Ecstasy Essay, Research Paper

Did you know that about 5 per centum of 10th and 12th graders and about 2

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per centum of 8th graders have reported to hold used MDMA in the past twelvemonth? Isn T

that chilling to hear? A survey given to pupils at Stanford University showed that

40 % of the pupils have used MDMA. These facts are amazing. Many

people don t recognize what high degrees this popular drug is being used in.

MDMA is besides known as Ecstasy, E, X, XTC, and many other street footings

every bit good. MDMA is a semi-synthetic chemical compound. It is a white crystalline

pulverization in its pure signifier. It is most normally found in capsule signifier, nevertheless,

you can besides acquire it in pressed pills or a loose pulverization. Most users swallow or

snort the drug, but it can be injected or smoked besides. The mean cost of one

dosage is anyplace from 10 dollars to thirty dollars. The high can last anyplace

from 4-6 hours, depending on how much the individual took, how they ingested it,

and their organic structure weight. Both the size and quality of a drug s consequence depend on

the sum the person has taken ( Ray 6 ) .

MDMA produces many physical and psychological effects. Enlarging of

the students, restlessness, sudating, increased pulse, and giddiness are some

common physical effects the drug has on the organic structure. Psychological effects are an

sweetening of the senses, a feeling of emotional intimacy to others, peace,

tranquility and felicity. Effectss vary on the individual. The consequence of any

psychotropic drug depends on the single s history and outlooks ( Ray 6 ) .

What one individual experiences on the drug can be wholly different from person


There are many unsafe effects of this drug and that is why I am traveling

to show the undermentioned information to you. If you are believing about seeking the

drug, foremost take a expression at these facts. Then make up one’s mind if it will be deserving it to you & # 8230 ; ..

Some users of MDMA study an evident lessening in opposition to disease,

lowered 5-hydroxytryptamine degrees, it becomes easier to hold insecure sex, and you aren t

ever cognizant of hurting while you are on the drug. These are merely a few of the

most common safety concerns.

I have learned a batch of new information about this unsafe drug from all

the investigation I did ov

er the Internet. However, I realized that I knew rather a

spot of background information already from what I have learned in this category. For

case, when I was speaking about the dosage and effects of MDMA, I used a

quotation mark that I got out of my text edition because it wholly relates to the topic. Both

the size and quality of a drug s consequence depend on the sum the person has


I have besides learned in category that the consequence of any psychotropic drug

depends on the single s history and outlooks. This relates to the

information I found on the changing physical and psychological effects. This merely

goes to demo that we have learned a batch of of import facts, and I can associate this

information to new research I do. Thingss are easier to do sense of since I

have knowledge on the basic effects of psychotropic drugs ( which I gained from

this category ) .

I feel that the information I presented in this paper is really serious and

people need to take these facts into consideration. MDMA can be a chilling drug,

and there are some unsafe effects. Although this drug is most normally

used by adolescents and college pupils, it is of import for everyone to go

educated on the subject. If more people are cognizant of the negative effects, they

can go through this information on to friends, relations, kids, neighbours, etc..

Educating other people on the subject is a great manner to assist forestall future users.

I felt that the information I received from the web-sites was reasonably valid.

They included a batch of facts that were taken from studies. The lone thing that I

questioned was a graph I found on blending MDMA with other drugs. I m certain it is

valid information that they presented, but I don t think it is valid to set it on an

enlightening web-site about the drug. It s about as if they are advancing to seek

other drugs with MDMA. I realize that people have a head of their ain, but they

shouldn T add information that might take people to new thoughts. They know the

harmful effects of the drug by itself, so they have no ground to show

information on other good drugs to blend it with. All in all, I enjoyed making

research on this subject. I do non believe most people realized how prevailing the usage

of MDMA is within our society.