, the two phenomena which well influence the designation of precedences and allotment of resources for this Programme have been low GDP and comparatively low value added by the endeavor sector, contrasting with the near-full employment of the part.The entire country of The Highlands and Islands is merely over 39,050 square kilometres and a seashore line of over 9,000 kilometres. Land in the E of the Highlands and several Islands such as Orkney, Jura and Bute are agriculturally productive. In the Centre of the Highlands and in many locations on the West, the land rises to mountains over 1,000 metres and is characterized by broken rocky, heather Moors.

On the West seashore, many sea lochs provide locations for the country ‘s turning fish agriculture industry, inshore fishing and countries for yachts to research.Highlands and Islands is one of the most sparsely populated parts of the European Union. There are 400,000 populations of the countries. The denseness of population is 9 individuals per square kilometre that is lower comparing with an EU norm of 116 per square kilometre. Furthermore, to a really low population denseness, 30 per cent of the population of the Highlands and Islands live on more than 90 inhabited islands. There are more than 40,000 people live in the Inverness, and it is the largest colony with more than Fort William, situated at the pes of Ben Nevis being the 2nd largest colony. The interior Moray Firth ( Nairn, Inverness, Dingwall, Alness and Invergordon ) contains about 70,000 people, or about 20 per cent of the Highlands and Islands population. With such a spread population, 61 per cent of Highlands and Islands occupants live in rural countries or colonies of fewer than 5,000 people.

The population growing increased in Highlandss and islands between 2001and 2005 of 1.7 % that is the above the population growing of Scotland.6 % . The population growing is a turning point of this country which was the challenge of the country.

The part covers half of the Scots land mass, including over 90 inhabited islands, but is home to less than 9 % of the population, doing it amongst the most distant and sparsely populated parts in Europe. Out migration of school departers to go to higher instruction establishment in the cardinal belt and beyond is a considerable restraint on the parts long-run economical potency. This issue compound the substructure, failing of the region`s alone conveyance web which includes serving the diverse islands grouping, has the UKA?s merely intra original and a route web of which merely around 20km is classed a double carriageway.The economic base of the Highlands and Islands is characterized by the go oning importance of primary industries, chiefly are agribusiness, forestry and fishing. The cragged lands of the part and the short growth season impose troubles for agribusiness and economic activity. With the exclusion of agriculturally productive land in the E and on some islands, about all of the Highlands and Islands country is classed by the European Union as a less-favored country for agribusiness.

Remote rural countries and islands in peculiar are extremely dependent on agribusiness and piscaries. The fabrication sector is diverse and is typified by SMEs and micro-enterprises. Over two tierces of employment is characterized by the importance of touristry and public disposal.The unemployment rate of the Highlandss and the islands was 2.5 % in January 2007 ( Beginning: Census consequences from GROS and ONS.

Original 1991 information alterations. ) , this rate besides varies from season to season rise in the summer and diminution in the winter. The chief cause of the up and down is the touristry based employment.The Highlandss and Islands qualifies for phasing out or A?statistical effectA? support under the convergence aims during the 2007-2013 programme period as it has a GDP per capita above 75 % ( 79 % ) of the EU 25 but below 75 % ( 71 % ) of the EU 15 norm.

To stand for the two policies at first I will discourse on the footing of “ Creative category Theory ” of Richard Florida and so “ The Skilled Cities Theory ” of Edward Glaeser.

First scheme

The population of the Highlands and Islands is diminishing bit by bit.

It differs from topographic point to topographic point, the more delicate mainland countries and the islands losing more population. The population of the Highlands & A ; Islands country is somewhat older than the Scots norm, with a tendency towards an ageing population. The per centum of the population aged 44 old ages or less has decreased in the Highlands & A ; Islands from 61.7 % in 1991 to 56 % in 2001. The per centum of the population aged 65 old ages or older in the Highlands & A ; Islands has increased somewhat, from 15.

9 % in 1991 to 17.2 % in 2001. The form of demographic alteration across the Highlands & A ; Islands, coupled with a tendency towards an ageing population, is conveying fresh challenges to the country. Emigration is an of import restraint on economic growing ; people aged 18-30 old ages are migrating every twenty-four hours. The Highlands & A ; Islands besides has a higher proportion ( 21 % ) of its population aged between 50 and 65 in 2004 compared to the Scotland of 18 % . More over the high rate of employment spread between work forces and adult females increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.For the development of the part confronting the job of the out migration we can implement some steps that will salvage the part from out migration.

Peoples of the part Highlandss and islands particularly migrate to other part for better employment chances and to accomplish high educational preparation. Harmonizing to the article 25 of the structural fund ordinance bettering the attraction of the parts by bettering handiness, guaranting a equal quality and degree of services, and continuing their envier promoting invention, entrepreneurship and the growing of the cognition economic system by research and invention capacities, including new information and communicating engineerings can assist the development of the part ‘s growing. Richard Florida said about comfortss of the part that attract human capital, the skilled labor force which accelerate the part ‘s economic growing. Dada shown that the people live in the Highlands and islands are more between the aged 65 old ages or older that means the natural comfortss attract the people. For the development of the concrete comfortss we have to develop small-scale substructure undertakings that will supply enterprise-related installations and preparation and e-skills centres. Increasing the fight by giving focal point on a figure of cardinal sectors, including renewable energy, nutrient and drink, forestry, life scientific disciplines and new engineerings in the atomic decommissioning sector the part may increase economic growing.

Renewable energy, conveyance and telecoms are subjects that will besides give support for the concrete comfortss. If we develop concrete comfortss that will pull the high skilled human capital and the part will develop economically. Inward migration to the part from the remainder of Scotland shows that on norm, some 4,393 people moved each twelvemonth ( 2002-04 ) from the remainder of Scotland to the part each twelvemonth. Some 65 % of these in-migrants were below 35 old ages and were most likely to be university departers returning to the country to take up their first occupation and immature households looking for a better quality of life.

Migration from England and Wales shows that the part remains attractive to the older classs aged 65 old ages ahead. This has future resource deductions on the demand for service proviso for the aged.If we implement this attack for the development of the part Highlandss and islands, the part will develop and economically growing, but there is job of implementing the policy if a big figure of skilled labors force come from the exterior of the part the local labor remain unemployment and the tendency to out migration will non be stopped. As we see that there was a important alteration in state of beginning over the 2001-05 periods with abroad migrators from the EU, Australasia and the Americas being replaced by migrators from the accession provinces ( viz. Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Estonia and Slovenia ) . There were 335 inward migrators from the accession provinces in 2003/04 ( 45 % of the one-year sum ) and 955 in 2004/05 ( 58 % ) .

Poland is the chief state of beginning, with some 68 % of the entire immigration from accession provinces. As a consequence of the in-migration the local people losing their occupations and low paid labor is increasing.

Second scheme

Historically, the Highlands & A ; Islands suffered from deficiency of entree to instruction and preparation at all degrees, peculiarly in the more distant and island communities.

This meant immature people frequently had to go forth the part, peculiarly for higher instruction, and many did non return. Businesss and research capacity were besides affected by the deficiency of a university based in the part, with communities besides being affected by really limited go oning professional development proviso. At the start of the Programme, the Highlands & A ; Islands, an country larger than Belgium, still does non hold a university based in the part and until 2001, did non hold its ain higher instruction establishment – until late.The Highlands & A ; Islands have been confronting high unemployment rates, doing high degrees of unemployment and economic inaction of the population resulted low economic growing. The chief causes of high unemployment in the part Highlands and Islands are Low accomplishments or makings, deficiency of assurance and work experience are personal barriers common to many of the workless client groups, Lack of entree to local instruction and preparation chances, due to geographical location.

Another of import cause of low economic growing of the part is the immature people as a workless group non in employment, instruction or preparation ( or NEET ) . Census data nowadays that 11 % of the Highlands & A ; Islands 16-19 twelvemonth old population autumn within the NEET group, around 2,250 people. More over this rate varies from part to part within the Highlandss and islands. In relation to third instruction 20 % of the Highlands & A ; Islands 15-plus population have ISCED degrees 5-6 makings ( tantamount to third instruction ) .Harmonizing to Edward Glaeser the more skilled workers have higher income and grater income growing and skilled people tend to collocate, originative positive externalize. He particularly emphasised on the educated skilled labor which he called human capital.

On the footing of the theory of the skilled metropoliss the cognition, accomplishments, competences and other properties acquired through acquisition, contribute to economic activity. Roll uping cognition and accomplishments enables persons to better their place in the labor market, increases productiveness and net incomes, and jointly enhances the society in which they live.By bettering the capacity of the “ UHI Millennium Institute ” the lone developing institute of the part to present womb-to-tomb acquisition and preparation to the part will cut down the limited engagement in womb-to-tomb acquisition and preparation. By womb-to-tomb larning it is possible to Increase the scope of quality instruction and preparation proviso available and engagement rates.

The presence of skilled labour and the houses that they work for can take to a turning concentration of endowment and can increase the likeliness of new houses developing or relocating at that place. Locating proximately to other houses in the same field creates a figure of positive outwardnesss and besides enables greater inter-firm mobility, a important factor in spreading thoughts and something that can assist increase a part ‘s competiveness within several industries, supplying continued economic stimulation.So by giving assorted developing about different managerial and entrepreneurship direction the people of the part Highlandss and islands become skilled and what Glaeser said human capital. The part will endeavor to pull and further skilled people through betterment to service, peculiarly instruction. The presence of skilled labour and the houses that they work for can take to a turning concentration of endowment.

Comfortss can be utile pool for changing a big endowment but non the lone individual pillar of attractive force, but by bettering the services and skilled people.