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Environmental destruction is the destruction of the environment through depletion of natural resources and pollution. The planets natural ecosystems and regenerating bio-capacity are being severely degraded and as a result this compromises the ability of the planet to sustain life. Forests, fisheries, oceans, rangeland, freshwater systems (lakes, wetlands, rivers) and other natural ecosystems are all threatened whilst many are on the verge of collapse.Water, land and air are getting increasingly polluted, water tables are falling, and soil erosion is leading to desertification, global warming is well under way and species are dying out one thousand (1000) times faster than their natural rate of extinction. The rainforests of the world are being destroyed everyday due to pollution, logging, agriculture and the use of trees as fuel wood.

Logging is a major cause because logging companies cut down large sections of the rainforests to obtain just a few logs.We are losing forestland at a rate of three hundred and seventy- five square kilometres (375 km2) each day. The world has already lost 80% of its original rainforests and 1. 1 billion acres of tropical rainforests have been cleared in just 30 years between 1960 and 1990. At the worlds current rate five to ten percent of the worlds current species will become every decade.

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Already twenty seven percent of the worlds coral reefs have ceased to exist and seventy percent will cease to exist within the next forty years unless something is done.As a result of this loss of coral reefs the population of fish has also decreased dramatically. A major contributor to this problem is the use of fossil fuels as the main source of energy for most countries as the use of these fossil fuels has many negative effects on the environment as oil spills and gas leaks are two of the major reason for pollution in the world. Also emissions from using these fossil fuels contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Global warming is a key issue facing our planet as the rise in temperature especially over our countries polar ice caps are a cause for great concern. The melting of the arctic is leading to an increase in water levels across the world and the death of many animals. Scientists predict that if one of the world’s polar icecaps melts the oceans water levels will rise by approximately forty feet and have catastrophic effects on the world’s coastline.However the biggest threat to the environment will always be humanity because of the need for more energy to sustain the current standard of living much of the environment has been sacrificed. Logging, over fishing, drilling the seafloor for oil wells, and clearing large sections of forests for the construction of leisure resorts is currently the main reasons for environmental destruction as mankind continues in the quest for more natural resources in order to try to satisfy the many wants of the human race.