brand is a brand that points to target consumers’ material benefits while
meeting their emotional needs. The material brand meets the consumer’s material
demand, and the emotional brand meets both material and emotional needs.
Therefore, for the similar products, the emotional brand is more advantageous.


extension is the application of existing brands to new categories of products,
which can accelerate the process of new products entering the market, reduce
the promotion cost of new products, and increase market share. A successful
brand extension means that the consumer accepts the different categories of
products from the same brand. However, the exclusiveness of material causes the
material brand to be unable to extend, and cannot meet the needs of the
consumer’s emotional interests. When the material brand extends from one
product to another product that is different from the material index of the
original product, consumer psychology has psychological exclusion, refusing to
purchase the extended product. For example, the family car brand
“Chevrolet” will expand the production lines to the truck, car, ended
in failure.

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According to
the consumer choice of this kind of emotional preference, the more the product
can meet the needs of the consumer’s emotional interest, the more it can cause
the consumer to buy. When consumers choose such products, they will mainly
consider the emotional satisfaction brought by brands, while the material
quality indicators such as product quality and function become secondary
reference. If the consumer has a negative emotional experience to the
extension, the brand will bring the consumer negative utility, the consumer
abandons the purchase behavior and extends the failure. For example, Harley
Davidson, the pursuit of wild male products as the core, and extends to the
female perfume, leading consumers to emotional confusion, eventually give up
the product, even the brand.