Last updated: August 11, 2019
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Effects of Premarital sex

The effects of premarital sex is not limited to a physical effect, it can also be emotional and psychological. To better understand the effects of premarital sex, let’s take look first on why it is considered as a sin. According to the Bible:

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“Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body; but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body” (I Corinthians 6:18). As we read the given passage, we knew that having sex before marriage is a sin against the body. And sinning against the body leads to losing respect to your body as well as to the body of the other person involved. Once the respect is gone, it will be easier for the people who have already done it to do it again and they can also easily do it with different individuals. Losing respect then leads to warped view on love and people will be more focused on the physical characteristics of a person. Unrestrained sex now can lead to unwanted pregnancies and having sexually transmitted disease. As of the moment, we almost have more than fifty kinds if sexually transmitted disease and AIDS is not the only one that can result to death. Some people tend to be confident if they take birth controls before having sex. But what they do not know is birth controls are not proved to be 100% effective and it will not protect anyone to any of the sexually transmitted disease. Using of contraceptives can also fail due to improper use or can have defects when it is just being made. Individual effects:

Premarital sex can lead to broken hearts, regrets, guilt and depression. Teenagers tend to misunderstood that it is acceptable.

Can leads to dilemma.

Some teenagers that had premarital sex and became pregnant, they abort the child. Family:
Premarital sex can result to many conflicts within the family. Lose their trust and respect with each other.
Some parents even push it too hard that the teenage mother decides to abort her child. Creates lots of misunderstandings within the family.

Example situation:
A dad works on a big company in the country. He has a favourite daughter who is a very smart girl. She graduated as a valedictorian during grade school and high school, studied at a well-known university but then she suddenly got pregnant during her third year in college. Dad became depressed and decided to resign to his position in the company and became alcohol dependent. Family tends to lose income. Members started to blame each other. Closeness of each member of the family will disappear.

Same as the family, it will create misunderstanding around the community. The person who does it might be the talk of the town and will feel out of place that leads to growing depression and regrets. Younger people who knew people doing premarital sex within the community might be encouraged doing the same. If the community supports RH bill, younger generation might misunderstood it by being acceptable as long as the people doing it use contraceptives.