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The primary intent of instruction is to enable acquisition
The intent of the appraisal should be described and classified. whether formative or summational?
whether pupil focused or plan focused?
For specific appraisal. the followers should be specified:
Scoring. coverage and use of consequences

ASSESSMENT – concerned with doing judgements about the value. worth or quality of larning procedure Since rating involves judgements. it is of import for educational directors to discourse and hold about the intent of any rating activity and the standards to be used in doing judgements

1. Evaluation for answerability
Several degrees can be identified:
national. local instruction ( division or territory ) . institutional. departmental School acknowledgments and accreditation
Annual comparative informations
2. Evaluation for betterment intents
School strive for better results for their scholars
School need ways of measuring how good the acquisition results are How the results may be sustained or improved
Results in Education
1. A good educated person
-complete with accomplishments. cognition and abilities
a. Formative rating
b. Summational rating
c. 2. Accomplishments
d. -refers to the accomplishment of the pupils in footings of scrutinies. trials. term documents and other scale national or international scrutinies such as: e. National Achievement Test ( NAT )
f. Career appraisal
g. Board scrutinies

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3. The added value of the school The whole-institutions quality and effectivity measured by scrutiny consequences brings added value to the school.

4. Learning accomplishments
Learning is a originative procedure in which the scholar designs his ain apprehensions and accomplishments. absorbing new cognition and experience while associating them to old experiences.

5. Social and life accomplishments
Scope of Intelligences and endowments may broaden the scope of educational aspirations such as creativeness. cooperation. motive and other interpersonal and societal accomplishments. Learning is done in societal interactions.

6. Satisfaction
Consultation from the stakeholders of the school
Improvement of satisfaction is an of import accomplishment of schools 7. Finish of Alumnuss
Follow-up of alumnuss
Employability is in footings of
a. Waiting clip
B. Job fittingness