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There are assorted ways in which the authorities can penalize the condemnable wrongdoers or the civil wrongdoers.

This includes. mulcts. imprisonment. or bodily penalty.

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In penalizing the wrongdoers. the society aims at avenging. rectifying the incorrect actors. and moving as disincentive for others to perpetrate same offense. The current preferable manner of penalty is aimed at rectifying the wrongdoer instead than penalizing themDue to the altering state of affairss. many societies have changed the manner of traditional penalty that were imposed on wrongdoers and opted for better humane footings. for case.

compensation. There are assorted sorts of compensation that can be imposed on an wrongdoer. These are. mulcts. damages.

and community service. Fines have been imposed in the United States and the Canadian tribunals as provided in the legislative acts ( Encarta Library ) . The mulcts are widely used because many felons do non hold the money for the mulcts.Furthermore. mulcts imposed on felons would non discourage them from perpetrating other condemnable activities as they know that they can merely pay mulcts and be let free. In damages. the tribunal will order the wrongdoer to counterbalance the offended for the offense that was committed against them.

The harm might hold been in signifier of psychological harm. physical or pecuniary. For the justice to go through damages. the pained must originate the procedure. for case through supplying such things as medical measures or any other signifiers of prove for the damages to be passed.This sentence is of import because it is considered to reconstruct the offended dorsum to the original place before the offense. Community service on the other manus is when an wrongdoer is sentenced to execute some responsibility in the society. The province can so utilize some of the financess saved due to community service to counterbalance the victims.

This method is of import in that it helps the administrative to salvage the sums that would be used in prosecution. and gives the wrongdoer clip to reform instead than being punished.Emotional intelligence Harmonizing to the initial definition given by Salovery and Mayer in 1989/90. emotional intelligence is “the ability to supervise one’s ain feelings and emotions. the ability to supervise the feelings and emotions of others. and to utilize this information to steer future thought and action” . ( Stone. Parker and Wood.

2004 ) . To get by with emotional uncertainnesss. an single relies on the competence of emotional intelligence. To get by with environmental uncertainnesss.

an single relies on the competence of emotional intelligence.The constituents of emotional intelligence are Self-Awareness. Self-Regulation.

Motivation and Empathy Social Skills. Emotional Intelligence in an organisation. The current director of the squad is a nice. welcoming and harming individual. He has been able to give room for the squad members to aerate their different positions and let for each person’s positions to be accommodated.

This sort of democracy has given members of the squad room to take part in all organisational affairs. One of the failings with the director is that he is non able to construct a strong teamwork spirit.This has been contributed with the fact that he has non put in topographic point rules that can enable people to set aside their personal involvement and dressed ore on teamwork spirit. This has allowed many people to blend their personal affairs with organisational affairs. To be able to link my squad members to move as one squad. the five rules of emotional intelligence are really of import. First of all by self-awareness I will be able to cognize precisely my strength and failing.

I will hold to seek every bit much as possible to utilize my strength to accomplish teamwork and command my failings. it means holding full self-regulation.Different state of affairss leads to different temper. but as a squad leader. personal tempers should non predominate over the squad sprit. Most of the ends of the squad will merely be achieved merely if as a leader am motivated by constructing a strong organisational squad and set aside such things as enterprise for money and prestigiousness position. This will play an of import function in actuating other employees to follow the illustration. It is besides of import put my ego in other employee’s place so as to understand their emotions and assist them to turn in the organisation.

This can all be achieved if as a leader in dainty all the employees every bit and develop a good communicating with them. A team leader demands to hold the ability to rock everyone’s emotions. “If people’s emotions are pushed towards the scope of enthusiasm. public presentation can surge. if people are driven toward resentment and anxiousness. they will be thrown off stride” . ( Goleman.

Boyatzis and McKee. 2004. pg5 ) . this implies that the consequence of a leading function will travel beyond merely holding a occupation good done. Therefore to use the rules of emotional intelligence to accomplish the organisational ends are of import.

For case. the development of corporate ends and aims is of import in an organisation. This will enable all squad members to set aside their personal enterprises to accomplish organisational ends. Leaderships can besides be encouraged to transfuse “in others an grasp of the importance of work activities ; bring forthing and keeping enthusiasm.

assurance. optimism. cooperation and trustencouraging flexibleness in determination devising and alteration ; and set uping and keeping a meaningful individuality of the organisation ( Eintel Organization. N. vitamin D ) .