At the moment a lot of conflicts exist at the workplace regarding privacy issues of the employees and rights of the employers. Employers do have a right to monitor the activities of the employers in areas work is being carried out as they own the property and pay their employees. However, they are also supposed to give their employees a reasonable amount of privacy. In the corporate sector, employee’s rights are virtually non-existent, as 90 to 95 percent of the employers closely monitor the activities of their employees on the internet, telephone and the electronic mails.Usually monitoring is done to ensure that work is being carried out. Computer monitoring devices permit the employers to monitor without the employee’s consent.

It may be carried in a number of ways, including:- 1. Using surveillance cameras at the workplace. 2. Installing certain software programs that would permit the employee to see what exist on the employee’s screen. 3.

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Installing certain devices that would count the number of times the keyboard characters are pressed.4. Installing certain devices that would show the duration of time the employee spends working on the computer. As no laws exist for providing privacy at the workplace for the employees, some firms may take the initiative of following a privacy policy. In certain situations, the employers may permit their employers a reasonable amount of privacy in handling personal matters such as electronic mails. The employer has to honor the policy and should allow the employee to enjoy his/her privacy rights expressed in the policy.

Often employers tend to invade on the privacy of employees in the name of monitoring. In case the employer want to set up any monitoring devices, according to the policy the employees have to be notified appropriately about the measures, and should give consent by signing a document. Surveillance being carried out in certain private areas (such as bathroom and cafeterias) would constitute intrusion and is illegal.The law-forming bodies should study the present situation regarding privacy issues of the employees. Workers at the moment enjoy little or no privacy rights at their workplace. A uniform system would ensure that the employers are able to perform a reasonable amount of personal work at their workplace.

Besides, it should also enable adequate amount of monitoring by the employer to ensure that the work is being carried out properly.