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Ecstasy Essay, Research Paper

Ecstasy Chemically, rapture is known as

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methylene-dioxymethamphetamine or MDMA. It falls between two major classs of

drugs, psychedelic drugs and pep pills. Ecstasy normally comes in the signifier of a

little tablet. In 1914, MDMA was foremost used as a prescription drug to cut down

appetency. However it wasn? T until 1981 when American young persons foremost started

utilizing it as a recreational drug. It was wholly legal in the US until 1985

when it was added to the banned list. It was about the same clip that the drug

became illegal that its popularity had increased. Ecstasy had spread with the

spread of dance nines and the dance civilization. Since 1981 when the drug was first

used until now, 19 old ages subsequently it is estimated that one and half million

“ Tocopherol? s ” are taken every weekend. The ground that rapture and dance

nines go manus in manus is the consequence it has on the organic structure. After the initial

ingestion of the pill it takes about 20 proceedingss to an hr to experience the

effects. Initial effects include dry oral cavity, dilated students, and prickling

esthesiss. Most users feel an initial haste sort of like holding

“ butterflies in your tummy ” and prickling which is followed by a

feeling of a warm euphoric or excited freshness which lasts about four to six hours

during this clip the user feels calm and happy. By and large most users have a good

experience, but there is still a opportunity of holding a “ bad trip. ”

Because of the fact that the drug heightens your temper and feelings if you take

it when you are disquieted or distracted by something it could do a bad

experience. Like any other drug rapture has many physical side effects in

add-on to the emotional 1s. Side effects include impaired co-ordination,

loss of appetency, desiccation, and a rise in the users bosom rate. Ecstasy is

besides said to suppress or keep an climax and prevent an hard-on in some work forces.

However, most adult females feel more in control of their gender and happen that the

drug helps to bring on an climax more readily. Some adult females have besides found that the

drug can do their period to go irregular or to halt wholly, while

others found that their periods became heavier and longer. Another mental or

emotional consequence that the drug has on the organic structure is that it will do the user to

feel depressed or Moody during the yearss following the usage, this is due to the

fact that when you take the drug it releases chemicals in your organic structure which take

several yearss to reproduce. Well, we know what the drug does, but what precisely is

it. Ecstasy is chemically supposed to incorporate MDMA, which consists of O,

C, N, and H. However, most ecstasy contains small or no MDMA

and is laced with other pep pills or psychedelic drugs like velocity, LSD, caffeine,

ephedrine, Ketalar, and many over the counter or prescribed hurting slayers. No

affair what is in it it by and large ever comes in the signifier of a white pill which

fundamentally looks like an acetylsalicylic acid, or it may hold images printed on them. Just

late I heard talk of a new sort that comes in the form of a white clover.

Regardless of what it looks like you can still non find its contents

without running trials. Ecstasy is normally said to be a “ safe ” drug,

really few talk about bad “ trips ” , and merely approximately 50 deceases were ecstasy

related last twelvemonth, which is slender in comparing to other drug related deceases.

From my former cognition of the drug and the research that I have done I am

traveling to reason in stating that like any other drug rapture has its pros and

cons, but what I have found is that the cons out weigh the pros. The biggest

negative being that it is illegal, is it truly worth a few hours of pleasance if

you get caught?

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