Last updated: July 29, 2019
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     Electricity is an essential element for modern life.Every developed country has made electricity their primary concern.Government of Bangladesh also is trying to make electricity more available to people.So,they are trying to build rampal power plant in this process.But its possible impact on environment has drawn everyone’s concern.Rampal power plant is a coal based thermal power plant.It is being built in the joint venture of Power Development Board fo Bangladesh and National Thermal Power Company of India.Efficiency of such power plant is 33-35%.This power plant is being built in Rampal of Bagerhaut district which is very near Sundarbans.Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest of the world.It is declared a world heritage by UNESCO.It is home to animals,plants,fishes,birds of many diversities.This is being said that this power plant wll have huge effect on this forest.To produce electricity in this power plant millions of tonnes of coal will be required every year.To get such amount of coal millions of tons of trees will be burnt.This coal will be burnt in boiler and the heat produced will be used to produce steam which in turn will drive turbine and produce electricity.To cool the boiler water of river and canal will be used.This water has temperature higher than natural water.This water will contail Arsenic,Mercury,Chromium not to mention thousands of tons of ash and sludge.Hence,riverwater will lose its fertility and habitats of fishes will be destroyed.Burning coal will create CO2,SO2 etc.which will cause air pollution.These gases cause acid rain which burns plants and damages lands.Thousands of acres of agricultural lands will be destroyed.Due to Ecologically Critical Area(ECA) rules no thermal power plant should be set up within 12 km of buffer zone whereas this power plant is 4 km away from the buffer zone.Sundarban is an icon of Bangladesh.This power plant project will badly affect this forest.So,concerned ones should take necessary measurements to provide protection from this deadly project.