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Many consumers have increased their concern and awareness about our environments, whereby, a large market for products that have been developed packaged and marketed with a least amount of harm done to our natural resources; our health and the health of the workers creates more opportunities for the individual to have an entrepreneurial spirit in the environment. The desire to own a business that will create money and also provide a useful goods and services to the society creates no conflict with the environmental policies provided.

The misconception of the people in the past that environmental products are always expensive is diminishing while more research and development is being done. The environmental products nowadays are made to be less expensive through new technology and the availability of large scale production capabilities, where by the reducing gap between the grass root environmentalists and the other businesses have also led to an increased demand for environmental products. A commitment to the environment with good ideas is the most essential component for beginning an environmental business.

The opportunities for an environmental business are growing on a daily basis; this business needs one to be hard working and should have a commitment to create the desire of making profits, inclusive of the social responsibilities, though the consumers today seem to be choosing the products that are environmentally safe than those that are not environmentally safe. For one to be successful in launching his business, a mission statement of the company should be made and presented to the buying consumers.

Before starting the plan of the business, one needs to know the company’s objectives, write them down and develop them so that they can be expanded and adapted for every area of his business, this should be able to state the product development to in-house environmental policies, enabling the consumers who are always demanding for the real information on the products and the companies that produce those kinds of products to get the real information of the products that one intends to produce.

The environmental business requires one to have the following qualifications; it requires a well planned knowledge on policies covering the environmental ethics, recycling programs and research and development, this enables one to define his goals and commitment in the business areas giving the person the foundation that he needs to develop a successful plan for his business. Under this, the type and size of the business helps one formulate the objectives of the organization in which all the environmental policies and plans should be flexible to grow and adapt with the growth of the intended business.

On the side of the environmental ethics one should have a defined commitment to environmental issues and to the protection of the natural resources, this making it to be the most important factor for consumers to choose to buy an environmental safe product. The ethic of the company should be one having respected for and in investment in social programs in the countries and communities that will be providing the company with raw material this is stated by the international reliance on rural culture of raw material.

This is normally done by giving a certain amount of the company’s profits to the social programs or environmental organizations, whereby as the company grows it is expected to follow that its involvement and commitment to social programs also increases. The owner should also provide its employees with an environmental work ethics which will therefore guarantee that the entire organization is dedicated to the providence of useful goods and services that cares for natural resources.

The person intending to start an environmental business, is expected to monitor the company’s commitment in operating its business in an environment that trash is clearly dealt with, this including the in-house policies for recycling and packaging of its products, meaning that the company should know what happens to the product containers and packaging when consumers have finished using the products. Under this the company should plan to use minimal and recyclable packaging whereby, systems need to be provided to make it easy for the users of the product to be able to return, refill and recycle the packaging.

To start an environmental business one should be able to show the consumers how much efforts the company is investing in research and development of his new products that will promote the protection of the natural resources. This may be done by his company establishing its own laboratories that will be able to work continually to develop and test the new products which will therefore, not exploit the natural resources; this products should be the ones that are renewable.

One should also look at inventions whereby, his company should be working new methods and technologies for producing and recycling products, this should be done with an ultimate goal of replacing the existing products with new environmentally sensitive products. Therefore the person intending to pursue a career in entrepreneurship should think about his own skills and interest which should be combined to develop a business that will be his own.

Inclusive of the communication skills, the knowledge of environmental issues and business training will help one make his business a success. Financing in a new environmental business is said to be the key element to the success of the business therefore, it is necessary for one to know the ways of financing his efforts. Under this banks are considering the long-term benefits of investing in environmentally based companies that have the preservation of the natural resources as their corporate objectives.

Thus the person should investigate on which banks already have invested in the environmental companies and that he should talk to other environmental companies to get information on where they got their financial support before he applies for a loan. Marketing is also known to be a core leader into a successful environmental business therefore; one should have more than a good idea of producing a nice product. So before launching the new product one should be able to identify his markets and carry out research to find out if consumers share the same desire to invest in the natural resources.

The type of the research should depend on the size and scope of the business. This may be done by examines ones own behaviour with that of his friends, spend time in stores that promote environmental products and do some reading on magazines, books and literature focusing on environmental issues. One should be encouraged to talk and listen to the potential consumers thus enabling one to know the issues that will be faced and the encounters he will face while carrying out the business.

One is also advised to hire researchers who will help him to define and understand the market if the product he intends to start is larger than a basement operation. There is an increased concern about the environment and the health and well-being of the people, this has paved ways for a new market of the environmentally sensitive products through which the simplicity of this products holds a great appeal for the consumers who are aware of the environmental status.

In marketing of his products he should also consider the following elements, he should ensure that before the product is promoted into the market, the characteristics of the products should be well defined to meet the needs of the consumers, the packaging of the product should be attractive to entice the customers to buy the product, the quality of the product should be perfect, that is it should be the quality that matches with the prescription of the product in the market, so that it can maintain its consumers who are not misled with the misrepresentation of the qualities with its competitors.

In Pricing-the company should decide on the following pricing methods to enable product reach its marketing standards, Premium pricing this is where the uniqueness of the company product is defined, this pricing is normally high and is totally used where there is a substantial competition of the product in the market.

For the company to be able to gain the market share, one should therefore apply the penetration pricing whereby, once the company achieves the market share it increases the price of its product and in a situation where the company needs to promote the product in the market then he is advised to use the promotional method of pricing in which a consumer is asked to buy a product and the purchase is accompanied by a free sample of the product.

For the company to capture its consumers the person intending to start the business is advised to use the captive product pricing method which is used where the product contain complements and immediately the consumer is captured, then the premium price will be charged by the company.

The person should also indulge in activities that will be used by the company to move its product from the production to consumption, the company has to come across various channels of distribution to enable its products reach the targeted market, this means that he should choose either to use the direct or the indirect channels of distribution, that is it may be to the consumers directly or through wholesalers.

For the person to decide on the type of the distribution channel he is to use; he should know the market segment that the distributor is familiar with, in which the distributor must be familiar with the company’s target markets. He should also know if the company policies, strategies and image match with that of the distributor, also he should check on the qualification of the distributor by establishing his experiences and deciding on how much training and support to give the distributor.

There are various types of channels that one can decide on which one to apply in the distribution of his products, this include: wholesalers, these are said to be buying goods in bulk from companies and selling them in smaller packages for resale by the retailers, they can also provide storage facilities for the products, wholesalers normally offer companies a reduced physical contact cost between the producers and the consumers. The second channel that he may use is the agents who are normally used in international markets; they may be used to widen the international market for his products.

He may choose to use retailers, who are said to have a strong personal relationship with the consumers through whom the products will be exposed to our consumers, they also offer credits to the customers thus promoting and merchandising the environmental products. The other alternative is, he may use the internet to promote his products, through which the company will have a geographically wider market thus enabling the products to reach a wider audience, this channel has a low costs set up due to its low barrier in the entry to the products market.

The other element is promotion, this is the marketing communication that should be used by the intended company to get the environmental products in the market, pushing the consumers to the point of purchasing the products, one is therefore advised to use the following methods in promoting his products: Personal selling, this is a way of maintaining personal customer relations in which the sales person will be acting on behalf of the company, these person should be trained and should be having the personal selling techniques, though hiring them is expensive, one should use them when there is a genuine return on investments.

Public relations-this should be applied in applied by anybody intending to start an environmental business, this will lead to a sustained and a planned effort in establishing and bringing understanding between his company and our consumers. The person should also adhere to the community right-to-know law which requires the manufacturers to reveal detailed information on the expected risks of various environmental products.

This information should be passed to the public through a community relations manager this is normally the function of the public relations department in any company, the manager should be able to communicate and be diplomatic and having technical skills, he should also have an understanding on scientific and technical data. More products are hitting the markets with the producer having in mind the needs of the environmental products consumer.

Advertising is to be used to let the consumers know about the products, it is said that many companies for safer products gain market share, whereby advertising agencies are normally called upon to promote the new consumer environmental products. Environmental professionals work at levels ranging from: policy making, to public relations, to the production level and the management of environmental programs. They are normally responsible for research in cases of environmental concern, such as implementation and management of the work teams and the dissemination of information to the public.