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  • Introduction
  • Aim
  • About The City
  • Well Plan Area
  • Developers Name
  • Average Property Price /Sq.ft
  • Noida City Amenities
  • Type of Properties
  • Type Of Supplying
  • Area of Property
  • Categorization of Property in Footings of Mandate
  • Conveyance

After the agricultural sector the existent estate is considered to be the 2nd largest sector that contributes to the GDP of the state.the lodging sector about contributes around 5 % and this is about to increase in the coming five old ages to 6 % .

Leaving behing the united land, US and even china the existent estate concern of India is retrieving at avery fast rate. The sector has adequate potency to pull 11.2 billion dollars in coming 5 old ages. The existent estate concern chiefly is depended upon the residential infinite and creates about 80 % of the entire revenue.. harmonizing to therecent study by the ten percent five twelvemonth planning committee there is a deficit or inavailability of around 22.4 brooding units. So in order to get the better of this job about 70 to 80housing units are planned to b constructed in the coming span of 10 to 15year, taking chiefly at the bulk of the center and lower category people. It is because of this ground that metros like Mumbai and and Delhi, are looked upon as the best locations for investings as per a survey by Price H2O house Coopers ( PwC ) and Urban Land Institute.

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The chief docket of the NTCCproject is to look into all those factors and motives that would pull a purchaser while looking for a favourable apartement.these factors or in other words the dreams and wants about the belongings in the clients mind are diffilcult to step and even the builderswould hold really small

A survey to understand the important factor which makes a consumer bargain a lodging undertaking

Methodology– The research in this NTCC is based on the study of purchase of a property/flat lies in sector 15,16,120,74,37,27,57,129,168,18,32, royaltower,79,121,110,78,75 and Noida Extension in Noida personal study of those people who had the connotation of covering with belongingss in noida. They belonged to figure of locations across, Noida, and Gurgaon.The informations therefore obtained was studied to place the assorted criterias that the consumers were looking upon while purchasing an flat. The same survey was conducted on all types of belongings without sing their connotation or their experience in covering with the belongingss


Originality/value– the NTCC undertaking chiefly helps in analyzing the lodging forms tendencies and belongings related issues and surveies in Noida, new Delhi and other metropolitan metropoliss. In the NTCC undertaking the bulk of the determination were made consideringthe full population belonging to the same class, a separate survey was besides conducted to find the issues that mattered the most to the peope covering with belongingss for the first clip in their life.seperate survey was besides done to find harmonizing to assorted demographic tendencies.

Key specification

The monetary value of the House– This refers to the price/rent that int.the existent estate concern chiefly depends upon this factor for thriving or degrading and this is factor shows unnatural tendencies from topographic point to placeeven in the same locality..

Secondary school, Swiming Pool, athleticss and other recreational installations– many flats and residential composites provide their occupants with recreational and other installations taking at the care of wellness of its occupants

The size of the route in forepart of the house– this belongings chiefly deals with the sum of traffic and the desity of vehicles in forepart of that residential belongings which in bend signifies the route denseness excessively. Of vehicle

Size of Individual Rooms–the room size is besides factor one factor that the purchasers look is besides related with the estimated budget of the purchaser.most of them would necessitate large broad and aired suites whereas others with less or medium budget would be looking for a medium or a compact room.

Proximity to inveigh manner station of City– This chiefly describes about the closeness of the belongings to assorted installations like airdrome and railwaystation, that is the indicant of the presence of the belongings within the metropoliss outskirts.

Parking Space– The handiness of parking infinite has become of import because of the sudden addition of the vechiles in the society.proper parking infinite ensures the safety of the purchasers vehicle

Perceived Safety of Locality– this factor is chiefly of import for the individuals peace of head particularly for senior citizens and adult females so that they cann live without the perturbation from anti societal elements.

Components for edifice-the purchaser ever prefers quality constructing stuff largely brande that guarantee the long life of thestructure and the other belongingss related to the belongings.

C:UsersRajPicturesrands building value.gif

The balcony position of the flat– most of the clients prefer aired suites giving them a better position of the country they are brooding in.

Preference of the clients for the Ground Floor– sing the hieghts of the present twenty-four hours biuldings most of the clients have a penchant for the land floor.

Type and continuity of H2O supply– it refers to the step of the disposition of the buye ARr towards the belongings if it is ensured with safe clean hygienic and a uninterrupted beginning of H2O supply.

Proximity to countries of common concern like Shops andpublic topographic points like Parksthis characteristic chiefly, measures the disposition of the purchasers to these characteristics.

Interior Design– Inside characteristics of the flat like floor, visible radiation and balcony, etc.

Nearness of the undertaking basic establishments like Schools and Offices– This seeks to inquire how of import such propinquity is to the purchaser.

Repute of the builder.many purchaser s get inclined to the name of the builders sing their experience in this field of work

Monthly Life Costss– Certain sum of money required to prolong an person for a month is termed as monthly life disbursals.

Nearness to public agencies of conveyance. – it chiefly deals with the disposition of the purchaser towards the belongings that has easy connectivity to of import agencies of conveyance

Power Backup– being a non surplous state in footings of electrical power most of the builders specify the nature of power supply to the undertaking and besides about the presence of the power backup installation.

Structure– this chiefly refers to the type of flat that is constructed for illustration 1,2,3 BHK.

Status of Neighborhood– For some consumers neighbors are considered as an of import factor.people normally don’t prefer populating around disturbing neighbors.

About The City

The industrial country of noidais divided chiefly into three chief stages chiefly phase 1, stage 2, and stage 3. The undermentioned stages have been divided harmonizing to their chief intents chiefly industrial, recreational and educational establishments. The staying country of the township is in the procedure of being developed.

Three good maintained green/recreational countries have been developed, one as recreational country along the river Yamuna. located opposite Sectors 14A, 15A and 16A another as a metropolis degree green country in sector 54 and the 3rd as a golf land located in sector 38.excluding the above given country two more countries giving importanceto recreational installations are being developed in sector 28,29,37, and 44 and another as a athletics composite in sector 21A and in sector 79,101,104and 150.

Land Use Plan In Noida

C:UsersRajPicturesland use plan in %.PNG

Map Of Noida


Well Plan Area

The metropolis of Noida is chiefly spread over 3635 estates in total.the topographic points in Noida are given names as Noida extension by some builders present in those topographic points that encompass certain countries of greater noida. This was done to do difference between location of Greater Noida and Noida. Like sector 129,168,18,32,79,121,110,78,75,15,16,120,74,37,27,57.

Developers NameThere are about 70-175 undertakings present in Noida by celebrated developers such as Amraplai, gaursons, Antariksh, Nirala Supertech, Mahagun and AVJ and many other developers. Possessions of maximal undertakings are expected within 2 – 3 old ages. Largely 2,3,4 BHK flats are constructed in the sectors.

Average Property Price /Sq.ft



Noida City Amenities

Water Supply

The countries in the Noida Development Area are chiefly fed with H2O from beginnings like tubing Wellss, ranney Wellss and ganga H2O. Noida has the blessing to utilize 48 mld of the H2O from the river ganga by the Centre and blessing of 192 mld of Ganga H2O is granted by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Sewerage & A ; Waste Disposal

Noida has 2 sewerage intervention workss ( STP ) which were commissioned in 2000-01 and one oxidization pool. STPs are located in sector 50 and 54 and two besides located in sector 54 and 91.

Medical Facilities

The rural piece of land possesses 35 community wellness Centre, 5 small towns have registered practicians, 2 small towns have pregnancy and kid public assistance Centres, 2 wellness dispensaries and 2 are provided with household planning Centres. In add-on, there are 22 infirmaries in the metropolis which are supported by legion nursing places and dispensaries. 21.74 hectare land has been developed and used for different medical installations in Noida.

Type of Properties

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Assorted

Residential Property

Property can be classified as per its type. The major type of belongingss meant for residential intent is as below:

  • Land/Plot
  • Apartment
  • Villa/Kothi


Land/Plot is free land on which a building can be made for shacking. The plots/ Land is ever a front-runner as one can build is house as per his demands.


Anflat or a level refers to that type of the residential belongings that encompasses on a portion of the edifice.

Doroteo arango

The definition of the present twenty-four hours Villa in a suburban community environment has many intensions, the chiefly that focuses on the types like a multi-story, single-family place. But the term entreaties to people of all economic degrees and hence, the assorted belongingss associated with the Villa are mostly dependent upon location of the belongings and market place

Commercial Property

The termcommercial belongingsrefers tobuildings, land intended to bring forth aprofit, either from of capital gainorrentalincome.

Types of commercial belongings

the classs of commercial existent estate countries follows:

1.Office Buildings– this type of belongings chief includes all those belongingss like sky combatants.single roomed belongingss wher the activities of any concern is carried out

2.Industrial– This type of belongings chiefly includes all those countries where fabrication of assorted goods every bit good as research and development takes topographic point

3.Retail/Restaurant–this type of belongings chiefly includes shopping promenades of assorted sizes food market stores, restaurants and and other countries of concern.

4.Multifamily– This category of belongings chiefly includes the life countries like flats flats and other residential countries.

5.Land– This class includes all those un occupied belongingss where investing can be done in the chiefly includes bare countries and other unoccupied secret plans

6.Assorted– This gimmick all class would include any other nonresidential belongingss such as hotel, cordial reception, medical, and selfaˆ?storage developments, every bit good as many more.

Mixed Used Property

Mixed-use development belongings refers all those belongings whether of rural, or ofurban beginning that can be used for multipurpose public-service corporations like schools or other educational establishments, or offices or residential composites.

Type Of Supplying

In footings of supplying the residential belongings can be divided into below mentioned catagories:

  • Bare
  • Fully furnished
  • Semi furnished
  • Unfurnished


The term bare chiefly refers to those flats that are non good furbished.usually in bare belongings merely an empty room is seen with no pigment tiles or even basic electrical wiring.usually no builder gives an flat in a au naturel status for rent.


In India, the usual unfurnished unit is delivered with:

Floors like tiles, wood or laminated

Painted walls & A ; ceiling

Fitted kitchen cabinets & A ; drop

Bathroom fixtures like sink, showers l Internal doors, electrical wirings and mercantile establishments

Some unfurnished flat besides provide air-conditioning units and geysers and some furniture.


This is an intermediate status between unfurnished and to the full furnished.

There is no manner to separate it from the former. but normally Generally semi furnished units have visible radiations, fans, kitchen cabinets, closets in all sleeping rooms and some loose furniture in the hall or drawing room.

Fully furnished

When an flat is said to be to the full furnished It is expected by the purchaser that he happen the belongings filled with all the necessities he wants, as in nil should be needed for you to purchase to populate in it.

So the undermentioned points should be ever present

Air-conditioning equipments

Water warmer for bathrooms

All contraptions in the kitchen like microwaveoven gas range etc

Beds with complete set and pillows


Cooking utensils, cutter, glasswork, pots and pans


Wardrobe, dining tabular array & A ; chairs

A lavation machine is certainly installed for two+ sleeping rooms flats, while it will be rather rare to be found in Studio type and little one sleeping room flats.

Categorization of Property in Footings of Mandate

The residential belongings can be divided in loosely two parts in footings of Authorization. The chief types of belongings in footings of mandate are:

  • Authorized
  • Unauthorized

Authorized Property

Authorized belongingss are those belongingss which are made lawfully with proper permissions from authorities. The belongingss are made on that land in which authorities has approved to do these unit as per land usage, maestro program etc. The development is done by authorities.

Unauthorized Property

Unauthorized belongings is that belongings which is non made lawfully. There may be batch of grounds for being a belongings unauthorised like,

Property made on authorities land

Properties made on different “land use” .

Properties which are made without taking permission from authorities.

Excess floor made than permission.

Properties made on land which is required by authorities for maestro program.

Some common footings that are used in footings of country belongings are:

Covered Area

This country is refered to as the entire country that comes under the segregation of four or more walls and one roof.

Carpet Area

Carpet Area refers to the country where one can distribute a other word s it refers to the country calculated from one wall to the other wall of the house.within this country all the structural things are included even the stairss. So carpet country is the entire country of the house that includes most of the floor.

Built up Area

Built up country is defined as the sum sum of rug country plus country of the walls and the accoutrement ducts plus half the country of the terrace.the country of the patio is normally taken as 10 per centum more than the rug country. A patio is taken to be equal to the half of the existent country.


Delhi Metro

The Delhi tube in the recent old ages has extended its service in noida. The Delhi tube extension into Noida was planned tostart its operation in 2011 but due to the beginning of the commonwealth games, the DMRC started the service to this metropolis in theyear 2009.It is because of the Delhi tube that cannought topographic point, barakhambba route and mandi house. The Metro besides connects Noida to Stationss like Vaishali, ,via Yamuna bank.As a portion of this program the DMRC besides has extended the tube service deeper into topographic points like Noida sector 18 and the botanical garden tube station. In the Recent twelvemonth two new extension of Noida Metro has besides been planned at Noida sector 62 from Noida City Center s and up to Jasola in New Delhi from ‘Botanical Garden, Noida ‘ .


The metropolis of Noida is connected by three chief express ways. TheDND Flyway. This express manner connects Noida and Delhi and is constructed above the Yamuna river.This freeway has received much regards from the metropolis inhabitants as it has helped a batch in cut downing the forenoon traffic haste that costs a batch to the office departers. The 2nd is theNoida-Greater Noida Expressway. The 3rd freeway is theYamuna Expressway which connects Noida to Agra via Mathura.Other than these three express ways a figure of other peripheral undertakings are besides on the page that could easeof the traffic job merely like the tube they are, TheDelhi eastern peripheral Road, Upper Ganga Canal Expresswayand theGanga Expressway. The country near to the NGN Expressway has seen heavy residentialas good as industrial development countries in recent old ages. This country is besides marked by many 6 laned roads which are besides elevated.

The traffic to this metropolis is fed largely by the public conveyance coachs of the DRTC and the uttar Pradesh route and conveyance coorporation.other than these a big figure of private coachs, cabs, and jinrikishas are besides available to this country.

Rail/ Air

The metropolis of Noida is non connected straight via rail and air.although the rail conveyance system is available at topographic points like anand vihar that can be accessed via route or tube. another of import railroad station is the delhi railroad station on which which most most of the commuters in Noida depend on. the major service of air travel is provided by by the IGI INTERNATIONAL terminus which can be reached within proceedingss via the Delhi tube.