Last updated: September 21, 2019
Topic: Food
Sample donated:

It’s not a matter of “could” disasters as it’s a matter that it is causing disasters. Spurred by poverty, population growth, ill-advised policies and simple greed, humanity is at war with the plants and animals that share its planet. People are bound to nature no less than a fish is bound to water. If people are to survive they must realize that at such a rate we destroy, exploit and damage the environment must be stopped for various reasons.

Humanity, firstly, does not play by the rules of nature. We destroy our competition for the sake of making them dead. Secondly we destroy the competition for food to make it our own so things like monoculture which does not occur in nature. The basic principle is taken what is needed and leave the rest. Thirdly humanity denies access to food to our competitors. For instance a lion will defend its kill but it won’t defend the heard of its own.

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The idea of profits before people is sickening and is a trend that humanity could do without. The general population has power to change this and they are the ones that need to do so. There are organizations and programmes but politics of it all slows it down. Corruption is also a sad statement. Donations are given together with other necessities however not so much reaches to those who need it. Some key ideas left could be the need for sustainable living practices & the need for people well-being before profit.