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The Philippines is an island state located in the Malay Archipelago in Southeast Asia. It has 7107 islands. And has a entire country of 300000 square kilometres.

At the north side of Philippine the Taiwan is located. At the east side the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia and Malaysia at the South and South China Sea at the West.

The capital metropolis of Philippines is manila which is located in the island of Luzon at the northern portion. The entire population of Philippines is 98 million. The clime of Philippines is tropical.

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The civilization of Philippines is influenced by Spanish and Chinese. Most of the people holding besides Spanish family names. It has by and large west European civilization, people of Philippines are Christian. Islam is more popular in island of Mindanao.

The Philippines has developing economic system with agricultural and service sector base. The poorness line is 40 % it means 40 % of the population remain be hapless. The big trading spouses ‘ of the Philippines are the US and Japan.

Philippines is a presidential unitary democracy with the president at the vertex, as the caput of province, the caput of authorities and the commanding officer in head of the armed forces. He is elected by popular ballot, every 6 old ages. Government policies are design to advance industrial development.

1.1 Economic Environment:

Economic environment of concern has mention for economic systems to run the concern. The concern sectors besides continue economic dealingss with govt, capital market, worldwide and families sector. It would impact the tendencies and formation of the economic system. The outer factors that influence with the undermentioned points.

Economic Conditionss: –

The economic fortunes are safe in the state. Per capita income, national income, allotment of income and assets, Economic resources, economic growing etc are besides affected to fix the concern schemes. Economic growing and concern rhythm are easy defined the economic environment.

System: –

The economic system besides impact on concern enterprise. Economic system of a Philippines besides considered socialist, capitalists, mixed or communist.

Economic Policies: –

The authorities besides decided budgets, economic planning, economic industrial ordinance, jurisprudence of concern. Industrial guidelines to command on monetary value and rewards, trade and transit constabularies the size of national income, demand and supply of different ware.

Economic Growth: –

The economic growing impacts the schemes of concern. It helps in lifting the economic growing and disbursals in ingestion. It provides chances to the industries for the enlargement.

v. Currency Exchange: –

Current exchanges have direct impact on the environment of concern. The rupee was devalued in1991. The Indian merchandises cheaper in the universe market and hike exports of India.


2.1 GDP of Philippines:

The GDP growing rate provides an aggregative step of alterations in value of goods and services produced by an economic system.

The GDP growing rate of State from 1998 to 2012 is mean 1.08 % . The domestic economic system accelerated in the 2nd one-fourth of 2012 to 5.9 % from 3.6 % . The earlier twelvemonth hiking the first semester growing to 6.1 % from 4.2 % .A The resilient Services sector remained the chief driver of growing supported by the sustained growing of fabrication and the return of building.

Philippines is a late industrialised state in the Southeastern Asia. The most of import industries of Philippines are nutrient processing, fabrics and garments, car parts and electronics. Philippines have besides exchequer of chromites, Ni, Cu, coal and freshly discovered oil.

Philippines GDP Growth Rate

This chart is all about the past information for Philippines growing rate.

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2.2 Per Capital Growth in Philippines:

In 2011, it was at 1.98 % in Country and it was published by World Bank study in 2012. The Growth rate of GDP per capital depends on uninterrupted local currency. The GDP Divided by Mid Year Population.

The GDP of Purchasing Price is entire of all occupant merchandises in economic system ( + ) merchandise revenue enhancements & A ; ( – ) any subsidies which is non included in value of the merchandise. This is calculated without doing tax write-off for depreciation of fictional assets. It includes a chronological chart, intelligence and estimation for GDP. In Southeastern country of Philippines is freshly industrialised state. Philippines Predicting nutrient processing Textiles and Garment, Electronic and car parts and besides important modesty of Chromate, Nickel, Copper, Coal and Recently Discovered Oil.

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2.3 PPP Philippines:

Filipino has long acquaintance with public-private partnership, enterprises and serves as future investing with aggressive PPP publicity. The Government is to pull private spouses to put merely in traditional substructure Undertakings like Power, Transportation and Water Sectors and in Non-Traditional Infrastructure similar to information and communications engineering, wellness and belongings development.

The Partnership addressed in 1990s and it help out to better route web quality, conveyance linkages and societal Servicess.

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2.4 International Reserve:

County ‘s get downing gross planetary modesty is significantly increased up to US $ 79.3 Billion in July.BSP Governor Amando Letangco said that foreign modesty were US $ 3.2 Billion higher than GIR of US $ 76.1 Billion,

The Level of GIR Increased in terminal of July, Due to Foreign exchange operations. The financess of the Country are deposited in foreign currency. The Philippines get income from investing in a foreign state of the BSP and derive revolution on BSP gold retentions originating from addition in monetary value of Gold in planetary Market.

The Import of goods and payment of services and income adequately cover in 11.7 months and besides matching 10.7 times. Philippine ‘s short term outer debt based on original adulthood.

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2.5 Labor Force:

Unemployment at 7 % . Labor force numbered at 61.9 million in 2011. Of this figure, 2.8 million were unemployed registering an unemployment rate of 7.0 % . furthermore, the service sector ‘s portion of entire employment increased from 51.8 % in 2010 to 52.1 % . Agribusiness accounted for 33.0 % of the employed while industry ‘s portion 14.9 % . The economic system managed to do more than 1 million occupations in 2011. The value of employment is still a concern given the significant encouragement in the underemployment rate as good in the figure of unpaid household workers. Latest showed that the underemployed numbered at 7.2 million.

2.6 Inflation:

Inflation averaged 3.6 % in Sep 2012, good within the 3.0 to 5.0 % rising prices mark for 2011 but higher than the 3.8 % typical recorded in 2010. A rise in the monetary values of nutrient had been record chiefly due to the bad consequence of typhoons on agricultural nutrient supplies. Core rising prices, on the other manus, averaged 3.6 %

The authorities is chiefly optimistic on holding higher investings in 2012. Investing pledges registered with Philippine Economic Zone Authority rush by 47 % in the first two months. The PSEi ‘s breaching of the 5,000 grade for the first in March.

Similarly, private building, chiefly in the belongings subsector, is anticipated to stay healthy given the upward force in office demand and investings in low-priced adjustment. Demand for commercial will go on to be buoyed by the BPO sector, the grosss of which are slated to turn even further this twelvemonth by 20 % . The lodging sector is besides expected to have changeless support by the hearty demand from households of Filipinos. Consumer disbursement will likewise be sustained by the favourable rising prices mentality and the uninterrupted influx.

2.7 Unemployment Rate:

Unemployment means the figure of people actively looking for a occupation divided by the labour force. Unemployment depends on the figure of non-employed people who found the occupation and the people who lost their current occupation. Unemployment related to labour force, engagement rate and employment rate.

The unemployment rate of Philippines is 7.2 % which we can demo that in the graph.


Population: 95.9 Million

GDP ( PPP ) : $ 351.4Billion

: 6.1 % growing in 2012

: 5.5 % 5-year compound one-year growing

: $ 4,700 per capita

Unemployment: 7.3 %

Inflation: 3.60 %

FDI Inflow: $ 1.7 billion for 1st Half One-fourth

1 Uruguayan peso: 1.3134 Rupee and 0.0243 Dollar

The Philippines rank is 19th out of 41 states in the Asia Pacific part. And 44th the biggest economic system on the Earth. Harmonizing to HSBC estimations. The stock market is one of the best performing artists in the part. The peso reached a 4 twelvemonth high against the dollar about the same clip.

Economy has been on a solid way of economic enlargement. The govt. has pursued a series of governmental reforms to increase the industrial environment and construct up private sector for cut down unemployment. But regulative efficiency has been non improved. And over last 5 twelvemonth the economic system has been develop at mean one-year rate of 5 % .

Rule of Law:

The regulation of jurisprudence is non on degree and authorised construction is hapless in independency and efficiency. The bench is independent but there is political intervention. There is some advancement due to authorities anti corruptness attempts to extinguish corruptness and hole expeditiously.


Government disbursement Spurs on 6.4 % growing in 1st One-fourth.



Tax Rate

More Then

Less Then



5 %



P500 + 10 %



P2,500 + 15 %



P8,500 + 20 %



P22,500 + 25 %



P50,000 + 30 %

Corporate revenue enhancement rate is 30 % and Regional are taxed at 10 % on nonexempt income. The VAT an environmental revenue enhancement with overall revenue enhancement is 12.8 % of entire domestic income. If any taxpayer fail to pay VAT constituent in the gross revenues bill or functionary grosss shall be penalized as:

Fine of non less so P1,000 but non more than P50,000 and

Suffer detention of non less than 2 but non more than 10 old ages.

Regulative Efficiency:

The concern autocratic environment has improved significantly. Although presenting a concern still takes more than the universe norms of seven events and 30 yearss, the overall process has become less dearly-won. The clip & A ; cost concerned in covering with licencing necessities have been peculiarly reduced. The labour market remains structurally inflexible, but bing ordinances are non peculiarly burdensome.

Open Market:

The trade weighted mean revenue enhancement rate is 4.8 % & A ; beds of non-tariff barriers further cut down more dynamic additions in trade. Despite a strong desire to pull longer-term foreign investing, systemic insufficiency exacerbated by heavy bureaucratism discourages dynamic Growth in investing. The fiscal sector is bit by bit modernizing, remains comparatively stable and sound.

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4.1 Monetary Policy:

The international Monetary Fund will look into the state ‘s advancement on the pecuniary and financial policy and measure the 2 twelvemonth old Aquino disposal by short staff visit which is commence. The most accurate predictors agree on that Monetary governments are seeking to control foreign investing in the Peso controversy that Asia ‘s best acting currency has strengthened excessively much.

The economic impulse has built up from easing of pecuniary policy may hike the state is growing in2012 is 5.8 % and up to 7 % is 2013. And the govt. ‘s success in incorporating the budget shortage has been given pecuniary governments considered latitude. In 2011 the govt. incurred a budget shortage of 197.8 billion which was less than two tierce of 2010.

The size of economic system in overspending in 2011 comprised merely 2 % less than 3.5 % recorded in2010.The debt stock of 2011 settled at P4.95 % trillion or 50.9 % of gross domestic.

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4.2 Fiscal Policy:

The Philippines ‘ long term foreign currency recognition evaluation raised from BB to BB+.It kept evaluation mentality at stable.

Harmonizing to Presidential spokesman Ricky Carandang the Philippines can still afford to set about public disbursement without put in to danger its overall fiscal place. And the govt. does n’t desire a strong peso to impede fight of exports. The Philippines economic system grew by 6.4 % in 1st one-fourth, it is one of the highest in Asia and ascent is a ballot of assurance for the state.

Harmonizing to finance secretary Cesar V Purisima, that this gives more assurance to go on with the work towards macroeconomic stableness, financial sustainability and inclusive economic growing.

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4.3 Deficit Policy:

The Financial Secretary Cesar Purisima said that the govt. exhausted P19.90 billion and the shortage was manageable, showing, assurance the full twelvemonth fund deficit would remain within 2.6 % of GDP or P279 billion.

The govt. continued rise in gross aggregations so that the financial place remains under control. So this broad financial infinite will gives the advantage to finance substructure undertakings and societal plans that curb poorness and promote equality.

Jan-May shortage = P22.79 billion. The govt. ‘s ego imposed 1st half ceiling of P109.34 billion and it spent P668.43 billion in 1st five month of twelvemonth up 13.1 % compared to last twelvemonth. And grosss reached P645.64 billion.

For May gross grew 9.4 % to 131.4 billion while passing reached P151.3 billion. Purisima said that the govt. is committed to make its 5.6 % growing in 2012 and recorded 6.4 % enlargement in 1st three month.

The Philippines suffered a P 197.8 billion budget shortage last twelvemonth which is tantamount to 2 % of GDP.

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4.4 Foreign Trade Policy:

Harmonizing to the Global Enabling Trade Report 2012, the rank of Philippines is 72nd out of 132 states. It measured the factors, policies, services, countries of market entree, border disposal conveyance and communicating substructure and concern environment.

In the country of market entree the Philippines jumped 14 from 64 and in footings of efficiency of import-export process it look 48 topographic point from 55. And entree to imported inputs at competitory monetary values placing possible market and purchasers corruptness at the boundary line and other concerns it places 62 out of 132 states.

The trade head attributed the state ‘s betterment in ranking to the deepness of Trade and Industry ‘s attempt to ease trade across boundary lines like the Doing concern in Free Trade Areas an consciousness run has aimed to assist stakeholders into understand new markets and instruments like free trade understanding.

It reforms to better the easiness of making concern in state through the Philippines. Business Registry ( PBR ) and Business licenses and licence streamlining ( BPLS ) plans for local govt.

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4.5 Balance of Payment:

The influx of foreign currency exceeded than the escape in Feb and Philippines balance of payments hitting a excess of $ 588 million.

BOP is recorded of the state ‘s commercial dealing with the remainder of universe. It helps gripe up the state ‘s entire militias of foreign exchange or gross international militias ( GIR ) .It stands at a record high of $ 78 billion.

Harmonizing to economic expert the unfavourable planetary economic system that investors have inclination to draw out financess from emerging markets like Philippines. So it make depreciation force per unit areas on local currencies. But with adequate militias of foreign exchange the Bangko Sentral ng philipines can purchase pesos and cut down its depreciation and it will hit a excess of at last $ 2.8 billion by terminal of 2011.

Due to increase in employment in US an economic expert said that it would take to increase in demand for imported goods from Philippines.

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5.1 Import:

Philippines import were deserving 5101 million USD in June of 2002 until 2012, Philippines averaged imports 4155.20 million USD making an all clip high of 5848.00 million USD in July of 2008 and low record of 2226.00 million USD in January of2002. Philippines imports largely considered electronic merchandises, mineral fuel, industrial machinery and equipment, conveyance equipment, lubricators, steel and Fe. Mostly import spouses are Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, United States. Here we include the chart with historical informations for Philippines import.

Philippines Imports

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Philippines exports were deserving 4314 million USD in June of 2012. From 2002 until 2012, mean export of Philippines 3681.10 million USD making an all clip high of 5325.00 million USD in September of 2010 and record depression of 2506.00 million USD in February of 2009. Major exporter of electronic merchandises like processors, french friess, and difficult thrusts ( more than 50 % of entire exports gross ) and other major exports include dress and vesture accoutrements, wood trades, coconut oil and furniture. Philippines major export spouses are United States, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, China.

Philippines Exports

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5.2 Corporate Income Tax:

The domestic and foreign resident corporation ‘s income revenue enhancement rate in Philippines is 30 % , based on net nonexempt income. Domestic company collectible company revenue enhancement on all income derived from beginnings outside and within the Philippines. Foreign corporations, whether occupant or non-resident are nonexempt on income derived from beginnings within the Philippines.

Non resident foreign corporations are, in certain fortunes, capable to a concluding withholding revenue enhancement on passive ( investing ) incomes at rates higher than the applicable revenue enhancement rates using to domestic and foreign resident corporations. Resident companies are created or organized under the jurisprudence of Philippines or foreign companies licensed to prosecute in concern or trade in the Philippines.

The corporate income revenue enhancement rate for domestic and foreign occupant corporations is 30 % , income revenue enhancement excluded from are dividend received from domestic corporations, involvement on Philippines currency bank sedimentations and other pecuniary benefit from sedimentations replacements and trust financess and agreements and concluding revenue enhancements, involvement income derived from the foreign currency sedimentations is include concluding revenue enhancement of 7.5 % , other involvement earned by domestic and foreign occupant corporations is included 20 % concluding withholding revenue enhancement.

Particular economic tones endeavors registered with economic tone authorization are taxed at the rate of 5 % on gross income in stead of national and local revenue enhancements and existent belongings revenue enhancement. Gross gross revenues or gross gross derived from the concern activity within the Ecozens, gross revenues returns, cyberspace of gross revenues price reduction and allowances less the cost of gross revenues or direct costs but before tax write-off made for disbursals of administrative and losingss during the nonexempt period.

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2005-36.59 2006-33.66 2007-33.99 2008-33.99

2009-33.99 2010-33.99 2011-32.44 2012-32.44

The corporate revenue enhancement rate is 32.445 % .Domestic companies revenue enhancement rate is 30 % , net incomes from life insurance concern in India are taxed at the rat of 12.5 % .foreign companies are taxed at the rate of 40 % . A minimal alternate revenue enhancement ( MAT ) is levied at 18.5 % of adjusted net income of companies. The revenue enhancement collectible is less than 18.5 % of book net incomes. Dividend distributed from domestic company. Surcharge and instruction Ce is above revenue enhancements is applicable.5 % surcharge in instance of foreign companies is applicable. The entire income is in surplus of INR 10 million. Education Ce of 3 % is applicable on income revenue enhancement plus surcharge wealth revenue enhancement is imposed at a rate of 1 % on the value of specified assets held by the revenue enhancement remunerator in surplus of basic freedom of INR13million.transaction revenue enhancement of securities minutess in equity portions and units of equity oriented financess.

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The Philippines had a steady flow of positive economic intelligence late. The highest evaluation for the state since 2003 and tantamount to that of Indonesia.

The Philippines is the forty-fourth biggest economic system in the universe, harmonizing to HSBC. But if current tendencies hold, it can jump to the No. 16 topographic point by 2050. The Filipino stock market, best performing artists in the country, closed at record high after the S. & A ; P. evaluation, & A ; the state ‘s currency, peso, reached at four-year high against the dollar.

With $ 70 billion in militias and lower involvement payments on its debt after recent recognition evaluation ascents, the Philippines pledged $ 1 billion to the International Monetary Fund to assist shore up the fighting economic systems of Europe.

The gross domestic merchandise of the Philippines grew 6.4 per centum in the first one-fourth, harmonizing to the state ‘s cardinal bank, surpassing all other growing rates in the part except China ‘s. Economists expect likewise strong growing in the 2nd one-fourth.

“ We have made a really bold prognosis for the Philippines, but I think justifiably so, ” said Frederic Neumann, a senior economic expert at HSBC in Hong Kong.

A high population addition rate, long measured a barrier to prosperity, is now frequently seen as a drive force for economic growing. 61 % of the population in Philippines is of working age, between 15 to 64. That figure is expected to still lifting, which is non instance for many of its Asiatic neighbours, whose populations are high.

6.1 Trade & A ; Economy:

The GDP per capita growing ( one-year % ) in Philippines was last reported at 1.98 in 2011, harmonizing to a World Bank study published in 2012. Annual per centum growing rate of GDP per capita based on changeless local currency. GDP per capita is gross domestic merchandise divided by midyear population. GDP at buyer ‘s monetary values is the amount of gross value added by all resident manufacturers in the economic system plus any merchandise revenue enhancements and minus any subsidies non included in the value of the merchandises. It is calculated without doing tax write-offs for depreciation of fancied assets or for depletion and debasement of natural resources. This page includes a historical information chart, intelligence and prognosis for GDP per capita growing ( one-year % ) in Philippines. Philippines is a late developed state in the South-eastern Asia. The state ‘s most of import industries are nutrient processing, fabrics and garments, electronics and car parts. Philippines besides have major militias of chromite, Ni, Cu, coal and late exposed oil. In add-on, the Philippians economic system relies on remittals as a beginning of foreign currency.

Philippiness gross domestic products per capita growing one-year per centum weber informations

6.2 Domestic Monetary value:

The Philippine domestic economic system shrink to 3.7 % in 2011, so after a leading growing of 7.6 % in 2010. Growth was undermined by the terrible province under disbursement every bit good as the weak external environment. For 2012 is comparatively confident with the authorities hinging its optimism on healthy consumer demand and a more energetic public disbursement. but, downside hazards to growing persevere with the international resurgence balanced to stay slow and unsure.

2011 economic system moderate at 3.7 % . The Philippine place economic system grew by 3.7 % in 2011, about half of its 7.6 % growing in 2010. The growing is latest prognosiss of the National Economic and Development Authority ( 3.6 % to 4.0 % ) and the International Monetary Fund ( 3.7 % ) . The growing form is good below that assumed by the Development Budget Coordination Committee ( 4.5 % to 5.5 % ) , For Asian Development Bank ( 4.7 % ) , and for World Bank ( 4.2 % ) , & A ; is significantly off the growing mark of the Philippine Development Plan at ( 7.0 % ) . Noteworthy is the state ‘s hapless economic show comparative to its neighbours. Except for Thailand, most Asiatic economic systems registered higher gross domestic merchandise growing rates than the Philippines in 2011.

Gross national income likewise slumped to 2.6 % from 8.2 % in 2010. This resulted from the important contraction of net primary income which slowed to a negative 0.9 % , a rotate from the 10.0 % enlargement in 2010

6.3 Private Sector Development:

The stimulus bundle presented by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is known as the economic resilience program. The bundle included personal income-tax alleviation for low- and middle-income earners, decrease in corporate income revenue enhancement, higher societal disbursement on hard currency transportations and job-creation strategies, every bit good as a series of infrastructure undertakings. Although the reforms were non wholly new, the bundle led the Philippines to being acknowledged as Asia ‘s more socially responsible stimulation programs thanks to its ‘ focal point on agribusiness and societal services that straight benefit the hapless population. The autumn in agricultural trade good monetary values helped back up personal disposable income. As a consequence personal family budgets were minimally effected. The societal constituent in their reforms may be credited with the largest impact due to the focal point on poorness.

The Philippines must prolong the reform motion in order to spur investings, addition growing, bring forth higher employment, and alleviate poorness for the fast turning population. Their reforms have already generated 34 back-to-back growing quarters, created 8 million occupations, and maintained the lowest rising prices in a coevals. Most significantly poorness has decreased while gross increased and has allowed the state to put in human and physical substructure. With sustained reform and their economic resilience the Philippines may shortly be a premier investing chance in unsure universe economic and fiscal conditions.