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1: Specify the term ‘equilibrium price’ :The monetary value at which measure demanded by consumers and the measure of goods and services supplied by houses is the same.3: With the aid of an appropriate diagram and the information in infusion B. explain why the universe monetary value of sugar changed in 2009:The monetary value of sugar rose to $ 0.

40 per kg in 2009 – this is shown in the infusion as it states that in 2009 monetary values in New York and London rose by 52 % to its highest in about three old ages. The diagram below shows how the inward displacement of supply caused by hapless harvest crops and India’s % 40 autumn in end product of sugar affected the monetary value of sugar due to its scarceness. taking to the % 52 rise in monetary value of sugar.Another factor that could hold had an consequence on the monetary value of sugar would hold been in 2008 there were hapless harvest crops that twelvemonth – this led to a low degree of supply in 2008 which raised the monetary value of sugar due to its scarceness. This hapless crop would hold had something to make with the land quality –this may hold affected the crop in 2009.Supply restraints besides had an consequence. as due heavy rainfall the Columbian harvest was damaged – the rain besides washed off some of the roads used to transport the merchandises from the field to the market.

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So whatever harvest the husbandmans managed to salvage from the rain was so prevented from making market. this would hold contributed to the monetary value rise in a manner similar to the diagram above.India is a chief manufacturer of sugar. so much so that its sugar end product is a critical factor in finding the universe monetary value of sugar. India’s end product was forecast to fall by % 40 so merely 15million metric tons of sugar would hold been produced in the turning season – this is good below India’s sugar ingestion of 23million metric tons a twelvemonth. This would intend that India wouldn’t be inclined to export much of its sugar as there’s already a shortage of supply in its ain state. Although.

with this big autumn in supply there’ll most likely be a rise in sugar monetary value in India – the people may non be willing or able to pay the new monetary value so any sum of sugar is leftover could be exported. at a monetary value which would take to the % 52 rise in London and New York sugar monetary values.